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Out With The Old And In With The New


My Father's Mother died in 1987 after having repeated heart attacks over a period of about five months. Towards the end, she was confined to intensive care and suffered multiple attacks every day, but the doctors just kept bringing her back. She was 68 when she died. It was for that reason that my dad swore off hospitals and said that he would never again go to a doctor. He didn't.

In 1993 my dad and his second wife bought a home located near a lake in southern Minnesota. It had always been kind of a dream of his to own that home, partly because he was friends with the man who built it and partly because he grew up near a lake like it.

In August of 1996 he was insulating the crawl space underneath the house and contracted some sort of lung ailment. He did not go to the doctor in August. He began coughing, at the time he and his wife each smoked about a pack of cigarettes a day. He did not go to the doctor in September. He got worse. He did not go in October or November. He lost his appetite. He finally went to the doctor on December 17th but the doctor was on vacation that day. He was told to come back on the 19th. He called work at 7 a.m. on Dec. 18 and retired after working for the same company for over 25 years. I know he knew.

He died that night around 7:30 p.m. He was 58 years old. At the time I was working at a factory job from midnight until 8 a.m. and going to school during the day. My time to sleep was from the afternoon until 10 or 11 p.m. The night my dad died I was sound asleep and dreaming that he and I were talking about his future. As I became lucid, I realized he and I were conversing. He said to me that he had an opportunity that he could take advantage of, but would have to die in order for the timing to work out. I made a (not so nice) joke about his second wife and her four kids having to find another source of income if he chose to go. I remember that we both laughed at that and then abruptly my wife came into the bedroom and woke me up.

She screamed "Wake up your dad had a heart attack and the ambulance is on the way!" At the time, we lived about 2-1/2 hours away so it would have been futile to try and rush over there, but I called work and told them I was taking a few days off and we drove over that night.

When we got there, sure enough he was dead. He was at the funeral home. My brother and sister showed up soon after. We all spent the night at the house. I knew I would be seeing him in the morning, so I just went to sleep.

Around 6 a.m. I thought I woke up and sat up, he was sitting at the end of the bed facing away but had twisted around so I could see him. All he said was "Out with the old and in with the new..." That is all he had to say, but it said everything. I knew from the smile on his face that he was at peace, he was with his mom and dad and he was on track. Somehow I also knew that he was coming back into our family by being born again.

My wife can't have anymore children and my brother wasn't married, so it was up to my sister, she had two and wanted more.

From my other stories and posts you may know that this event is normal everyday stuff to my immediate family. My mom is also supportive since her whole family has various abilities. I had tried talking to my dad about going to see grandma before but he just brushed it away as a memory. I guess he knows better now.

After my dad died, I made several journeys up to see him and grandma. Grandpa is usually less energetic. They were always doing something family oriented. At Thanksgiving she still makes a big meal even though she says "You don't get hungry in heaven, but you can eat if you want to..." more of a tribute to the memory of being here than anything else

On one visit, I met my grandma and asked where dad was at. She told me that he had to go to school so that he could be reborn. She said that school would last about six months and that he would be born soon after. He was and his name is Alex, I told my sister all about what was going to happen with dad but somehow she chose to forget so I leave it alone. Her family has a religion so they don't want another.

I try to learn from every experience I have. From this one I learned that:

Memories as well as people live on.

Dad could see the future clearly even though he was still choosing to live or not.

To live or die is sometimes our choice - free will.

In heaven they view themselves as alive and us as dead.

You can come back, sometimes.

Time in heaven also seems to be somewhat linear even though he knew the future.

Thanksgiving dinner tastes better down here; and if you don't experience things down here it is hard to make up for them up there.

Life is sort of like a movie rental store. When you go to the store you read the back of the box to find out what the movie is about; drama, action, love story, etc. When you have decided, you pay your money and go watch the movie. Likewise, while in heaven you preview what a life could be then you decide and go live it. Some people believe in fate, I say you previewed it in heaven before you were born.

Thanks for reading


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GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-19)
Dear Time - your post really fascinates me. I remember as a small child, looking at a clock, and thumbing my nose. It's a human measurement, like plastic rulers with inches. Both made me laugh. My movie box would read, "Questioner..." Many things seem silly to me. Still, people are powerful in some way. I'm just a newbie learning. I read carefully what people write and learn and question.
constancy (2 stories) (64 posts)
16 years ago (2008-06-18)
Hello, Time Traveler:
My name is actually Erika. I have been reading your story with great interest since just recently a contact from this site and I have been discussing "The Afterlife". She believes in it, but not that stronly. I explained to her that we, as people, die and NEVER return to live again: OUR SOULS DO! They experience the AFTERLIFE (heaven), not we. They prepare for another life, going to "school" and then incarnate again.
Your story is just great for all those who can't really see this matter in proper perspective! Our deceased relatives which come through so beautifully as THEY themselves in our dreamstate or also while we are awake, are their SPIRITS, their SOULS. They lived through their chosen (and sometimes not choosing themselves but having more intelligent souls choose for them) lives and can end them too, to start another life through another person.
It seems to me that your dad's SOUL let you know "out with the old and in with the new" and not your dad himself. The SOUL saw the new opportunity, to start a new life as ALEX
and you saw this very well yourself. I can see why your sister might not even want to look at this possibility, since some people just can't live with the thought that they are looking at their dead "DAD" everytime they look at their kid! If you could tell your sister that she lives with her dad's SOUL I am sure that she can accept this more easily!
You wrote that after your dad died, you have made several journeys 'UP" to see him and your grandma. With "UP" you meant HEAVEN? Heaven, I believe, is being NEAR GOD! Souls who are still incarnating, assemble after death to contemplate their last lives and then concentrate on their new lives. The inbetween stage can be used in many ways though! Souls can create a very REAL heaven, a beautiful way of EXISTENCE, until they LIVE again! This is where you are when you are contacted by the souls of your deceased relatives. They sound like very loving and good spirits.

Your father's spirit saw great potential in returning to your family as ALEX and time was of the essence, therefore IT had to end this life as your dad to return as ALEX! This soul had 6 months of preparation? Some souls prepare for years on end (Our thinking with regard to time since on the psychic plane the concept TIME does not exist.), but IT moved straight back into your family, so, since time IS of the essence, especially in our times, IT had to act fast! You and your dad's SOUL, I am sure, can ALWAYS re-create a meeting as "Father and Son", if only in the dream state.

With regard to the much talked about AFTERLIFE: I once believed in it too and when I found out that OUR SOULS experience it and that messages from this afterlife, very, very, valid messages, are NOT coming from the deceased themselves but from their souls, I was asked by a number of souls that I would now have to chuck all of my literature re: THE AFTERLIFE, which describes the continuation of OUR lives! I replied that there was no need for that. I would just have to switch from thinking:
People to THEIR SOULS! The messages are VALID! The point is that we, as people, WANT to have the afterlife and in order for the soulworld to communicate with us, these spirits/souls go along with this thinking, pretending that they are ALIVE as their PERSONS, because they are then listened to!

I hope that all of this makes sense to you. Please let me know. My e-mail address is erika.eickhoff [at] or, you could check my profile: Profile for Constancy on this site, via the internal google. I also have put a manuscript onto the internet which is called: The Agony of Psychism. It is free of charge, you may download it or just study it, its yours.
You can find it via (search engine)
Agony of psychism. (

Take care and may God bless you!

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