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I Dreamed The Future


I have always been fascinated by all things spiritual. My story begins when I was on my O.E, living in Melbourne, Australia in the early '90's.

I was working part-time in a cafe in the city. I had been working there for about 4-5 months when I had an extremely vivid dream. I can still recall this dream even today in absolute clarity, even though it was over 20 years ago.

In the dream I was standing on a tram, I looked over to my left and saw a young woman whom I worked with at the cafe running to catch the tram. I noticed she was in her work uniform.

I then looked down and saw that I was wearing what appeared to be a pink dress over top of my jeans. Then the dream finished.

I awoke next morning and didn't think too much of the dream other than it's intensity, as I often have very clear dreams, and occasionally lucid dreams.

However, things started to make sense when I arrived at work. The owner approached me and handed me the new apron. I duly put it on then looked down. There I saw the pink "dress" over my jeans, just as I had dreamt. (I wasn't too impressed with the colour, but the entire cafe' was decorated in a hideous pink colour) That spun me out a bit as I tried to process what had just happened, but I had to continue working.

Then shortly after, the woman I had seen running to the tram in my dream arrived at work looking flustered. I noticed she was wearing her work uniform, as she usually arrived in her civilian clothes then got changed at work. I greeted her and she said that she had slept in, so she had to get into her work uniform at home and then run for the tram because she was running so late.

I found this intriguing, as it was exactly as I had dreamed the night before, coupled with the apron scene. (I have since wondered if the apron part was in fact a warning!) So my whole world view changed after that experience. I had read all about premonitions, so I knew what the involved but until I experienced it first-hand, it didn't really excite me. It made me wonder just how mapped out our lives are and just how much free will we have.

I have had other premonition - type dreams but those weren't anywhere as vivid or absolutely 100% accurate as that one.

Thanks for reading.

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