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Discovering My Abilities And Fears


I am now 15 years old and I experienced them for serveral times. I will not say I am truly a psychic but I think I'm more than normal. For most times, they are not too strong but they can strong at times. I think it started with hearing.

When I was young (about eight or nine years old), I started hearing ringings in my ears that others do not hear. I used to tell my parents that I was hearing ringings in my ears.Sure,they thought I had a problem with my ears. After years had passed, it seemed to be stronger and stronger. I often hear music playing or sonmtines voices like someone talking to me and sometimes even conversations. I was scared at times and ran out of my room for serveral times. Those voices or rings last too long at times and I couldn't even sleep sometimes.

After that, feelings do come. My feelings were too strong and I could feel when something bad would happen. I feel like I know people's personality before meeting them. When I was meeting my friend for the first time, I felt like I have met her before and she was very familiar to me. Her personality was known to me and later we became friends.

Then,predictions... I predicted things so often, it usually turned out right. I knew things without the reason why. A clear event that I discovered myself was that I predicted or knew a question (for an exam) without any clue or purpose. I didn't expect or mean to predict. But it suddenly popped into my mind when I opened my book to study. I felt it was going to be asked for sure and it turned out right. I was so surprised and I didn't doubt that was just an accident for I've seen that question on the paper in my mind's eye as well.

I felt like I was gifted at times and sonetimes it became like a curse. I am afraid that I won't be able to control it and I won't like to be connected with spirits.Sometimes,I see lights or something passes through the corner of my eye. Sometimes I hear my name being called when there's no one around. I feel another presence watching me and sometimes helping. I feel other people's emotions and even pains at times. For that reason, I couldn't even stare into eyes for long.

That's how I felt and experienced with psychic abilities or may be an awakening. I would like to know if I was feeling strange because of a psychic awakening or not.So,I hope you can help me!

I want to be clear about my experiences.

Thank you for reading!


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