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Can't Just Be A Coincidence


Being extra sensitive to the spirit world runs in the family. My father and my Mother's sister both experience paranormal phenomenon regularly and grew up seeing spirits and other unexplained manifestations. I've lived in a total of two different haunted houses and witnessed first hand the power that spirits and other non-human entities can possess. However this is not why I'm writing this story. For the past three years after a major spiritual attack I have noticed that my abilities may have increased, but I will leave it for you to decide.

After the aforementioned attack, which I don't care to go into unless it is absolutely important, I began to have strange dreams. I was aware that they were dreams (I have been a lucid dreamer all my life) but I was unable to bend them to me will at all. Which is something that I'm very used to doing. In these dreams I would be standing with people I know in seemingly unrelated places just having average day-today conversations. Finally after months of having the same basic dreams they stopped and I pushed them to the back of my mind. However more than a two months after they stopped I was invited to a party that I wasn't expecting to be invited to. (family drama and all that) When I arrived I was assaulted by a sense of deja vu but couldn't put my finger on why. That was until I found myself standing in the exact same position I was in during the dream with the same people and having the same conversation.

Of course after this I was a little shaken but I decided that it must have been a coincidence because I had never exhibited signs of precognition before. I didn't say anything to anyone and just went about my usual life.

My next experience is ongoing but began shortly after the above experience. I was lying on the couch watching t.v when I began to see flashes of random scenes in my minds eye. I don't really know how else to explain it, it was like watching a movie in my head but yet at the same time I could still see my actual surroundings perfectly. I totally began to freak out, what I was seeing made no sense to me. I actually began to question my sanity and still kind of am. But I still suffer from this sort of thing even though there doesn't appear to be any trigger. I also find that the image of the 'movie' becomes clearer if I close my eyes.

Another night I had a dream that once again I knew was a dream but was unable to control. I dreamt that there was a tornado ripping apart the house. In the morning when I got up for work and turned on the t.v I found out that a nearby Australian state had just experienced a tornado overnight.

I have had a few more minor things happen but they are much easier to just call coincidence. All of my experiences so far could just be massive coincidences but I'm unsure (hence my posting on here) I would really love to get the opinions of others as well as some help if that's possible.

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PathR (4 stories) (1266 posts)
6 years ago (2015-06-23)
You seem to be aware of precognice and deja-vu.
As to mind viewing. Why not test out its validity by writhing as your mind views it. And ask for proof?
This will prove or disprove. But more importantly note how you feel when it comes thru.

You may then be able to see what frame of mind/emotions you are in when it is accurate.

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