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Am I Really Empathic?


I've always experienced good vibes or bad vibes from people, places and things, for as long as I can remember. And my emotions have been all over the map, also for as long as I can remember. In fact I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type II (depression and mild mania) a few years ago and I started taking medication. My moods still fluctuate.

Lately though, things are happening that are completely freaking me out. On some level I am afraid that I am having some kind of break to even believe this is possible. How can this be possible? And yet the things that are happening can't really be proven so I feel like I'll never really know for sure if I can put any stock into my experiences.

One thing that has happened consistently in my life with people I am close to, is that my nose and face will itch insanely when someone is sending me an email, calling me, showing up on my door, thinking about me because they just received a message of some kind from me, etc.

Lately however, in addition to this itching, I've been getting an intense pain and tightness in my chest area when someone close to me is upset. I can't tell who it is or what it is about when it is happening, but I've experienced it in situations where the person is mad at me and also when the person is just mad in general. It has happened with my boyfriend, my best friend and my son.

Ok, now here is the really freaky part for me. I've been experiencing thoughts just popping into my head, that aren't mine! I'll be walking along, calm as can be, pass by someone and a thought will pop into my head, a thought that I had not previously considered. It happens at intersections when I am crossing and I will look at the driver I think it is coming from and he/she will be looking straight at me. It has happened with my boss. And it has happened with my boyfriend. I am going to dedicate the next paragraph to him because most of what has been happening is specific to him.

Firstly I met him online and once I saw his picture I could not pass it by. I kept being drawn back to it. Then the first time I saw his first and last name in print it nearly knocked me off my chair. I had a physical reaction to his name. It knocked the wind out of me. The chemistry between us is off the charts. We were talking one day on the phone and a thought popped into my head of what he was going to get me for my birthday, and a week later I received what I thought that day. And one night when we were hugging goodbye, and my mind was totally calm and blank, the following words popped into my head "I love this woman..." It was not wishful thinking unless my subconscious mind is playing major tricks on me. It was not my thought. Unbelievable.

I think I want someone to tell me that this is real and I can believe in it when it happens. But I also need to understand if it is real, then how is it possible, how does it happen and why doesn't it happen to everyone? My Mom says she gets vibes from places. Her emotions have always been all over the map too. Can this also be genetic?

Any/All comments welcome. Thanks for reading.



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ClairSentient (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-04-30)
I often had this 'cobwebs over my face' feeling when I was a child but I never associated it with my clairsentient/empathic abilities. I had always been sensitive to people's feelings and easily picked up when someone was upset, unhappy or angry. In my 40's I became sensitive to perfumes, colours, sounds and the more solid things of life and I became aware that everything vibrates and at a different frequency. Now in my 50's I've recently experienced severe allergies resulting in angioedema and anaphylactic shock and a major part of that was my itching face and skin. Our skin is covered with nerve endings and we I believe we all transmit and receive information/vibration via that organ and we are realising that communication is a whole body experience, not just something that takes place between mouth and ear. We have developed ESP and are learning HOW it works because our bodies are showing us. I'm not religious but something I do remember from my RE days is that Jesus said "know thyself" and that's exactly what springs to mind when I think of what my body has been showing me about the interconnectedness of all things. We are transmitters and receivers. ❤
selinasmoon (2 posts)
10 years ago (2010-05-30)
I hope you are feeling less alone now, Ren. I have a very close friend in the same situation. She has been right too many times, even with her battle with mental illness, to be wrong about her gifts. We have been dear friends since childhood, and are now in our thirties. I am gifted as well, but have learned to control my gifts, which were attracting other spirits. I found them to be intrusive and unneccessary attempts to communicate, because they were crowding out my present assignment: life! I have a mild mood disorder myself, and I have come to understand it is my primary responsibility to care for myself and my emotional well-being. Many times I have set a firm "no" to any spirits activities because I need peace and quiet. After all, if you are a mess because of the exhausting exercises of trying to deal with dead people, you won't be in very good shape for the challenges of life. And those dead people know better! Lol Just like children, they need boundaries set. I commanded one spirit that shared my living quarters that when I went in my room and shut the door, he was not to follow me in. He was harmless and just lonely, excited to find a gifted person to talk to. He still would do naughty things like slam doors to get my attention, to which I would just yawn and walk away. One time, he really irritated me when he made that old phone ring downstairs. I knew it was him before I answered, but I picked it up anyway. He was just mumbling away with his dead guy voice. "What? I can't understand a word you're saying! I told you not to bother me. Don't call me again!" Now don't get me wrong, I liked him, but he was a little too pushy for my taste. The funny thing of the situation was, the new phone would ring upstairs, and the old phone rang a few seconds later. The day he called me only the phone downstairs rang.
I hope I made you laugh, Ren. The dead are people like us, and want recognition and conversation like the rest of us. Many who haven't let go of their lives are more than happy to run ours if we let them. Take good, GOOD care of yourself-and remember, you are in charge! The spirits are to respect your personal space and terms of communication. If they don't respect what you are telling them, tell them they have lost their privileges with you and COMPLETELY ignore them! I hope you found this helpful.
Asja (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-03-07)
I am a 57yr old male and have (in recent time) looking back through those years have traced my curse back to when I was just 7.

Without going through everything, but the most recent I have been having everything from a cold to kidney stone attacks that are of a friend that lives in the U.S.A. (I am in Australia). I can call her and am able to tell her to the minute when she has had an attack and even when talking to her I will tell her she is having one.

Like you I have been in and out of institutions and have thought I am crazy. It has become so intense lately I am having trouble blocking others around me and am taking their pain, and it is now got to the point I may lose my job because of it.

At the end of January 2010 I was taken from work to hospital (in pain) and now have to have tests to find out what caused them. To have the tests I have to be sedated and am terrified of not coming out of the sedation as I have an over reaction to western medicine not to mention emphasema and have trouble breathing.

I hope this helps you and others that read this and if someone can tell me of anyone else has the ability with the same distance and can help me please contact me.

LissaDC (2 posts)
11 years ago (2009-04-19)
I get the same things Ren, sometimes it's stronger than others and not all the time. But most of the time - 24/7. And I can feel who is thinking about me too, if its positive or neg, what it is generally about. I can also see energy, see feelings, and thought energy, see the feelings and 'read' the thoughts from the feelings I can translate. I see and feel energy between people. I can see others thought energy, (I don't know what else to call it) and if they are thinking about different parts of my body! I see a line of light flowing, or shooting over from their head to my body... It comes out of their head towards me - I see it and I feel it. I pretend I don't know this and don't react! I too have been diagnosed with bi polar 25 years ago. Last episode was 1990. I am now 44 and have always been scared of the similarities of my psychic abilities and manic delusions/kind of hallucinations. I have to be really careful to discern the difference and try and be as objective as possible. Hard to do! Oh and I have picked the winner of 3 horse races - twice from the number drifitng into my head, the other as a feeling when I saw the name. Freaks me out... So I avoid that one...
heidi17 (2 stories) (12 posts)
11 years ago (2009-02-07)
everyone cannot do this. I thought the same thing. When I pass someone with an extreme emotion or feeling, I pick up on it. Like my mom's appendicitus. I felt it at school when she was miles away in the hospital. Freaky, I know. But a gift nontheless. Embrace it, you are talented. (:
Diana_Eternal_Rose (1 posts)
12 years ago (2008-12-11)
I know exactly what you mean...

I'm barely a teenager but I have always been like this like even when I was in kinder I could tell my family was falling apart... I could feel it...

Well anyway I use to tune it out but later I got a bunch of counselors and doctors telling me I needed help because my emotions were out of control and I was depressed.

Well anyway it was weird because apparently psychic abilities run in my family... However I'm the one with the strongest so far... Usually they get feelings into the future. I get it sometimes but I have always had a better edge at emotions to people. I just haven't told my family because they are rather negative and judgmental and I try to stay away from them and other people to spare me the pain.

So like people started telling me I should be a therapist. I said "NO!" because honestly the emotions of others especially negative cause a weird feeling in my chest. Like a crushing pain.

So then when I met my current two best friends I got a weird vibe of one of them. Later on, like its 3 years later too, I get the same vibe off the other one for a month. Eventually I feel confusion (from her) and sadness suddenly and she says "I just started seeing things in the future!"
I feel this way about my other friend but she hasn't showed signs of any abilities.

Anyway it takes me a while to deal with school now especially with everyone's crazy hormones shifting their emotions. I get headaches a lot and when I zone out I can see the energy and the way it interacts with others (not clearly but still it bends and shapes). So I could tell when my other friend (not the two I was telling you about earlier) was going to betray me because I could feel it.

Its strange but Its like fate brings people together. My friend and I try to help each other out. I feel her emotions a lot and try to get her to explain her visions. She tries her best not to get all berserk and be happy for my sake.

I'm awfully young but I have been practicing controlling my abilities a lot though. Just wanted to let you know your now alone.

lisamarie (25 posts)
12 years ago (2008-09-24)
something else that is really hard to explain that always happens to me is I always see the number 11. I also see a strange word or phrase (that I don't normally see) twice or three times in one day. I saw "teflon man" in a movie and then on the internet it just popped up on facebook. Someone had commented on a photo and "teflon man" again. OR it could be any word like "transistor radio" and then boom itl pop up again the same day. Has anyone else had this experience and what is that... I have never asked or read about it before that's all x
lisamarie (25 posts)
12 years ago (2008-09-24)
ren; you definately sound just like me, all of those things happen to me too. It is normal I think so anyway, its just something that I have gotten used to over the past few years.
RenRchllus (1 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-17)
Thanks to those of you who have responded.

Since writing this article a few more things have happened that continue to amaze me.

I am sitting at my desk and my nose starts to itch like crazy. A few minutes later my friend sends me a text message and asks "just checking, is your nose itchy?" I respond "yes as a matter of fact" and he replies "because I've been thinking about you and telling someone else about your psychic nose..." LOL

Again, sitting at my desk at work, and my nose starts to get intensely itchy. Then my chest starts to get tight, like someone is sitting on it, making it harder to breath. A few minutes later the phone rings. It is my son's school calling me to tell me he left his class unaccompanied and proceeded to climb up on top of a 2nd floor stairway railing. He was found uninjured.

One evening a crying spell washes over me and I am overwhelmed with body wracking sobs for absolutely no reason. It seemed to leave me as quickly as it hit me. I later found out that a friend was attending the wake of a family member at the time. The crying stopped when she left.

Yesterday I sent my boyfriend an email. We have been having some problems. At the time that he read the email my chest got really tight at first but then the tightness started to subside. A few minutes later the phone rang and it was him, wanting to get together.

I've come to learn that the tightness I feel in my chest is the result of the pain or discomfort being felt by someone close to me (I think.) Or maybe it is a kind of sign that something negative is happening. In any case, the tightness is not a good thing. I've done a bit of research around this and there is one website that refers to this as "psychic heart pain" and describes it as the result of another person sucking and draining your good energy.

Now, another issue I am having right now is that I am almost 100% sure that someone close to me has lied to me a few times. I can't prove it of course. It is just that feeling I get from people. So how do I deal with this issue? Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how have you dealt with it?

Thanks again,
hardtoremember (37 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-15)
I believe it is real and I believe that everyone has it. I believe that most people have and do suppress it and ignore it so much that it doesn't exist any longer for them.
Don't be afraid of it. Meditate if you can even if it is when you go to bed at night.
jon_doughe (2 posts)
12 years ago (2008-06-15)
Yes it is happening. It can be scary. I have been experiencing the paranormal since before I can remember, literally I've heard the weirdest stories when I question the 'adults' in my family (mom, uncle, grandparents).

If I'm right you've always had an easy time understanding people, and a you have bad days for no reason at all. From you description I Would say that you are aware clairsentient empathic and telepathic.

I've notice a lot of people in with psychic awareness have been experiencing a surge of power and even new abilities from the growth. I would say that this might have some hand at your heavy surge all of a sudden. (I want to say this is speculative but my intuition says not.)

I'm not sure if your chosen, if it's genetic or what (my family does occasionally have some experiences but they are few and far between) It might be evolution or it could be a spiritual preparation, but it seems everyone can access it on some level, like the feeling of being watched or occasional deja vu. But some people are truly gifted.

I would suggest meditation and seeking guidance. When I get really heavy or in a bad funk due a bad experience I go to a reiki practitioner and it helps me. I you can find a good one I would suggest making friends.

Feel free to contact.
Jon Doughetry

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