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My Dreams Come True And I Don't Know What To Do


I'm 15 years old and a girl and my dreams have been coming true. It been happening since I was around 6 in kindergarten but my memory is quite blurry. I've ignored it at most and didn't tell anyone but lately it's becoming more frequent. It would happen and I'd freeze completely and at first get confused but a flash of the dream I had on the same situation would suddenly pop up and I'd just freak out. My friends would look at me funny because we would be having a random conversation and I'd just stop and zone out or gasp in the middle of it and I just don't know what to do. The dreams wouldn't be anything I'd mind much so I'd just wake up and it'll disappear, I wouldn't remember at all until it happens. Recently I had that moment but every time I do have that type of moment it vanishes about a week later, my most recently one is very foggy and I only remember seeing my friends had and the classroom smart board then nothing. I've looked up its good to record your dreams and your experiences with what happens when it actually happened but I always forget or wait then when I want to write it, it's barely there anymore. I'm frustrated with my brain because ever time I try it's like something is blocking it. I'll think hard but I'll just end up getting a headache or just get very tired. I'm trying not to sound crazy because that's the last thing I want, I just want help, because heck I feel crazy. I don't know if it's myself just completely letting it go and erasing it from my mind or something just not letting me get to it.

I'm scared and very confused and I just want an answer please...

If all that wasn't clear to you my problem is I'm having dreams come true but every times it happens my memory fogs over treibbly.

~Kayla K.

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Elvis_the_Chick (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-01)
I'm so relieved to hear that someone else has similar experiences. I am currently 18 (19 in two weeks). Ever since kindergarten I can remember having dreams that eventually happened in my life. They are not important dreams; normally they involve a specific task or conversation. One I remember clearly was putting together a science-fair poster board with my mother. I remember dreaming about the letter-stencils and talking with my mother about the arrangement on the board. Another is a conversation about a box of crayons with my little brother at the dinner table. Each of these occurred exactly as I had dreamed them, gestures and all.

The latter mentioning occurred far later than the former. I remember realizing that I dreamed about it and trying to change the conversation so it would be different than that which I dreamed. Needless to say it didn't work...

All I can say is hang in there. These dreams occur for a reason, if it is to warn us or to give us a heads up about a particularly emotional (good or bad) point for spirit.
para-engineer (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-25)
Yes, I have had these as well but with a few key differences. I am a 19 year old guy and I had these types of dreams since I was in Kinder garden. However, I also had lucid dreams and still do from time to time. I had a dream where a lizard man was about to kill me and I closed my eyes in the dream and ejected myself from the nightmare by sheer force of will. Since then I had lucid dreams and clairvoyance. The key in your dreams is Lucidity and Willpower. The more aware you become in a dream or nightmare, the more your willpower will affect and control the dream. I recommend trying to induce nightmares. The reason for this is that I gained my Lucidity by fighting off nightmares. I have a theory. The theory is that our brains already have the capability for each and every psychic and paranormal ability, but that our logical minds can't comprehend what exists outside of logic and that Logic takes a back seat in our dreams. The other part of the theory is that by mastering our nightmares and therefore our dreams, we can unlock or gain more precise control over our paranormal abilities. That just seems to be how it happened for me anyway. My mind subconsciously remembers everything that happens in my clairvoyant dreams like yours but with one key difference. It seems that because of the lizard man nightmare and how I broke free of it, I have the capability to break free of what my dreams predict and choose my own path. The only theory I have to explain this is that when you have a clairvoyant dream you see an event happen and your subconscious mind tries to exact it in real life because of the stereotype that defying fate is impossible. Because of my ability that I gained in that dream to break free of subconscious limits, I have the ability to Diverge from the Dream. It may be possible for you to gain this and it may not. It could have been that I was fighting off a spiritual attack in my sleep, I don't really know. What I'm trying to say is that nightmares are bad yes, but if you conquer them then you may be able to unlock other abilities or control your current abilities better. Fear holds you back. Because I was able to brave my nightmare and essentially kill it, I was able to gain control of my dreams and through that control came an increase in Lucidity and the ability to not let them come to pass. I hope this helps since you have an ability that is less developed than my own, and I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have on this site. I recommend looking around for different things on the internet that may help you. It may be that other members in your family have the ability too. I asked around and found that everyone in my bloodline has Lucid dreaming and clairvoyance, but I am the only one in my bloodline that has tried to develop them. Heck, some people in my bloodline outright ignored or despised or rejected their own metaphysical abilities. I have no idea how to remember the dreams, I can do it without problems. The only advice I can give is to try different things until something clicks.
Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-23)
Hello Kayla,

You are not crazy. All you have is a gift that's not common so that's why you may feel different. About remembering your dreams, here is little tip I use myself (I have had premonitions in dreams since I was little kid - for almost 50 years now): Don't open your eyes when you wake up in the morning. That helps to not forget the dreams so quickly. If you still cannot remember your dreams there is still another way to recall them later that same day (at least it works for me): Get into a deep relaxing state in meditation and the memories of your dreams can return to you.

I hope this helps a little.

Enceladus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-02-21)
When I have these moments, I simply stay calm and think about my dream. I feel the same zoning out feeling when the event occurs just like in my dream. I would write in my journal the dreams I had during the night. Since then, my dream recalling is much better. Try to write out every dream you had. This will help your dream recalling. Don't be scared! After awhile, it gets very exciting.

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