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Strange Ideas Manifesting Themselves Shortly After


I know I have an ability in some form or another but I just don't know what it is. I think I need to hone in on it better. I am publishing this to see if other people recognize what I have and what the limits are.

I have an experience every day now where an "idea" out of nowhere will come into my head and at some point that day will manifest itself in real life. It used to be where this event would take place some time that week but has now made its way to coming out that day, sometimes 30 seconds later after the idea hits me. It's always an idea not pictures or sounds.

It usually has to do with some form of electronics where the idea comes out from (tv or radio). Not always, but more so than not. I think examples from here on out will explain more of what I am trying to convey so here they are:

For example, I woke up with a Milli Vanilli song "I'm going to miss you" in my head. I'm not a fan of them so this is highly unusual for me to even think of them. I get up, turn the news on, and the reporter is talking to a panel of people and he says "This reminds me of a Milli Vanilli song"... yes the same song.

Another example: I was driving to buy a used coffee table from the internet. I never saw a picture of this coffee table, I just knew it was used and cheap so I wanted to go see it. On the way a joke about manatees popped into my head. I never heard this joke, I just made it up. "What do you call a flirtatious girl? - A man-uh-teaze..." I can't make up a joke for the life of me, nor at that time was I trying to make a joke up. That coffee table (I ended up buying it) has manatees on it.

I was on the way to the gym and was listening to the Stone Temple Pilots song: Dead & Bloated on a cd. I walked into the gym and the song playing was the same and was where the song ended in my car.

On the way to a recent court hearing, an "idea" came into my head that things would be ok even though I was in a lot of trouble and facing many charges and was basically screwed. In the parking lot I found a dollar bill. My lawyer came up to me and told me to start playing the lottery because all of my charges but 1 were dropped. He told me that this situation has never happened to him before and that he was shocked that in this situation the charges would be dismissed. He told me this would never happen to him again. He was shocked.

I made fun of this girl for using her laptop so much. I told her to just move into Starbucks. Not even 30 seconds later she flipped to a tv station and the show on made fun of people that always go to Starbucks just to look cool typing.

Things like the above in some way or another happen every day to me. Recently things are happening multiple times now. I didn't start putting the "idea" together with what would happen until the time frame started to get within that week of happening.

These are not coincidences. The "ideas" coming to me are so far fetched from what I would even normally have anything to do with.

Does anybody know anything about this or what is going on? A girl I know in Psychology told me I am basically in the early form of being crazy. She says I am relating 2 entirely differently things together and thinking there is something there when there isn't. She is wrong. Anybody I tell this to says the same, even when they are with me when something comes true. Somebody shed some light on this.

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girlygirl89 (guest)
16 years ago (2008-05-22)
the same thing sort of happens to me and has been happening a lot lately. I would be watching a show on television and all of a sudden I know what will happen next because the idea would just pop into my head... It makes watching tv sooo boring and this also happened twice in the past few days with the mail I didn't know what would come but I guessed what would be there and I was right...strange...
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-22)
hmmm Being called names is why it's best not to broadcast things. Ideas pop into my head, odd ones. Then they happen. I remember telling my mom, when little, that sometimes my dad said the weirdest, most off the wall stuff and then it happened. She did it too I realize. This happens to me, but I keep my mouth shut unless it's important to speak for some reason. My husband, a professional, logical person, always listens to me. He knows how I am and has even made a few jokes about it. It's not meant to make you feel weird, important in some special way, or scare you. I think the purpose is just to help you, help others, and let you know that there is a power out there. For me, it's named God. When you listen closely and get help, remember to be grateful. Watch out for bad stuff. Some sensitive people play around with things that are best left alone.
abilicous (2 stories) (18 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-22)
The same thing happens to me. It kind of scares em sometimes. Like, when I'm on the highway or something, I'm afraid to think because I don't want bad thoughts to manifest themselves.
JJGurlz (1 stories) (6 posts)
16 years ago (2008-05-21)
You are having what I call flashes or the voice. Yes I know it is just like your own head or thoughts. If you have always had feelings or knew what was going to happen then it is just your gift getting stronger. The signs you see or hear are just like a kind of dejavu. Dont take the ideas as you call them lightly. This is your gift guiding you or letting you know that it is in you and it is always correct.

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