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I Can Feel The Frequencies Of Different People


I forgot to put this in the last story thing I did of weird things I do.

My family is supposedly full of female empaths, but considering I'm the only one left (there's only one I'm willing to speak to and I can't find her now) I can't ask anyone about what is normal and why it's happening. I can usually tell what people are feeling, and I was home schooled until sixth grade, but people would randomly come up to me and tell me their life story, then they would get upset at me as if they didn't know why they were doing it and then leave. It didn't get me many friends until I met a girl with similar experiences, we knew almost nothing about each other, but it was like we had been friends for years. It happened earlier in my life as well where I became friends with someone who passionately discussed the fact that she believed that we had met before, and not in a supernatural way. She was just absolutely sure that we had history. We didn't but it's happening more and more where someone claims to know me. Once a mentally ill girl and her dad were walking past us and she looked at me and kept walking, but then she tapped her dad on the shoulder (he was carrying her I think) and she kept saying daddy I know that girl. She said it multiple times and my dad just kept pulling me along, but she even yelled my name, I had never seen her in my life, we were even in a different state.

When there's spirits around I start to feel a tingling in my arms, and it's always different for each spirit. Then I started feeling something weird coming from around my sixth grade friend's mother in eighth grade. I had known that there were problems between the mother and step father, but I still decided to ask them about it. Everyone in her mom's side of the family has been in a car accident on their 19 birthday, and her brother and his wife died during theirs, before the mother's. When her accident occurred there was a hand print bruise left on her. My friend did a test with me, she would pull up a picture on her phone and hold it near me, she showed pictures of dead people that had been friends of the family. I told her that a few of the pictures were one person and that a few of them were another, but that they both were around he mom at that time. She kept going through them and recognized at least one frequency from another time. She got to one picture and I was shocked at what I felt. This is as close as I can describe it.

When two transverse waves of the same frequency overlap while traveling in opposite directions they create a strange wave anomaly thing, and that happened inside of my forearms, I usually feel it on top of my radius and they travel through my arm to the proximal phalanges of my thumb and forefinger, though sometimes it is between the radius and ulna if it is like the superposition waves I was describing before.

Long story short, both of the people I had identified earlier were in the picture together, I determined that the man was angry about the situation and the woman was worried etc. And I thought it would be nice to share. Has anyone else dealt with something like this? Occasionally if someone touches me, I get a burst of their emotions, but their

The fact that their waves were the same frequency makes me wonder if soul mates are possible, because people who can speak to the dead say that they are still in love and together in death. I've been very stressed lately and have noticed that it is impairing my ability to feel the notes of different people, but I'm trying to do some more meditation to get it back. I find it gives me some insight as to who they are as a person.

I feel bad calling them a frequency because they're much more complicated than that. I feel like each person is their own song, and that they have intricate melodies and counter melodies that I can't always clarify, but know that they are different. I'm a musician, but I don't know much about music theory or life strands/souls so I'd like to hear others' inputs.

two wave pulses traveling in opposite directions combine through simple addition as they pass through each other

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robmkivseries70 (1 stories) (57 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-10)
Hi Blue,
It occurred to me, on reading this, that you might be sensing some compatibility due to having similar Auras. Whether it is a an exact frequency match or a frequency match where your 180 Deg. Out of phase IDK. I'm knocking on the door of resonance here and saw some technical explanation which may or may not have any validity attached. Really just food for thought. Hth

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