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Ocd Or A Spirit Controlling My Thoughts?


For the past couple years my thoughts have been really nasty, & controlling. They are extremely hateful & they like to pick things out for me, or they like to think about or want, they do not like to let me choose. I have little to no control. I can not come to the conclusion if I have ocd, because ocd works in the same way a spirit attachment does. I have had two mini exorcisms & they did nothing for me, I am taking some pills & they still do not do much of anything. These thoughts like to repeat themselves over & over. They want to come out of my mouth as well, which is not good, because thought's are meant to stay in your head. When I was younger I had some problems with thoughts, but I was in control & now it feels like another force is doing this to my mind 24 hours a day, I get no peace. I sometimes feel like a demon is doing this to me, but if I was possessed there would be more signs. However I get really dark thoughts. I often wonder if I have witchcraft on me as well, because i'm extremely doubtful & hateful. I am always tired as well. I would not want what my thoughts think about to happen to me or anyone, & I want to be able to think for me instead of having my thoughts pick & choose. I knew a few people who held a grudge on me & sometimes I think it could be them doing this somehow, but I am really not sure what to think. One girl held such a grudge that she sent a demon after me & such. I know for a fact that I did have witchcraft on me for awhile, so i'm not to sure if it could still be lingering or not. Since witchcraft fades overtime so I heard. I do hope someone will have answers for me.

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