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A couple of minutes ago I had woken up. Its 11:25 pm right now. And so I got up and went to the bathroom. And when I got back, I lay down on my bed and snuggle into my covers. As I lay on my back I felt as if something smack my butt. And I lay there frozen in shock. I tried to ignore what had happened and that a ghost had literally thwonked me on the butt. And so I tried to fall back asleep. Then I felt thebec bouncing. I looked towards my dog companion steve, but she was sleeping soundly. Then I felt the bouncing on the mattress again. And it felt as if the ghost on the edge of my bed being playful. Then I got up and went down stairs and tried to watch some TV. But was too tired and I went back to my room. And. Lay down on my bed. Suddenly I felt as if my foot was being lifted and nudged repeatedly being played with. And I said allowed to whatever this guy was "I'm tired its late let me sleep" and then I felt as if two energy based finger s had then pinched the side of my stomach. Not hard but very playfully.

I've also had experiences where my black Spinny chair would roll across the room and turn To face me randomly. Sometimes it just turns in my direction. Other times when I m watching a movie I notice the chair suddenly facing the television as if someone sitting there watching it. Other times I'd be upstairs and I hear my Spinny chair rolling around downstairs on my wood floor.

I've heard footfalls running around my condo and up and down my stairs.

I've also was laying on my stomach one morning and sleeping. And I suddenly awoke to my butt being smacked hard a couple of times. I later found out it was the first day of spring in 2014.

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eleiriel (guest)
8 years ago (2015-04-17)
Recently I was watching month python and the holy grail and at the same time I was reading on my phone. It was at my favorite scene, but I missed it. I always loved the prince Herbert scenes and I wanted to see the part where he shot an arrow out the window. But I missed it and I paused the movie and walked to get a glass of water. When we came back to the couch I unpaused the movie. But it wasn't on the scene it had been on. Instead its as if someone had rewinded it to the start of my favorite scene. I knew it was my spirit friends. They mess with the stuff in my condo a lot. I was all like "yay! Thank you guys!" Even a psychic told me they have been moving my stuff to get my attention. That was nice of them:)!
eleiriel (guest)
8 years ago (2015-03-29)
Yeah maybe it was. A psychic told me something like that once. She had told me I have a lot of beings from the faerie realm around me like brownies and elementals. Along with nature spirits. So that makes sense.
Papagena (3 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-29)
First day of Spring? Perhaps it was a playful nature spirit! 😆
DreamOfMe (5 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-22)
Welcome. ^^, through meditation and a guidance, you could control you powers like a switch on and off. All the best.
eleiriel (guest)
8 years ago (2015-03-21)
Also according to three different people. One a medium. One just a psychic, and an energy healer, well they've all nentioned that I have a lot of beings around me. The energy healer is Hindu and a close friend of my mom, she told me I have beings from the faerie realm like brownies and elementals around me along with a ton of spirits that have befriended me. She says I have a lot of spiritual support and help. And that I have a lot of friends in the spirit world. But sometimes their antics can be quite annoying when I'm trying to relax. I like meditating I meditate on my heart and sacral chakra quite a lot.

The medium (beth carpenter) well she told me I have a ton of stuff surrounding me and that I have seven or more angels surrounding me and helping me.

The psychic who told me the same that I'm surrounded by a lot of beings and spirits too.

I like to think of these spirits and beings as friends they've never been malisculious, they haven't harmed me. But like all friends sometimes friends can be obnoxious. I will use your helpful tip tip to see if they'll give me some time to relax. Thank you.
eleiriel (guest)
8 years ago (2015-03-21)
Thanks for the helpful idea. I think I might try that out:)! I appreciate it. I'm always up to try something new to get these prankster spirits to knock it off. I've tried other stuff, but I think I'll give your idea a try too. Thank you so much. I'm like a magnet for the paranormal. Thank ya!
DreamOfMe (5 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-21)
Tell you what. Do you want to try out this?
This is my shaman way to ward off any spirits inside the home.
Nepal shaman usually call upon God to help them which is also asking God to stay inside your body for while for you to do some warding off spirits. Since I used mainly Hindu gods, you could call for your own religion God.
1 - buy some incense stick for praying to God.
2 - burn that incense and meditate for 10-20 minutes for starter.
3 - think of nothing in meditation and call upon your Christian God or father or Jesus.
4 - ask them to lend you power and what ever you said, let it be the strong mantra.
5 - take the burnt ashes of that incense stick and put it at your forehead, shoulders, mid chest and 2 knees. (this will be your body binding Magic.
6 - now God will be in the body giving you protection from any harm. So go take holy water. Take a uncooked rice mixed with burnt ashes. Sprinkle every corner of the rooms and place with holy water and spray those holy rice. While doing that say it out loudly " in the name of father Jesus Christ and father of all God! You shall vanish away from this room: house.
Keep changing that in the name thing... Until you are done then I am 90 percent sure that your room won't give you problem
eleiriel (guest)
8 years ago (2015-03-20)
Also sometimes I'll leave my TV remote on the couch and go upstair to get something. And then when I comeback downstairs my remote isn't where I left it. So I search and finally I find it under the coffee table, on the floor under the center of the table. Its usually far away from the couch. And I had never placed it there. I think I have mischeivious spirits. Prankster spirits that like me.

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