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Dark Shadow


I have never done or talken about this but since I need some help ill give it ago, Since I was a kid I always felt someone, something watching me I never thought much about it until now that I'm a mum. My partner and I lived with my mum while I was pregnant whilst being pregnant my partner would offended wake up to see a dark shadow standing over me no matter where I was and slept it would stand over me, did this mean anything? When we found a house and moved in to it time to time you'd hear creeks and like some one walking around, one night my partner awoke and seen a woman holding our son he told me that Morning and I got a cold shiver down my spine my partner even got a video woman standing over me and our son but most scary bit was when I was feeding our son the bed suddenly fell lucky I was burping our son and had tight grip not to tight tho ha-ha but we moved out and now living with my sister until we find a house but something really strange happen today when my partner went to pick up our son he found bite marks on his arm? Should we be worried? I love our son to bits he is my world and I'll do anything I have to to save our son! Sometimes when I'm holding him son it feels like something very cold is holding my leg or arm! I just don't know what to do I'm lost even typing now feels cold no matter where I go now our son might be in harm help me lord I need some strength and guidance does it sound like something serious or I'm I just being silly? Is it All in my head? If anyone can comment or point me to the right place please go ahead

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