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This is my first post.:)

I figure it would be easier to tell you a bit about myself first, I'm not going to go like full out in detail- just some things that might be helpful for you to help me out.:)

As a kid I grew up as a Lutheran Christian, and I stuck with that for nearly all of my life until about two years ago when I started questioning things about the religion and receiving answers I didn't particularly resonate with. I've since adopted a more agnostic view on life, and it's very difficult for me to believe in things that are I'm not able to reason with or feel.

Even as a Christian child I never really FELT anything, and that's what I want the most. Something whole and fulfilling.

I started to look into pantheism, universalism, paganism, various monotheistic religions, and polytheistic religions. And none of them particularly resonate with me. I can't get on board with them. However I do like different aspects of them and respect them all. I respect them all very much.

I am more drawn to the idea of psychics, though and I'm wondering about looking more into it as I recently experienced the death of my grandmother, and felt her spirit leave her body. For the first time that I've ever felt with human. It's happened before with my pets I've had to euthanize as well though.

I do also have a particular fondness for things such as lucid dreaming/astral projection, crystals, herbs and spirits. Animals as well mean a great deal to me, but I will continue that more in a second.

As a child my parents (who are Christian) told me I used to play with ghosts and talk to them and they were friendly. Now as a near adult, I can no longer see spirits but I can feel SOMETHING, even if my mind says it's my head. It's like a battle between my rational and dreaming side, and neither fully win.

To continue with that, I do dream often and every night I can remember what I dream. Dreams particularly mean very much to me and I've lucid dreamt on accident 3 times, but can never hold it for long. Dreaming helps me cope through real life situations I've found and I often found myself going through things like grief stages in them, but never awake. I have had a few prophetic dreams as well, as had my father.

Animals I also hold in very high reference- even as a child. I think about them more and more as equals now than I did before, and they mean very much to me. I always used to pretend to shapeshift (but not anymore obviously) and the animals definitely resonate with me more than anything else I've come across. This makes me think I'm looking for some sort of spirit animal? I don't know, but I want to go into veterinary sciences once I graduate. I wish to delve more into the spiritual side of animals and work with their spirits.

This is going to sound very strange but when I picture MYSELF, not physically, but like metaphysically? Like if my body was gone and I was only in "spirit". There's always something else THERE, something that's not part of me. It's not bad or anything, it just reminds me of something secure, like my protector. But it's not human. It's feels like a part of me but something else. Any idea what this is or how I discover what it is?

I also see times that are distinct for me very often- like 11:11 or 9:11 or 12:34 or even 9:06- which was part of my old address prior to moving. I don't know if this is helpful or if I'm just spouting useless info. But I want to like FEEL whole- which is something I currently do not, as I feel as if I'm not living up to my potential- so I can put more out in the world, ya know?

It's strange because I feel different, but not whole- I ask questions where other do not and I want answers I don't have. It's frustrating for me because I feel like it need to figure this out before I can move on and help others.

I'm brand new to this idea of being possibly psychic, if at all. If anyone can explain what I'm feeling better it would greatly ease my feelings on this. Any advice at all is appreciated.

To further ease the possibility of answering questions, I've decided to consolidate some I would like answered if possible:

1. Did I awaken something within me after watching my grandmother die? I used to see spirits as a child and now I can only feel them.

2. Can I strengthen this at all?

3. Can somebody give me more information on that non human presence I feel constantly? Could it be a spirit animal?

4. How can I protect myself from negative energies? I wear a hematite ring always. Is this enough? I still feel some things with it on.

5. Are their any other psychic abilities I could develop that involved working with animals and other spirits?

Warm wishes. ❤

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MoonInsideMe (2 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-25)
Another thing I forgot to mention is that I have talked to some spiritual "advisers" and the say I'm like super powerful but I don't feel it. And I feel this connection with animals and dream that speak with them and I shift (like you did) but specially with wolfs. Thnx
MoonInsideMe (2 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2017-11-25)
heyy, wow, its nice to read that there's someone that feels kind of like you, on my profile I posted something that explains more of how I feel. But I feel kind of like you, I'm actually going to study vet because I feel so connected to animals and nature. Another thing that calls my attention is that I see a lot number 11:11 and 9:11, like a lot haha, and when a I was a kid I was like super sensitive and could feel what other people around me felt, I could feel presences and stuff, I know I have like some power inside me but Its like it turned off when I was like 12. If you see this please send me an email or something cause id really like to talk to you.:)
Gabbie (55 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-04)
I'm glad you found my information interesting, and I hope it will keep on assisting you all the way through your journey.

As I explained on my comment, there has been cases I have come across, in which demonic beings have pretended to be beings who either seek help or who pretended to wish to help me and keep me safe. Their energy felt good and kind but it wasn't until very later in my spiritual progress that I figured out what all these experiences actually were.

Same with that scared child, that snapped you out of your meditation. It is possible that it has no harmful intentions (Maybe it is something random you happened to connect to or witness accidentally) but I'd like to point out that all types of beings are aware of the human weaknesses and way our minds work. Hence, every spirit will present themselves as they wish you to see them, in order to catch your attention, depending on what your weak points are. Discerning what their nature and intentions are, is something that comes with experience and knowledge gained in the process.

Regarding the symbol you saw, due to the fact that there is a huge load of information circulating around the internet, bibliography and TV and movies, a great deal of it, imprints itself on our brain, leading us to create certain expectations as to how things should be or what we should experience and expect. Also, it connects to what I said above, about beings representing themselves in a way a person expects as well as uses ways to approach us, that they know will work.

So, generally, whatever you get involved with, make sure to not allow your naivety, excitement and good intentions, to blind you and end up harming yourself. I was in your position once too, so I'm only sharing what I have come across in hopes to provide you with as much information to keep you as safe as possible, due to what I have personally witnessed, through my path in spirituality.

As for the lights you see, they most likely are manifestations of energy, the way your eyes perceive them. I think it's a very good sign you are able to physically see them, and I suggest you keep working on your meditation and praying and also protection.

Yes, it is normal for your forehead to vibrate during meditation or intense focus.

Always keep your doubts over anything you meet; knowledge, power and wisdom are a double edged sword, depending on how you use them and when. Keep your mind clear and hold a critical way if thinking, for the best protection of yourself, possible.

When it comes to spiritual abilities, there isn't such thing as a label. Asking for names, is a lot like asking in the physical world if being able to use your eyes or being able to use your ears, has a name or makes you special. So just like for the most part everyone is capable of seeing and hearing and speaking, same with spirituality you are capable of anything you wish to try. Everything is already there. You just discover it in the way.

All in all, the path within spirituality, holds a lot more knowledge, wisdom, a lot more responsibility and danger, than what is shown around us. It is indeed part of our being, but it would be wise to make sure it's followed for the right reasons, as well as, be treated with the respect it deserves and requires for our safety.

I am still available if you wish to contact me for a more personal encounter.

Be safe and stay grounded and focused.
lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-03)
Dear TheSpiritsAroundMe

How can something phisycal can hep you or spirits like stones? This is just myth.

How can you develop yourself? Easy only the hard way works! If you really want to develop yourself you must develop in 2 fronts knowledge and morally.

For knowledge you have to study, not read, real study the books from Allan Kardec, everithing about spirits you will find in his books (actually is not the writer, those books were writing by high rank spirits read them and you will understand the process) you can freely download pdf file at internet.

For moral improvement, do charity, help other, be volunteer in some charitable institution.

That is the only formulae I know!

Good study!
TheSpiritsAroundMe (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-02)
[at] gabbie and [at] lauterb

Thank you so much for your thoughtful responses. I've done some more searching through myself and online to figure out what is going on, and I'm taking all your suggestions to heart.

I decided to meditate a few times from the initial date of posting and an interesting thing happened- during one particular session I was asking something to send me a sign. And right away I was presented with a symbol that looked like a circle with a two verticle lines, one from the top and one from the bottom center on it. I looked it up later and found that it's an ACTUAL symbol used for magic enhancement and power activation in a practice called "Run Valdr" that uses Norse Ruins in a fashion similar to Japanese Reiki. Should I look into this further?

And another time midway through meditation I was visited to be what looked like a scared child? I only saw his face and part of his hands but he was defiantly fearful. He surprised me but he didn't stay for long and snapped me out of my meditation. What should I do about this?

I'd also like to say is it normal for my forehead to vibrate kind of during meditation?

Furthermore, I will try your way of protection, and possible adapt it to fit my particular case. The presence that follows me seems friendly and protective of me though, as though it wants me to grow and stay safe. I'll try to see more what it is when I'm grounded more.

I've always been told that crystals and such can help promote this development? I really enjoy stones and feeling them, as if they were living. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions there.

Also I'm wondering about some floating lights I can see when I try to- I've always been able to see them and used to play with them as a kid. They are usually even spaced, green and redush colors dots, that come over in waves in my feild of vision? I can see through them, they don't obscure anything, but they are there and I've never gotten a clear answer on this in my entire life but I'm wondering if either of you have insight. They move like a mix of far off twinkling stars and a stream of clear water. When I move my eyes the follow my general direction as well. What am I seeing?

As far as me personally, is there any label these experiences would fall under?
lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-02)

1- You have awaked when you started question your religion, the rest is just consequence.
As a kid is normal to see spirits until around 7 years old, after that can come again at ages of 16 and later.
2- Yes you can develop your mediumship
3- It is jus a spirit, spirits of animals have special and differentiated treatment, they will not harm, hurt or disturb you for sure! Most probably is a imperfect spirit.
4- Nothing material will keep you safe, what keeps you safe is your moral elevation, how good you are and how much good you do for others!
5- Yes you can develop several but it depend on your mission/test

Since you are open for new readings I would like to suggest The Spirit's Book from Allan Kardec, you can freely download in the internet a pdf file.

Good study!
Gabbie (55 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-02)
Truth is, that as humans, we already have a spiritual side, from the beginning of our existence. During our life, it might stay forever dormant, it might awaken at some point, or we might be born with that side already awakened.

Many factors can trigger its coming to the surface, and maybe for you, it is a combination and sequence of events, which allowed it to grow more and more active. The more you tapped into it, the more connected you felt, and because where your mind goes, your energy does too, it created different attachments to things you directed your attention towards. Such as animals, your grandma, and maybe the surrounding spirits your parents said you used to be aware of.

Concerning protection, first of one needs to understand how they need to protect themselves, and what from. Everything around us (feelings, thoughts, words, actions), translate into energy. When we walk around, going places, talking to people, touching objects, without any protection on, that leads to us "catching" the energies we come in contact with daily. That can result in physical, and most importantly, mental and emotional fatigue. Now, apart from having energies stuck on us, staying unprotected, can also "invite" different beings to stick with us, and that wouldn't be safe either. One's emotional and mental state, as well as, their lifestyle, can also contribute into allowing energies and beings to approach them and become attached to them, especially if they are negative and harmful to the human soul, as good connects to good and bad connects to bad. This is a broad way to say it, but it pretty much explains why things linger around people. When it comes to dark beings, they feed off negative energies generated by the human mind and heart, which only gives them greater access and power over us. But that is another story. I just wanted to explain protection, is all. Also, since we don't know if that presence around you means good or bad for sure, I say protect anyway:)

What I usually like to do, is to meditate and relax my mind. Connect to the light within me, as in, pray and connect to my deeper self and to this Holy and Pure Light deep in my soul. I pray and pray, and I fill myself with all these positive and happy thoughts and memories. I visualize them, being translated into a white light, and slowly concentrating in the center of my chest, filling it more and more, until I reach a point where I feel it overwhelming me. Then I imagine it being spread all over my body as a wave of light, intending for it to cleanse all foreign and harmful energies off of my body and soul. After I feel calm enough and have visualized all the foreign energies to have gone, I then proceed to extend this light wave a few feet around my physical body, in order to form an energy shield, which will keep everything unwanted away. Just keep adding energy to it, until you feel it's thick enough and intend for it to be strong and to push back anything foreign, anything harmful.

Personal growth, is possible. It all comes down to what you wish to do with it.

I have my email up on my profile. Don't hesitate to contact me, if you feel the need to.

Be safe.

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