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Physically Feeling Other Peoples' Attention


A few months ago I started to have muscle spasms in a very precise and conscious way and I immediately knew what was happening. Can't explain how but I simply knew. When in a surrounding radius, if someone thinks about me I feel a muscle spasm immediately. Either I visually see the person or not, but only when someone is close by, friends or strangers. Without watching I feel and know which direction and who is. Very precise and I don't get surprised when it happens. I just watch it happen in a very friendly way. I was really skeptical, obviously it was just muscle spasms! Anxiety, food, etc. Until I tested with a close friend. I told him about this and asked him to think forcefully about me in a random way at any given moment. He freak out when it worked, never talked about it again. After, I scoured the Internet but found nothing. In the beginning I just wanted it to stop but now I find it helpful. I'm trying to find patterns due to the different parts of my body, I know legs it's neutral and neck is bad but only those areas. I haven't deciphered the rest. Really strange thing to be honest. I know myself as an intuitive person, I've always felt the moods and energies around but only in a silky way. I never imagined something so real (body) like this could happen. It only happens when I'm still. It hasn't stopped and that's okay but I dying of curiosity! My guess would be something related to the sensation we have when someone looking at our back. Any opinions?

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