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Hey everyone. Thanks for replying to my last question. This is a kind of an update since then, so maybe if you like you can read my last post and then read this.

In my last post I was saying that I was woken up during the night many times by someone calling my name. It started off as a male voice, but it actually has changed to a female voice now, and it always happens around 4am give or take a minute or so. And I was saying that it was scareing the hell out of me. So bout two weeks ago, it happened three nights in a row, and I got so scared that I couldn't even hardly sleep those nights. So on the third night I got so peeved off that I prayed to God to stop whatever/whoever was doing it to me. They wernt doing anything bad to me or anything like that, but it just got kind of scary when its pitch black in your room, and you can practicly feel the breath in your ear as my name was being called.

So,after that the whole thing stopped, you could nearly feel the energy go and it was fine for a while. But then I started to regret my decision and was really sorry for asking God to stop it. It was something that I had wanted so badly to do, receive messages and help others possibly and here I was after asking it to be taken away from me. I was upset with myself. And I wanted to make things right again.

Over the next few weeks I thought about it alot, and every time I did, I kept getting an image of my local church, and it just felt like I should go there. This isn't a very common thing for me even though I am catholic I kind of tend to give mass a miss quiet a bit. So I was passing there yesterday and I said to myself I have to go there and I did. When I got there I just prayed to God and the Angels. I told him that I was sorry for what I had done, and I asked him to forgive me and please give the gift back to me and help me develop it slowly and help me get over my fears. I told him that I'm not perfect and I asked him to forgive all my sins and cleanse my soul. I sat there for some time after that and then I left.

This is one day on from me going to church and praying. It was about two hours ago when I went to bed to take a quick nap, and what do you know. I got woken up by my name being called:) and also what felt to me like someone stroking my hair and my face. There was NOBODY at home at the time. So I'm pretty chuffed today. God has obviously heard my message and forgiven me so I thank him for that.

I just wanted to ask you guys and gals a couple of questions, as I'm not really sure what to do next. I have been woken many times and I have asked if they had a message for me but I never get any further than this. Also I get sensations of great heat in my body to the point where I actually sweat from my head sometimes when I sense that there is someone near me, is this common? Don't most people sense cold when this happens? Or can it happen in the form of heat also? I see lotsa things out of my peripheral vision when I'm not even looking for things, but what I see is usually kind of white shadows if that makes sense. Dont most people see black shadows? I also see shadows that move quiet fast. Like orbs sometimes or much bigger. And whenever I go into a church or some buildings I get like butterflys in my stomach, ondly it feels like there in my head, I kind of get lightheaded I suppose. If you could possibly help me out with some of these things I would really appreciate it, and thanks for reading my story.

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kev-biddle86 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-09-10)
hiya mate, I kind of get the same things happening to me apart from the whispering, like iv just recentlystarted feeling hot, like one side of me is stood next to a radiator, I had it the other day while driving, and felt as though sumfin was in the car, a very weird energy, but it wasent nice, I could picture it, and I didn't like what I could see, it is scary but, you see it and feel it for a reason, I'm 23. Just all odd things happen... Hummm
texas_angel (guest)
14 years ago (2010-08-17)
hi Neil:) I'm very new to this all myself, but about the fact that you don't get any further than asking if they have a message. Maybe the person is somewhat looking after you the way you said it touched your face sounds like something only a mother would do. Can you describe the orbs and white shadows please?

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