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I've never considered myself a psychic or medium. I get occasional dreams or hunches that turn out to be accurate. For instance, I dreamed that my uncle was coming to NS from BC, only to learn the next day that he's in town. I dreamed of a plane crash just outside my city just hours before it happened. But that was a few years ago, and I never had much happen since then, up until the last few weeks.

Thursday night I dreamed of a large wildfire that had many evacuated from town. Friday, a stretch of forest just outside the city I live in caught fire and burned for nearly two days. Thousands were evacuated while they battled the blaze. I thought this was a coincidence.

That Sunday night I dreamed that the place where I work had a major computer glitch and all the systems went down. I went to work that Monday to find that we could not access the systems because everything was down.

That night I dreamed of a turtle that my friend and I found on the side of a road. Simple dream that never means much, but I recall saying, "Don't touch him, he might be a snapping turtle". The next day, my friend and I were out driving in the country when I stopped the car. There was a turtle walking across the road. I got out to move it when my friend said, "Don't touch him, he might be a snapping turtle". I froze when she said that.

On June 23, I dreamed of a fire again, and in the dream people kept saying it was in Lake Tahoe. The following morning, I scanned newspapers and news programs to find out what that meant. As it turns out, June 24 was the one-year anniversary of a wildfire in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

On July 1st I dreamed of another wildfire. In the dream I saw the blaze in the distance from my window, except the view from the window in my dream was not the view from the window in reality. On July 2nd I checked many news sources and found a picture of Sandy Lake, Saskcatchewan on fire. It was the exact image from my dream.

The predictions are getting really weird, and pretty bang on. I now believe my gut far more than I ever have.

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texryan67 (1 stories) (39 posts)
1 year ago (2019-03-22)
that is pretty cool. I do binaurals every night to try and increase my sixth sense, if you will... Some of the binaurals from you tube are more effective than others, though. 😉

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