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Spirit Is Causing Too Much Damage. How Do I Fix This?


Just to get this started, I felt it would make sense if I were to clarify that I have been able to communicate and visibly see spirits or entities since as long as I can remember. With that being said, I can start.

I have spirits come to me if that makes any sense, I've never understood it properly so I was wondering if that has anything to do with my story. Ever since I was just young I always had something following me or being around me. In my house there are a couple residing spirits, but a new one has shown up recently. 'he' looks dark, it takes many forms and seems powerful. Ever since that entity started appearing bad things have been happening to my family. My father passed away, A disease my mother hadn't had for 4 years has come back and she isn't doing well. My grandfather was diagnosed with 5 types of cancer and my grandmother with 2. My siblings are constantly terrified and they can't sleep at night because they are hearing things and seeing shadows.

I have taken to referring to 'it' as a 'he' because it is easier to describe with a pronoun.

He likes to stay up in my room and I haven't been able to sleep lately out of fear of what might happen to me or my family if I were to fall asleep. He has grabbed me and pulled me, I've been getting explainable bruises and pains everywhere. I've been trying to figure out what he needs or what he wants but he won't give any clue. My siblings sleep downstairs with my mom now, because that room feels the safest. As soon as you walk into that room the heaviness is lifted off of your shoulders.

My siblings are getting bruises on them now and my mother and I are afraid to have them go to school because we don't want someone to accuse my mom of abusing them. All of my family knows about what I can see, so I explain it to them as well. My siblings have had dreams of 'Him' and are terrified. I'm trying not to project how scared I am because at the moment my own mother is relying on me to fix this and if she were to see me scared she wouldn't know what to do anymore and she would give up.

I haven't been going to school because I am afraid of what's going to happen to my animals. My mom works day shifts but since she is getting more ill she is starting not to go in. Ever since 'he' came, One of my dogs and my 2 cats have passed away for unknown reasons. They were all healthy, they weren't close to passing of old age, it just happened.

I really need help. Should I be developing my abilities more so I can deal with this? Should I still try to communicate with 'him'? I would suggest to myself to move, but he seems attached to me. How can I find a way to 'get rid of him'? Is this something I should address with psychic abilities or should I be talking to a professional?

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white_wolf (10 posts)
4 years ago (2017-11-25)
The house need to be cleaned or it is something specifically related to you... I can help.
lightdragon (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-12)
Another tips:

- Each morning after you wake up, after doing the morning prayers, visualise a protective field around you and your family members with protective properties; e.g. Not allowing any negative energy getting inside, repel negative energy, letting light in and positive energies in, etc. Visualise light emitted from yourself, and ask for (holy) light from the Heavens to protect you and your family.

-NEVER sleep with your back side up.

-Pray or chant protective prayers or spells of your liking every night before you sleep and advise your family members to do the same, because we're most vulnerable when we sleep.

-Pray for protection before doing anything, in daily activities, not just before sleep.

-Burn incense daily. I advise you to get good quality incense from an Indian, chinese, buddhist or arab store that sells perfumes and incenses. Choose the fragrance that you 'feel' the best. To 'feel' is what most important for dealing with these kinds of things.

I advise you to seek help from a psychic or a medium at your area who's practicing house cleansing, coz it won't hurt to seek help from a pro... But check them first before you choose, feel their energy, since you are able to sense these things from people. (There will always be one or more lightworkers in each area.)

Your family is lucky to have you as (a future) one, but I think you will need a help from someone from your area for the mean time... I'm from another country so I am sorry that I cannot help you personally. I hope my suggestions will be able to help you. I am sending you a lot of light.
lightdragon (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-12)
Oh, burning aromatherapy incense can also helps. Some evil spirits don't like fragrances, and most of good guardian spirits love fragrances. So fragrances and incenses are a huge help, not just to strengthen our mental abilities, but also to strengthen our guardian spirits. Angels love them too! It's a common spiritual and religion practice at around the world to purify a room or place (even ourselves) by burning fragrant incenses/herbs. You can chant your water and salt while you are burning an incense to make it more powerful.
lightdragon (3 posts)
5 years ago (2017-11-12)
Listen to this 3-6 times a day, visualise what you want (the dark entity is gone, etc.):

Our mind is a very powerful tool. Combine this with prayers. You can use prayers accordingly with your own belief system/religion. (in my religion, this is an example: and Of course you can use the Bible's verses or any other chants/prayers that suit you.

In my own experience, I use verses from my religious book and practising fasting, aside from listening NLP or subliminal messages and frequencies. I also use water as a medium, by giving it huge energy and prayers (blessings); I chanted my prayers into it and visualising healing energy and the intention to send bad spirits away into it, and then mix the water into my house's water reservoir so it would be mixed, and then we can use it as drinking and bathing water. We also use it to mop the whole house or spritzing it throughout the house. Mop 7 days in a row, minimum. It is best to mop/spritzing the house with the water for at least 41 consecutive days.

If your house doesn't have an autonomous water reservoir, you can put it to a bottle/container and mix it with any other water container that your family use, everytime you want to use it to bathe or drink. If you want to mop the house, just put the water a bit into the water bucket. You can always add the water later. You can also use salt, put the salt to your food and cooking.

My family often experiencing psychic attacks for many years, and it's very often that the attacks are done by using black magic and sending evil/dark entities to us. So your experience is similar to mine.

If you need further help or have questions, feel free to contact me. I will try my best to help you.

I pray that everything will get better for you and your family. ❤

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