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I Know When Bad Things Are Coming


Firstly, this had been happening since I was 7 but I brushed it off as no more than co-incidence, but now, at 17, I am sure.

Randomly (usually) I will just get a really heavy feeling as if there is just a pressure on the sky. When this happens I know something bad will happen.

Three times, I told my friends who were near me, and three times, after a bad event did happen on that same day, I hit the realization that, "oh yeah, right, I saw this coming!" And then I tell the friend of mine if they happened to be near and only because I have not been wrong once in about twenty times now, will I post this.

Three times I told my friends:

1) An evening when I was leaving school. Without reading news or anything, on a perfectly hot a sunny evening (hot, I mean Caribbean sun hot as I live in the Caribbean), I told my friend it was going to rain the next day because I felt that. I just felt something, and said out loud just what I felt. Next day, morning, it rains, they cancel school mid-day because some areas were flooding due to the rain.

2) We were at a theatre competition in my class, we had done the play a few times with no error, then I get a bad feeling, no details this time, I just knew something bad was on it's way. Our lead actor forgot two lines and those were prompts for people to do their scenes and they ended up not doing it. They had effectively wasted over a month of their time and were bummed out. Hen I told my friend that time, he actually said he would trust if I ever got any more of my "feelings" from then.

3) A group of us were on an outing walking around a community handing out gifts to kids at Christmastime. In the morning, I got a bad feeling, and later in the day, my own brother fell and a rusty nail went straight into his palm. That friend just dismissed it as coincidence, but from this time, I got a bit freaked out.

When I was younger, I could tell bad thing too, but it was different. I just used to feel a direction, take a note and watch news that night, then any murders or missing people notifications I saw, I rote down where they were. I then used to go get a map and cross check the felling with the locations and they never failed to line up.

I still am a bit confused as to what exactly else I can do, or exactly what I can do.

By this website, I would be a Clairsentient, but I am not sure. I really never predict anything other than suffering or sadness.

Is anyone else like this I often wonder.

What I really want to know is, as a Christian, what are things I can do to do something more with my "feelings"... I have a strong faith and do believe in God.

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Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-02)
Hello ShellFlare,

I think it would benefit you if you did some meditation. It would still you mind and in this state you would be able to further develop your psychic abilities. I know it's not a very specific, so if you have any specific question just let me know.

I hope this helps a little.


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