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Eye Color Changing And Wondering About Experiences Occurring


My name is Shannon. I recently found this page after doing a search inquiring as to why my eyes are a more golden color. After reading through a few of the posts I figured I would say what I have experienced through my life in an attempt to get some answers.

I guess I should start out with the specifics about my eyes. For starters, up until the age of 11, my eyes were an emerald green with streaks running through that looked like veins of gold. Then, my eyes started changing to a dull green, until, during my freshman year of high school at age 14, I noticed them starting to gradually gain more of a yellowish coloring. During my sophomore year, I looked in the mirror one day and noticed that my eyes were a stark gold with a black ring rimming the iris. Since then, I have noticed that my eyes can range in color between a dull gold to black. The black I noticed one day after I went to a restroom in the high school due to me storming out of a classroom enraged by some classmates who were trying to use my recent pain against me. I happened to glance in the wall mirror, and ended up stumbling back from seeing my eyes, specifically the iris, being black in color. Since noticing my eyes being gold, I have observed that my eye color generally reflects my mood.

The other experiences include that when I was really young, I encountered 2 darker spirits, one of which having a somewhat imp-like appearance. I remember that I also would stay up late talking to someone, whom when I was asked who I was talking to, I replied that I was talking to Mr. Man, explaining that he lived in the walls. I have also been told that I have a 'gift' when it comes to animals, between feeling close to them, to nature, and having a knack for knowing what is going on with them.

On the people side of things, I have noticed that I tend to know how a person is feeling, even when they are hiding behind a mask or before they let on as to their feelings. I tend to be the one that people go to for a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen and lend advice, as well as to resolve a conflict due to that I listen to all sides of the story then point out to each side the important things to help resolve the issue.

The most odd thing, though, is that I will get a strange gut feeling about something or someone, as well as that when something bad is going to happen, I have repeating nightmares for up to weeks in advance nightly that show either the event that will occur, or something that relates to the event. For example, every time that a guy has left, I knew weeks before that he would, due to seeing through the nightmares the exact way that he would leave. I also had nightmares for about a week that showed my last blood-related grandfather in a hospital, doctors showing him x-rays of his femur, and I would keep hearing words like "chemo," "myeloma...remission," and "stage 4...worse." I ended up finding out the night of June 15, 2016 that my grandfather's myeloma had gone into remission, but a growth had been found in his femur that turned out to be stage 4 cancer that was attacking the bone and would quickly spread.

I was wondering if anyone can assist in explaining why I have experienced all of this.

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