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Dark Smokey Shadows


I am 39 year old women with 2 daughters- 8yr and 6yr old respectively. From childhood I was spiritually inclined and have this strong belief that I have physic powers. I got married and came to know that my mother in law also has some physic powers which she used to cure people. In the meanwhile I became a Buddhist and practiced meditation. My mother in law hated me for that and would say that she has many powers and she can destroy me. I would pray for her happiness. She was plagued by many diseases and I tended her until her last breath and prayed for her karma to change and she be happy in her next life. Before she died she confessed that I took good care of her. I have given my best to her and proud that gave her everything she asked for. Both me and my husband. Now it is been 11 months that she has expired. She passed away on 28th April 2016. In December 2016 I saw a dark shadow passing by in the kitchen through the corner of my eye. First I ignored it. But this happened thrice. I saw a dark smokey shadow pass the corner of my eye. My elder daughter (8 years) sleeps in my mother in laws room along with my husband. And I sleep in adjacent room with my younger daughter (6 yr). Now since past two months even my elder daughter was complaining about seeing a dark shadow out of the window next to her bed. She said it came in and then went in to the bathroom in the room she was sleeping. I was shocked to hear her say since I myself had seen it and believed in her. The other day I slept next to my daughter and I could feel some whispering in my ear. But I was not scared. I prayed and slept off. In the morning, I calmed my daughter and told her not to watch too many scary movies (tried to make things light) and told her to pray before she sleeps. But I am curious as to why I and my daughter are seeing this? Do other people have seen such things? I feel its my mother in law but I don't believe she intends any harm. As I pray for her happiness every single day. I believe she is just lingering for her son and she was very possessive of her things her room her wardrobe etc. But I really want to find out if it is her or something else. And the reason why we both see it (shadow)?

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annieoaktree (2 stories) (13 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-21)
There are many folkways for dealing with such things.

Lucky for us our ancestors also had to deal with such matters

Garlic and onions are helpful
And as an added bonus they reduce germs.

Garlic cloves can be put in the corners of a room and the discarded the next day.

Just slice an onion in half and place it in the space you want to clear.
Salt by far a helpful tool.

Epsom salts in the bath to clear a person from unwanted energies.

For comfort for yourselves you could make some little sachets or pillows. Even just take a little cloth and string an place some herbs in the middle and then wrap and tie like a present:)

I am thinking rosemary, lavender
And rose petals.
Or chamomile and peppermint

Hope your uninvited guest moves on!
Tripox21 (31 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-15)

Yes I got a very sensual and nice spirit Anna, he/she is green in form and in a misty way.

That's a way for a spirit/entity to show itself, it tries to manifest in a bodily shape for you to see, usually just want to let you know they are there.

And also yes some entity whispered in my ear once while I was waking up, it tried to scare me evidently but I kept my cool, but in your case was there any emotion that clicked into your mind when it started to whisper!? Some bottom feeders like to whisper and touch with a emotion from their side to influence you into thinking it's your emotion, which means they wanted you to be afraid and draw energy from that emotional charge.

This entity/spirit could be a pre owner of the place you live at and just want you to know he or she is there:)

Have you felt any touching tingeling on your scalp? Light pressure on your chest? Touching on the feet? Common signs that you got someone close who likes you!

Before I stop writing i'll just give a headsup that sometimes if you got that thought that you know you didn't think or a feeling that comes on on a sudden can be them wanting to communicate, Anna usually talks to me that way and sometimes through sending a picture into the mind.

Hope I have given any good info that can put your mind at ease and don't hesitate to ask anything:)
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-14)
Hello giftedone77,

I have also experienced these dark shadows at various times in my life, at different locations where I have lived. Not really sure why they come. I have a few short comments about these dark shadows. First off, you should get rid of them. The longer they stay, the stronger their presence will be - and they are up to no good. The good news is that they are easily removed compared to any other spiritual entity I have encountered.

Avi (16 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-13)
Do not get confused- shadows 'always' represent evil. I definitely think there is a connection between the shadow and the symbolism of the crow. Seems like a pretty clear sign to me.

Keep praying for God to remove this evil from your home, as it is not welcome or wanted there. Do not interact with it, just pray.
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-10)
As you continue prayer add imagining love and light/peace over the shadow.
I have found lower energies or souls that visit or may be wondering. Are enhanced in their vibrational level. Even entities have been known to metamorphosis like a silk worm bloom into a butterfly.
giftedone77 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-10)
Thank you ThulsaDune, for your response and suggestions. Please do provide with your experience on this, I am sure it will be beneficial. We all four slept in the other room yesterday, but my daughter said she still wants to sleep in my mother in laws room, now that she is used to sleeping there. She said she was not comfortable sleeping in my room either due to place change. (Sigh) I made her pray last night and will now on make this a routine for her. Thank you for your prayers. In India they say that when you see a dark black crow nearby it indicates evil spirit or death. During the last four months of my mother in law passing there was this 2 pair of dark crows who used to sit on the roof of the building opposite to our's. I had never been superstitious but I looked up the internet and asked an old maid who used to work at our place and she said it means evil or death. Now again once in a while I see these dark crows only a single now... I try to shrug off thinking more on this and divert myself. Don't know if these two are inter-related - seeing the shadow in my house now and the crows...?
giftedone77 (1 stories) (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-10)
Thank you 1020coco, for your reply and inputs. Yes, I will continue to pray for her happiness and thank her for she watching over us. However, I am feeling hesitant if I should ask her questions since I have never ventured in such communication before. Shall wait and see how things shape up and will be connected to this forum for help and support! Much gratitude and warm regards.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-09)
Hi giftedone77,
I also experience these things. I am lucky and can discern the difference between good and evil entities. I would suggest going with what you feel right now and don't get concerned unless it starts to bother your family. Ultimately you are the one experiencing what is going on and our input could help if you need it. If it becomes a problem ask for guidance. If it is exciting to you, feel free to share it with us. I would advise you not to try and interact with it, but let some time go by and see how things develop. You will know if things are ok if you are true to yourself. If you think it is a shadow person I have had a lot of experience with them and may be able to help you. Again go with what you feel inside.
I would continue to pray it will give you and the children comfort.
I will leave you with a word of warning or caution. Some entities will pretend to be passed loved ones to gain your trust and decieve you. If things don't seem quite right ask for help or guidance.
We appreciate you sharing with us and I wish only the best for you and your family. I lost my Dad 2 years ago and it is still a hole in our family. He still visits my younger sister once in awhile. She took it the hardest.
1020coco (24 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-09)
What you're seeing is her energy. It appears as a shadow, but in fact it's energy that you're picking up. The reason why you see her is quite simple, you're family is her family and as you said she is possessive of the things she cares about. Now that she's crossed over, her belongings don't hold the same attachment. So in other words, she is there to let you know that she is still with your family. When you ask if there's something else, I don't get the impression there is. Think about it this way, if you had crossed over, you would want to come back and see your loved ones and it'd be great if they knew you were there still. Send her love as you said you do and talk to her. Ask her questions and let her know that you appreciate her being there to watch over your family.

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