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Stuck Between Sleep And Consciousness


Can someone please let me know if I'm either crazy, have an overactive imagination, or something else?

For over 15 years now, I have been experiencing something during my sleep, where I get "stuck" between sleep and consciousness. When it first started to happen in my teens, I just thought it was a recurring dream. But as I got older, I was able to realize that I wasn't dreaming at all, but I wasn't awake either. During this state, I cannot move. Not even an inch. Years ago, all I would see was black, and I could "sense" something happening around me, i.e. I would feel my bed dip down at the foot, leading me to believe something was sitting down there. It wasn't until recently that I talked to a friend a year ago, that said I should try to "open my vision" during the experiences. Sure enough, the next time it happened, I did. And oh my God, what followed.

The only way I can explain it, is that whatever position my body & head is laying in when I get stuck in this altered state, dictates my field of vision. I cannot move a muscle, but I can "see" through my closed eyes in the direction my head is in, and my vision is as clear as plain day. It's freaky because when I actually do regain full consciousness and open my eyes, I end up seeing the same field of vision I saw through my "other eyes" I guess. I can't talk, but I can hear my voice talking inside. So a year ago, I started seeing black shadows around the room. I would be terrified. Worse so, I couldn't will myself to gain consciousness right away. So I would close my "eyes" (that were already closed in the first place) and try to wake myself up through my breathing. After this happened a few times (freaking out my girlfriend) I'd become conscious and sit up with my heart racing a mile a minute.

One night, the spirit got hostile, but that's because I provoked it. I was so upset one night, (scared) that I must have made a terrible face with my eyes (because I couldn't do anything else), because I wanted them to go away (mainly because I didn't understand what I was experiencing) and consequently the spirit got in my face and started flailing its arms at me. Needless to say that freaked me out.

So recently, and for the FIRST time, I decided to relax and to try to communicate. It happened again last night. And for the first time, I saw an actual entity. It was a woman wearing a blue dress. She was so close to my face that I could only see her torso and the top of her chest, I couldn't see her face at all because I can't move my head in this state. My first reaction was fear, but then I calmed down and was actually curious. I repeated a few times in my mind "who are you?" But I didn't get an answer. Finally I regained full consciousness, opened my eyes to only see the same field of view that I was looking at before, but the spirit wasn't there anymore.

I am a 30 year old man that is very much in touch with reality. Someone please tell me what the hell is happening to me. I need to make sense of this.

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rizo (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-05-24)
I gotta say a read some of your comments and is balony I've had this for over 15 years and for years I thought I saw shapes and people and demons and such, but is all balony. Like I said this happens to me everytime I'm very tired before going to bed. I wake up an hour after I "fall asleep".can't move, see weird shapes, but look into it it has a perfect racional explanation, after that every single time it has happened I look in the shapes and they are nothing. I just force myself to wake up (a lil painfull actually) when I do I'm relieve (still panic while I'm stuck btw) and that's it it actually keeps happening if I don't get up and splash water on myself and completley wake up. I hate this about myself but the cool thing about it, is that has given me the ability to have lucid dreams and they are awesome, I fly, I am basicly god in them. When I realize I'm dreaming I usually tell the person I'm dreaming about that they don't exist and tell them I can prove it, I do magic have sex with girls and always fly, that's what always wakes me up I start flying and I get so high that I eventually get scared and wake up. My advice to anyone that has this problem is to learn aboutyourself take note of why you get stuck like that and avoid it. Like I said, for me is going to bed while very tired or taking naps in the afternoon... Luck guys hope this helps someone. Sorry for the horrible grammar
amandasacat (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-12-05)
Hello My name is Amanda. I just typed in Google "Why do I get stuck In my dreams" Tonight on 12/5/2012 I fell asleep at 12 am to only wake up at 2 am I had this exact experience. I woke up by breathing too! I have been through other odd experience but this one. Really Got me wide awake right now. I had everything the same except my entity was not a woman in Blue but something else I tried to make different pictures it was a bunch of different people around me touching me with there hands I really want to contact to you I don't know if its that weird But I feel like I do. You can email me at Amandasacat [at] or On facebook Kaptainkittie [at] Or just Kaptain Kittie 😨 I can't sleep and this too has been happening to me for a long while. Thanks, Amanda Marie
RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-19)
I should also say that the vibration is now not nearly as violent and is actually a pleasant buzz since I decided not to fight and explore.
Sometimes, there is no vibration at all. Just a calm feeling and a free falling up or down sensation. You might be stuck in your body at first, but I believe I saw some tips on that at AnneV's website. Best of luck.
RCT123 (6 stories) (16 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-19)
AnneV is right in what she speaks.

I used to think that something was coming to get me for years. That feeling of not being able to move, darkness followed by a vibration and almost a free falling sensation (which now occasionally is a rising sensation). I thought that something was wrong with me and it was scary and frustrating. After an "accidental" conversation with an unexpected friend, I realized that my spirit was trying to astral travel for years. I quickly connected the times that 'Dreamt" I was having an out of body experience always being preceded by this scary feeling and darkness and being paralzyed but feeling like my mind was awake. I told myself not to fear and to project positive feelings when it happened next. Turns out, that very night I had my first intentional astral travel. Hope that makes you feel a lot better along with everyone else's support. I just thought I was going crazy for years as it was affecting my sleep. Ever since then, my mind has opened up to the idea that I do not know anything definitively, and everything is possible. It has begun to wildly change my life for the better.
Christian629 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2012-10-19)
Um. I'm a Christian, and those black shadows in the room are demons, sorry to say. I experienced more than this, and it started when I talked to a demon, at a time when I wasn't taking my anti-psychotic meds. I have bipolar, but I have medication now that prevents episodes. The gate I opened when I was insane is still there. It's a spiritual gateway allowing demons to torment people. Playing along is to fall deeper into their trap. That shadow being scared you by failing his arms all around right? That scared you right? That's a bad thing right? So don't play along! That's akin to telling an insane person to listen to the voice in their head. (notice that voice NEVER tells them to do something good) I decided to post this because I saw that someone's grandmother died in her meditative position. You're grandmother is your grandmother, she'd have to metamorphosize to become someone she just simply is not, and no one has the power to do that, nor the authority. SHE DIED WHILE MEDITATING! That's what we know. It's dangerous! I've heard of people being dragged down into hell by demons when their spirit was free from their body. Clairvoyants get their powers passed down to them through generational curses placed on them by dark powers in charge of spiritual things. But somewhere down the line, there was permission granted by a person to be willing to have the power, or born from curiosity about things of darkness.
7137gmg (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-11)
Try to wiggle fingers or toes... Best way to Ovid is not sleeping on your back
Ma7cot (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-04-03)
Waking Paralysis
Waking paralysis (also called sleep paralysis) is extremely common: you wake up paralyzed, or suddenly become paralyzed while relaxing or trying to get to sleep - but while still awake. Most people will probably experience it at some time. This can be terrifying, as the cause is always unknown at the time. Paralysis is a well-known symptom associated with out-of-body experience; natural projectors will, more often than not, be found to suffer frequent bouts of waking paralysis throughout their lives, especially during their teens and twenties. I was plagued by it during my childhood, teens, and twenties. It slowly lessened in frequency over the years, but only after I began regular energetic development and learned how to project in my early twenties. I still get it occasionally, a couple of times a year. Waking paralysis is extremely complex and no single explanation can really explain its causes. The two most popular theories are dissociation and spontaneous projection.
Dissociation: The general scientific explanation is that the brain dissociates itself from its physical body during sleep, as it enters the dream state, ostensibly to stop the physical body from thrashing about, mimicking its dream actions and injuring itself. Waking paralysis is said to occur when the mind accidentally wakes up inside its dissociated sleeping body. This explanation does have merit, as the physical body does progressively dissociate itself from its mind during sleep, and during the trance state. However, I do not believe this explanation holds all the answers.
Entering the trance state brings the first symptoms of dissociation; the deeper the trance state attained, the more difficult movement becomes. But dissociation brought on by the trance state comes on slowly, in degrees, over many minutes. Waking paralysis, on the other hand, comes on very swiftly, usually within only a couple of seconds. And I have never experienced full waking paralysis during trance, not even during the virtual catalepsy of the deep-trance state.
Spontaneous projection: The popular New Age explanation is that waking paralysis is caused solely by spontaneous projection, more specifically by a projection that is about to occur or is trying to occur. Many people recommend, because of this, that waking-paralysis victims relax and go along with the experience, so they can convert their waking-paralysis episode into a full OBE. This explanation also has merit, as paralysis definitely appears related to some aspects of projection.
However, in my opinion, waking paralysis is a complication of consciousness with many contributing factors. I think it is more complex than is commonly believed.
Waking paralysis is often not accompanied by vibrations or other projection-related exit sensations. Very often, for no apparent reason, people will either suddenly become paralyzed while
Relaxing, or while trying to fall asleep, or they will wake up to find themselves paralyzed. Everything is quiet and they have no major projection-related sensations (vibrations or rapid heartbeat); they just find themselves suddenly and inexplicably paralyzed.
Many people (myself included) can detect the onset of a waking-paralysis episode, especially when it comes on during a relaxed but awake state. They feel an almost irresistible sinking sensation moments before the onset of paralysis. This happens very quickly, with only a couple of seconds' warning. While the sinking feeling can be called a projection-related symptom, this is often the only sensation experienced during the entire paralysis episode.
Most paralysis episodes, in my opinion, happen after the projection exit has occurred. Full waking paralysis cannot occur before the projection exit. So, why are no projection-related exit sensations usually experienced during waking paralysis? The most logical answer is that spontaneous natural projection has already occurred, and the exit sensations have already passed, or have been missed altogether due to the mind-split effect. The paralysis victim either sleeps through them and wakes up paralyzed, while an OBE is in progress, or the symptoms are so swift and mild they go unnoticed, as with remote-eye projection (see chapter 5). The physical/etheric mind awakes inside its dissociated, mind-split, paralyzed physical body during an OBE, while its projected double is out and about.
When projection exit symptoms are experienced only at the beginning of a waking-paralysis episode, it is a fairly safe bet that a spontaneous projection was taking place at that time. The projection exit has been missed due to the mind-split effect. This has left the projector's physical/etheric mind (original copy) fully awake and paralyzed during the remainder of that projection. The projection itself is causing the waking paralysis.
While some waking-paralysis victims claim to succeed at converting it into a projection, the vast majority fails to do so. Most people are too afraid at the time to even contemplate a conversion. Those who do try for a conversion usually fail, even if they completely give in to it and genuinely go along with the whole experience. They usually lie there paralyzed until it ends on its own accord, or until they manage to move a part of their physical body and thus break out of it. In this case, they have succeeded in aborting the projection and forcing their projected double to reenter and reintegrate. This ends the paralysis, but causes their projected double's shadow memories to be lost in the process.
If paralysis is caused by a projection already in progress, as I suggest, then it would obviously not be possible to have another projection at that same time. This may account for the extremely high failure rate of attempts to convert waking paralysis to OBE.
If an episode of waking paralysis has no projection-related symptoms during its onset, but is later converted successfully into an OBE, I would suggest that the projected double has been reeled in after an unnoticed exit (the one that caused the waking paralysis), but with only partial reintegration taking place. It has then been immediately projected out again, but this time produces normal projection-related symptoms because of the presence of awake consciousness during the second exit. Memories of the first exit (the cause of the waking paralysis episode) are not downloaded into the physical brain. These are automatically overwritten during the second exit, leaving no trace of what really caused the waking paralysis in the first place.
I would suggest that when an entire episode of waking paralysis is accompanied by vibrations, plus other exit-related sensations, internal energetic mind-split conflicts (most likely caused by the presence of awake consciousness during the projection process) are stalling the spontaneous-projection mechanism. This is another complication of consciousness. Actual projection may or may not occur. In this case, attempting to convert waking paralysis into an OBE by relaxing and going with the experience, or by using a projection technique to aid it, will have much more success.
I have experienced waking-paralysis episodes literally hundreds of times, but have never managed to convert one into an OBE. I have had hundreds of spontaneous projections from the waking state, or have wakened in the middle of them, but these always result in either a partial or full OBE. I perceive a marked difference between spontaneous projections and waking-paralysis episodes. Each feels quite different and, while spontaneous projection is quite acceptable to me, I absolutely loathe waking paralysis.
I consider spontaneous projection and waking paralysis to be two different sides of the same coin. Sometimes spontaneous projection is experienced and remembered, but at other times waking paralysis is experienced and remembered. These are two different aspects of spontaneous projection, caused by the mind-split effect, providing two totally different experiences. Only one side of a spontaneous paralysis-cum-projection episode is usually remembered - the side perceived and remembered by the physical/etheric mind. The other side, that of the projected double, is neither perceived at the time nor remembered after the event. Shadow memories are completely lost because of the trauma or excitement waking paralysis always causes. This trauma firmly cements the physical/etheric side of the experience into physical memory, totally disallowing any shadow memories.
With certain types of projection, exit symptoms can be extremely mild, often not noticed at all. This is most common with projections involving the brow or crown centers. This indicates natural clairvoyant potential, often unsuspected. It also means the projector has the potential for high-level
Projections, because clairvoyance and high-level projection are intimately related. It is possible, therefore, that some types of waking paralysis are caused by brow- or crown-center projections in progress, where the exit has been missed.
Fear and dread accompany many waking-paralysis episodes, often with a tangible feeling of presence coming from a particular direction. Fear may be caused by mind-split effects combined with emotional feedback (fear and anxiety) between the physical/etheric body and its projected double during a real-time projection.
Other kinds of projections may also contribute incidences of waking paralysis and spontaneous projection. There is a strong possibility, for example, that akashic pulse episodes - astral wind - may prove to be a major contributing factor in some waking-paralysis episodes. An akashic pulse episode could, conceivably, force projection on people who are deeply relaxed, even though they are technically still wide awake. They could then experience waking paralysis while left awake inside their physical/etheric mind, until their projected double is released and allowed to reenter and reintegrate after the akashic pulse episode is over. We will look at the akashic pulse in part 5.
Related Factors
The physical/etheric mind on its own does not usually have the power to animate its physical body during an OBE. To awaken even partially and restore some degree of physical movement, the reintegration of the physical/etheric with its real-time double appears to be the minimum requirement. To restore full waking consciousness and functionality, the complete reintegration of all subtle bodies is required.
Another contributing factor may be that the state of energetic development of paralysis sufferers may not allow conscious-exit projection to occur easily. This creates internal energetic conflicts that stall the projection mechanism, causing waking paralysis to occur more easily than projection.
Early conscious projection exits are usually marked by extremely heavy vibrations, rapid heartbeat, and other heavy energy-movement sensations. These heavy sensations always reduce in severity during subsequent projections. Logically, there must be a reason for this progressive lessening of sensation. The answer, I think, is that increased energetic development reduces internal energetic conflicts. Attempts at conscious-exit projection involve a lot of primary-center activity, and a great deal of energy flows throughout the etheric body, which forces some degree of energetic development to take place. This forced development appears to account for progressively milder exit sensations being experienced during subsequent projections.
If you add energetic underdevelopment to potential conflicts caused by mind-split, and take into consideration shadow memory download problems and other complications caused by the presence of waking consciousness, you have a recipe for disaster. Waking paralysis can thus occur at any time and for many reasons, because of the delicate interactions between these potential complications. In most cases, the waking-paralysis victims remain none the wiser before, during, or after the fact, because of the nature of the mind-split effect.
The following two scenarios may explain some other types of waking paralysis, in particular those where strong feelings of fear and dread and a tangible sense of presence are involved. Both of the following scenarios involve strong emotional feedback between the physical/etheric body and its projected double, interfering with and stalling a projection in progress. Emotional feedback has many similarities to astral feedback, but happens on the emotional level only. It is, therefore, only felt, not realized.
Paralysis and the Physical Body: The mind awakens inside its paralyzed physical body. It may or may not have felt any projection-related exit sensations earlier. It has awakened for a very good reason: Something has just scared the daylights out of its projected double! It has no way of knowing this has happened, though, or that it is actually in the middle of a projection. It just wakes up paralyzed and scared, sensing a tangible presence somewhere nearby in the room. It cannot move to see what it is sensing, so its fear steadily increases, and floods along the silver cord and into its projected double, as it fights to break free of the paralysis.
The projected double keenly feels this new surge of fear. It has no apparent cause or source, but is sensed as coming from a particular direction - from its body, although the projected double does not know it. The projected double now begins to feel a strange pressure dragging upon it, a pressure coming from its own physical/etheric counterpart as it desperately struggles to break free of its paralysis. This struggle has the effect of dragging the projected double back toward its physical body. The projected double does not recognize this dragging force for what it is, and so fights against it with everything it has.
Fear escalates quickly on both sides, as both aspects feed and compound the emotional feedback problem. Both sides of the mind-split - physical/etheric and projected double - are scared to death; each senses a tangible dread presence coming from a particular direction - coming from each other, but neither side knows this. The tug of war continues until either the physical/etheric side succeeds in dragging back its terrified projected double (which is usually the case), or until the physical side faints or gives up and falls back to sleep again in exhaustion.
Paralysis and the Projected Double: The following scenario again relates to emotional feedback, but in this case a conflict between the dream mind and its projected double, where the
Dream mind has not actually awakened inside its physical/ etheric body.
A projected double is floating about in real time, having fun and minding its own business, when it suddenly has a fright. It sees some bushes moving in the shadows and its imagination plays tricks on it: an ominous shape reaching for it. It freezes, not knowing quite what the shape is or what to do about it. It tries to flee, and suddenly senses a very tangible fearsome presence right behind it. An irresistible force starts dragging it backward. It tries to move away, but suddenly feels weak, as if its very life force were being drained. It now feels trapped and has extreme difficulty moving.
The dream mind, throughout this, feels the initial fear surge from its projected double, but does not know the cause. The fluid dream state changes at this point and takes on a more sinister aspect. The dream mind may even slip into a nightmare. The dream mind does not awaken inside its physical/etheric body, so it doesn't actually experience true waking paralysis. It will, however, experience a dream-state version of waking paralysis or a slow-motion type of bad dream.
The projected double feels trapped, snared by some powerful unseen evil foe. Now so weak it can barely move, it feels like it is wading through rapidly setting concrete. No matter how hard it tries, it cannot seem to break the grip of its unseen assailant. Weak, trapped, and afraid, it moves one step closer toward absolute terror.
The fear increases and the projected double fights in vain, growing steadily weaker. The sense of dread increases, and fear builds into mindless, paralyzing terror. It cannot move at all now and feels a cold weight spreading through its chest. The dreadful thing behind it is getting closer and closer, dragging it heartlessly backward toward its evil clutches. The monster almost has it now and is... Just... About... To... Grab it! The projected double can almost feel the monster's fetid breath on the back of its neck. The unseen monster has it now, and is raising its dreadful ax, when, suddenly, the projector wakes up in a pool of sweat, heart pounding, gasping for breath, and shaking with terror. Memories of the projection (just a bad dream?) flood the projector's terrified mind.
Paralysis Memories
The dominant memories retained after any waking-paralysis episode always come from the strongest and most memorable side of the experience, the side most traumatized. This is usually the
Physical/etheric side, as that side of the mind-split has a much more direct effect on the physical brain than shadow memories generally do. If the dream mind does not awaken inside its physical/etheric aspect before the end of the paralysis episode, these memories will be from the projected double's side of the mind-split instead. Sometimes, because of the complex and unreliable nature of shadow memory downloading during reintegration, these memories will become mixed. Memories of a bad dream, plus a terrifying projection experience, plus waking up paralyzed and terrified, blend into a uniquely compounded shadow memory download.
Ways to Break Paralysis
Learning and practicing conscious-exit projection reduces the frequency of paralysis episodes. Projection attempts encourage the energetic development of the projection mechanism within the etheric body. If projection is unacceptable due to fear of OBE, short daytime projection attempts are advised. Energetic development work, like meditation and energy work, as well as developing other core skills, will also help resolve projection-related energetic and mind-split conflicts, which are the underlying causes of waking paralysis.
Many people advocate giving into waking paralysis and attempting to convert it into an OBE. I would advise doing this only if vibrations or other projection symptoms are present; otherwise it seems a pointless exercise. If paralysis is frequent, this would definitely be worth a shot at least once. If the conversion continually fails, and no reliable way is found to stop paralysis episodes, a progressive course of energetic development and meditation becomes the most viable option.
The simplest and most direct approach, the one most people prefer, is to clear the mind (refuse to fear) and concentrate on moving a single big toe. For some reason, a big toe is the easiest body part to reanimate during a waking-paralysis episode. Once a big toe moves, even slightly, waking paralysis will end.
To increase the effectiveness of the above technique, I also recommend using the brushing awareness action (see chapter 12) on the big toe to break paralysis. This helps by strengthening body awareness there, making it easier to force movement.
Paralysis, like spontaneous projection, is more likely to occur in certain resting and sleeping positions. Lying on the back, for example, tends to promote both projection and waking paralysis for most people. It is worthwhile checking to see if the resting position is a factor, and avoid those positions most likely to promote waking paralysis.
When waking paralysis strikes a deeply relaxed but still-awake person, or one trying to fall asleep, it usually comes on with a noticeable sinking sensation, giving a few moments of warning.
That is the prime time to fight off paralysis. Rolling out of bed as quickly as possible (you have to be really, really quick) stops waking paralysis before it can take hold. I recommend getting up and taking a short walk, or raiding the refrigerator at this time, as eating helps. It is not advisable to return to bed for at least ten minutes, or waking paralysis will usually happen again immediately.
Keeping a clear mind and refusing to fear during a paralysis episode will, in most cases, reduce emotional feedback. If both the physical/etheric mind and its projected double stay calm, the severity and duration of paralysis episodes can be greatly reduced.
Overtiredness and sleep deficit are, more often than not, contributing factors with frequent waking paralysis, as well as with frequent spontaneous OBE. Avoiding overtiredness, especially during the week surrounding the full moon, when spontaneous OBE and waking paralysis are more likely to occur, is strongly advised.
Food can also play a part with waking paralysis. An empty stomach tends to increase energetic activity within the etheric body, thereby increasing the likelihood of waking-paralysis and spontaneous-projection episodes. A heavy meal can make projection more difficult, as it significantly slows energetic activity in the etheric body and promotes sleep.
Unwanted Projection Symptoms
Frequent bouts of waking paralysis and spontaneous projection are a big problem for some people. Most people prone to this cannot stop it from happening and do not like the experience one little bit. Often, they dislike the idea of any kind of deliberate projection. They just want to be left alone so they can sleep in peace.
This condition will normally happen to those prone to this condition only a couple of times a year, in clusters of a few days or so at a time, usually around the full moon. In rarer cases, however, this problem can be much more pronounced. If this continues overlong, it can develop into a severely debilitating health problem. Many people try to avoid sleep entirely to avoid the disturbing symptoms. This is the very worst thing anyone could do! Avoiding sleep has the opposite effect and will greatly worsen the overall condition. Lack of sleep also causes a loss of appetite, which, in itself, further aggravates the underlying causes of the condition. An empty stomach heightens energetic activity in the etheric body (raising its vibrations), which greatly increases the likelihood of waking-paralysis and spontaneous-projection episodes.
Frequent waking-paralysis and unwanted spontaneous-projection episodes, especially if involving great fear, can generate an extremely unpleasant psychological condition that can become more and more debilitating the longer it is allowed to continue. Long-term sleep deprivation plus a
Profound loss of appetite can be extremely debilitating and even physically damaging. Combined with other serious health problems, this condition could even be fatal if left unattended for too long.
The first thing to address with this type of problem is the sleep deficit, which is the major underlying cause of the whole problem. This is also the factor most easily rectified. I strongly urge people with this condition to seek prompt medical advice and to tell their doctor exactly what is happening. Sleep disorders like this, regardless of their actual cause, are well known to medical science, and doctors are thus well versed in their treatment. A doctor will usually prescribe a specific type of sleeping medication designed to promote long-lasting, dreamless sleep. This can also stop spontaneous OBEs and waking paralysis.
As the sleep deficit is overcome and the normal sleep pattern returns, appetite will return and the projection-related symptoms will begin to ease. Keep in mind that any medication must be taken regularly, as prescribed, until the sleep deficit is completely overcome, before it can be stopped, or the problem may recur.
Sleeping in a well-lit room with a TV or radio on low, plus napping during daylight hours, will also help with the fear problems that can be caused by repeated spontaneous projections. If the presence of light inhibits sleep, wearing a sleep mask will help. Also, if spontaneous projections are unavoidable, daylight ones are much less intimidating. Even the most timid of reluctant projectors will usually find daylight projections enjoyable, or at the very least bearable.

Robert Bruce

MichelleL (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-08)
Thank you SOO much to everyone who has commented here. I'm 23 and I've had these experiences for 10 years. Sometimes they happen repeatedly through the night sometimes I'll realize it's been months since it's happened. Last night was the final straw and I decided to look it up online because I am so tired of being so terrified. I googled "stuck in your sleep" because that's the best way I can describe it and I came upon this site. I've thought I might have a brain tumor or something ridiculous. That maybe I was having little strokes. But I should have known better because my grandmother was always able to leave her body since she could remember. She died before I ever met her and the story goes she was very depressed that her lover left her and went back to Saudi Arabia to marry someone else and she decided to leave her body for good and go into some other entity. They found her in the meditation position just dead.

I've always just halfway believed this but I also feel like maybe I was given something from her that makes me able to connect to things that I couldn't otherwise see. I'm not very open to these things tho because they really scare me so I haven't ever TRIED to leave my body or tried to go with the paralyzing feeling when I'm asleep. Just as you all feel I feel like I can see and believe my eyes are open looking at what's right there and sometimes I work sooo hard at getting up and to the door only to realize I'm still stuck and laying on my bed. I hear loud noises like a car driving up the driveway but sounds like its an inch away from my head. Or I hear people around me and sometimes I'm falling off my bed like I'm sloped down but I can't fall because I'm still stuck to the bed like a magnet. I hear rushing sounds like I'm drowning within myself and sometimes ill let it go to see what happens but it scares me too much and I'm back to fighting it.

Many people here mention they have to breathe hard and in a very concentrated way to get out of this state and that is exactly what I have to do. But it seems more intense for me than others because if I didn't concentrate on every breath it seems ill stop breathing and die. I can't open my mouth so I can't take any large breaths. I'm stuck breathing and hard as I can through my nose. I'm afraid if I let this go any further Ill really die. Does anyone have any advice to help this? Because If this didn't happen, like I said, id probably be up for investigating further but I end up having to regulate my breathing until I am finally awake.

Does anyone else feel like they have been drugged or something? Sometimes I am so terrified and have finally been able to wake up but I am so deliriously tired that I can't help but lay back and fall back into this scary state. It take all the energy I have to get out of it.

I signed up to this site just to leave this comment so if anyone would please write back to me I would be SO grateful
vabiodun (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-21)
I was googling about this because the same thing has been occurring to me for over a year now, so I came across this article. I'm having the same experience at first I thought it was a dream then later on I noticed that I couldn't move or talk. I tried to move and talk but I couldn't It felt like I was strapped down and I couldn't move my mouth but I could think. The other day It happened again but this time I felt it happen 3 times like I would be stuck and eventually I would wake up with a pounding heart beat. I was super scared I thought it would died in my sleep.
truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-18)
You're supposed to be paralyzed but only when you're completely asleep.
danielle4587 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-18)
baatz0629 (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-12-17)
It really is amazing to read these testimonies and find that they are almost identical to my experiences. I have been experiencing this even as a young child. I remember vividly "flying" around my house and seeing my parents and my brother sleeping. I remember being deathly afraid of sleeping and always feeling like I something was going to get me. I can't tell you how many times my mother would have to sit with me as I fell asleep because I was so afraid of falling asleep. I still remember a lot of my dreams from 5 years old and on. I even had a dream of a family vacation before it happened. Weird thing was I remember seeing myself being stuck in my sleep I was outside of myself watching myself panick and trying to scream for my parents who were standing right there and they couldn't hear me. And now I struggle with getting stuck in my sleep frequently. Sometimes it goes away for times as long as a year but then will surface again and happen 3-4 times a week. For whatever reason I realize that I am unable to move and I immediatly panic my body feels like it ways a ton and I cannot move, open my eyes, or even hardly breath. I often fell as though I am sinking into my bed as well. This makes me feel like I am being attacked and usually these are the times that it is scary for me. There are times where I can "see" my surroundings and have seen things in my room or sensed something in my face but can't see it. Sometimes are worse than others sometimes I am in tears when I finally wake up and sometimes I am calm. I find myself giving me motivational speeches "Come on wake up just sit up just stand up move!" and even though I weigh a million pounds I manage to sit up I manage to put my feet on the floor and I think that I am awake and suddenly I realize DAMN I am still asleep! And I find myself in my head again... If that makes sense, there was even a time where I got as far as my doorway before I realized I was still sleeping. I've been told to pray (which I usually end up doing) I've been told it is only anxiety (I don't feel anxiouse) Matter of fact I am usually sleeping pretty well and am pretty relaxed when this happens.

Another thing I experience aside from these dreams is right before I fall asleep I see random images in my head that make absolutly no sense. I might see a glass of water spilling or a little girl or a room I have never seen before. I just don't know what to make of all of this.

I woke up last night from one of these dreams and found this website and reading these testimonials gave me clarity. Can't say that I want to get "stuck" again but WHEN it happens again I will not freak out I will try to find out what's going on.

If anyone has insight please comment.
jadensmom1029 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-06)
hi everybody I just signed up to this website just to leave my comment hopefully somebody can give me some advice... I have read all the testimonials and I'm sitting here in disbelief! This is the first time I have looked up my experience and was so suprised to see all this! Anyway my experience is usually the same everytime. It mostly happens it seems just as I'm drifting off to sleep. Suddenly I have this overwhelming feeling that starts at my core and radiates out... It feels like pressure and kind of tingly and very over-powering. It scares the crap out of me and I have to use all my will power to snap out of it. I'm scared to let it progress, but a few times it has been out of my control and went further to the point where I felt awake, I could see as if I was awake (except only in front of me), but one problem, CANT FREAKIN MOVE! Feels like pressure is surrounding me like being 100000 feet under water. I try to speak or scream so hard but no sound will come out. I feel dread, as if something terrible is going to happen so I close my eyes (I guess they already are closed in real life) and start praying furiously "god please help me please please help me" over and over until I finally snap out of it! (im not a very religious person, but I pray because I don't know what else to do and it always works, also because someone once told me this feeling was a demon) many times I have felt the vibrating feeling upon snapping out of it. When my ex and I were still together I would tell her to watch over me on the nights that the feeling was coming over me. She would wake me up and tell me I was freaking her out because I was doing a weird breathing thing (she could never explain exactly what she meant by that). There is only one time I can recall that I became petrified because while I was feeling the pressure someone or something grabbed my leg and began to yank me out of bed. I couldn't see that time, only blackness but I remember sitting up and yelling "get the f*** off me!" and it did. Anyway this happens to me at random times, sometimes many months go by without it and sometimes it happens several nights in a row. It has happened during the day as well if I take an afternoon nap...
After reading these I feel like I shouldnt be so quick to try and snap out of it, I have considered just letting it happen but I always get scared... Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
vdemir (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-27)
Hi all,

I am having Hag Syndrome for a long time as well. I still remember the first time it happened, it was so scary. I also stuck in the between sleep and consciousness for a long time and never want to experience it again.

After hundreds of experience, I realized that it never happens when the lights are on
In my room. Now on, I never turn off the lights when I am sleeping and not having Hag
Syndrome anymore.

I hope it will work for you as well.

mrezana (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-12)
Reading some of these articles frightens me now that I realize what might be experiencing, but I am glad nonetheless that I have an idea of what this dream state is. I have only slipped into it a couple of times in my life, but the first was by far the most frightening. I was just a child, maybe 11 or 12 years old. I was laying in bed a bit shaken up from a big argument my parents had that evening, just idly thinking. I tried to roll over onto my stomach and found that I could not move at all. Not only that, I had a strange sensation that my eyes were open and closed at the same time. My first thoughts were that I was somehow parylyzed but I then saw out of my peripheral vision my left door in my double door closet slowly swing open. My heart raced incredibly fast and I managed to bring myself out of to see my room the same as it was before my experience. Since then whenever I have it I immediately jerk my self back to conciousness. I am very interested In returning to this state to explore it. Please email me and give me details s to how to induce and explore this state. Thank You.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-22)
This is an odd time, and I don't understand it either. But it seems very "psychic" to me. I've tested it. I don't try to go there, but I think it does exist.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-19)
Strange you should say you felt swaying back and forth. I flown before, but not really by making myself. Tried once and it freaked me out and I stopped. Wasn't sure what was going on. I was on my bed and kept feeling my body sway side to side. I completely stopped at that point. Have not tried again.
Nick44 (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-19)
hey everyone,

When I was 18 years old, id lay down on my bed about 4pm and a few minutes later I would be completely paralyzed. So I wondered what could it be it was 2 years later I read on a discussion forum, that sleep paralysis was the gateway to leaving your body. So I bought a book about it by Rick Staack, 30 Days to leaving your body and studied it intesively. I have done all kind of things out of my body. I even remember my first expierence leaving my body it was through my third eye. Next time I used another technique, meditated like crazy for 3 weeks straight at night time and I wasn't aware what method I was using, I started swaying back and forth and I completely rolled out of my body on the floor I was completly outside of my body still in the same room. I looked up and around and said oh shiat and I was scared.
I got back in my body asap. Their was really nothing to be scared about, it was different expierence. I'm 28 now and their are a lot of times I get stuck in my body and their is a black object covering my eyes or head, it obstructs my view trying to see after the vibrations pass. Still don't know what that is?
I remember when use to be into out of body exp. The room would have to be warm and comfortable. That's is a must and you must wear loose clothing and nothing can be bothering you, like noise or a draft of air, Must be in a good mental state, or if you try this when your mad or a bad mental state, you attract things of negative when you are about to leave your body. It won't kill you but your expierince will not be pleasant and it feels like a parasite is annoying the hell out of you and it will not leave. Usually it has a black color to it. Now moving along, when you do successfully leave your body you see colors 10 Xs more poweful. Everything looks more beatiful. I have flew out of my body around my home. I have went through walls. When you put your hand through a wall it feels like putting your putting your hand through something kind of hard but with a little effort your hand goes right through. Your weight is light as a feather, and you don't have to take as many steps to walk, you move pretty fast. Your vision is 180 degrees at one time. Instead of looking here and their, its everything in fromt of you at one time. I remember that I have tried so many times to leave my body, sometimes I'm successful sometimes I'm not. I have had a few obe when I left my body I was in my old home in my room trying to leave my body or in another house, that I had no idea where I was, you have to train yourself not to get scared and observe.
All of this sounds different to most people its not apart of everyday lives, to me its interesting. I am still into out of body, I still have expiernces. Lately I have been out of time or when I do have one unexpectedly I get stuck.

Take care
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-16)
Thanks I'll check it out. You know a while ago I even asked my doctor what was wrong why I was feeling these vibrations and all she didn't seem to know and didn't make a big deal out of it so I just let it go day after asking I heard about obe's I actually laughed when heard just another added experience in my life
dabneycm (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-16)
mystical2, you have to go to anne's site.

I'm beside myself. This is what I've been experiencing. I thought I was alone, and I thought I might be going crazy. Not true. I am so excited about experiencing it again, I might start taking afternoon naps...
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-16)
i know that vibration feeling. Strangest feeling. Can't remember where I went, but felt it when I got back. My son said I was not even looking at him, but I saw him come out of his room. Trying to yell help, but nothing at first and finally a whisper. He came to me and I finally snapped out of it.
dabneycm (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-16)
Thank you so much for that. You literally just not only eased my mind, but got me intrigued on the experience. I actually just read your posting this morning.


Last night, I got stuck again. But nothing happened at first. No spirits, nothing, just silence. So I wasn't scared. I actually just laid in the space for a few moments. Then, I felt this tingling throughout my body, originating in the ears, then sort of through the center of me... If that makes any sense. A few seconds later, the sound of the feeling literally took over my hearing, and I felt me body starting to vibrate at a rapid pace. It startled me at first, so I literally wished it to stop, and it did... Abruptly. I laid there still, puzzled of what the feeling was, and even more confused that I stopped it. So I... (I can't really explain how I did this) I kind of "released" something inside... And the feeling started up again. It's sort of felt like a building up feeling from within, getting stronger and stronger. After a few moments, the vibration just got too overwhelming and I willed it to stop again... And I then I came to full consciousness. I just lay there, wondering, again, what the hell was that.

The irony, is that I'm wondering if it was the beginning of what you were starting to describe above? If so... Then I can't wait to get stuck again... And this time, allow the vibrations to completely take over me. I have no clue what could happen next...

TimeTraveler (3 stories) (30 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-16)
Dido to AnneV.
I would like to refer you to a post of mine from 2008-06-02 concerning sleep paralysis ect.
The story was titled 'Evil Presences in my Dreams'

Just click on my name to get to my profile and scroll down near the bottom for 06-02.

Hope this helps.
steve11 (1 stories) (31 posts)
15 years ago (2008-07-15)
Dido to Anne's comments and suggestions. I am like you. There are perhaps millions of us that experience this stuff.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2008-07-15)

I'm the editor and content author of this site and though I don't post too regularly, I wanted to comment on this one.

What you're experiencing is the etheric (in between the physical and the astral). You're body is asleep, yet your mind is fully awake. Most people just slumber through this normal night-time process. It's more commonly (and mistakenly in my opinion) called Night Terrors or Hag Syndrome.

We lock our doors but we can't lock out entities that exist around us. We either attract for various reason or they are preexisting, such as in old houses. The thing about the etheric is that it's one layer up in terms of vibration from the physical. Let's just say that this isn't where saints hang out. We are on a very low level of vibration so like attract like. This is why we often see the tortured and lost souls we do, or even non human entities.

Some people such as your self can be prone to this condition and it's trying at best (I know, I too go through these). However, there is more you can do than just opening your field of non-physical vision.

There are several things you can do, none of which are easy but if you're prone to this, it won't go away unless you medicate yourself.

First, and this will take some practice, this is the perfect launch pad into the astral. It took me several years to figure out because little is on the net but if you stop all your tension, trying, struggling and fear, you can try and go inward and stop everything. Stop effort and as best as you can, stop your thoughts. Go for complete (for lack of a better word, 'deadness'). This very well may take you to the level where your ethic starts to vibrate. It's this vibration that shakes free the astral form so you can depart.

Our etheric is energy. It's our battery. When we run to and fro during the day it's fully charged and magnetized. When we slow down, way down, it loosens its hold on the astral and then we're free. You are 'waking' up here but your energy is flowing high, though your body is not. Try and reverse that.

If you want to peruse this area, you can find more on my other site: You may not think so, but you're actually lucky to be able to get into this state. Once you master some key elements, the universe can unfold some amazing things.

Best to you,

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