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"Love is such a wonderful thing and when two souls are united as one there can be no greater bond on earth..."

This is my personal belief on love and surprisingly enough, I have always been my own "love psychic". I don't know how to explain it but you will soon understand what I mean after reading my story and maybe then you can help me figure out what the power I had been experiencing was.

When I was around twelve years old I had a major crush on this guy for a very long time. I would feel my heart beat faster as a sign that I would see him in school that day. It would happen at any random moment before I would see this guy and I would always tell my friends when I would see him and they would be amazed when I was right. I also could "feel" when he would be sick or absent. It was strange, in a way that I could possibly know this. I did not think it was something out of the ordinary until I got older so it is my personal belief that our souls were somehow intertwined.

This also happened with my next love/crush, whatever you want to call it. Except this time it was as if I could send him my thoughts through my mind. I would ask, "Where are you? I want to see you." Then a random thought would come into my mind and It would be something like, "Oh, he's just getting his learner's permit." Funny thing is, I was always right. I would come back to school the next day to hear that he drove his parent's car to school that day. At times I would ask myself if I was crazy talking to myself in my mind but right now I am not sure who or what was giving me these answers. Just remembering that this stuff used to happen to me before I understood what it meant to be psychic is very amazing to me.

I know that it may be weird but I just want to know how this was possible and why. I truly felt that I was connected to these guys. I need an explanation and your help will be greatly appreciated.

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bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-23)
for some reason that is how it has been for me. Like my stomach fills up with butterflies when I know something I am thinking about is going to happen and just recently whenever I thought about my crush, my stomach would fill up with them, and right afterward he would either text me or call me. And I haven't been this connected before, as far as I know.

But you are lucky you have such an amazing gift. Love it; embrace it. ❤
sarah12375 (6 stories) (106 posts)
12 years ago (2009-03-27)
I know what you mean. Like the last person said I'm also like that. I can match up anyone of my friends with their crush. I have been doing it since the 4th grade, and when ever I seemed to help; they would always 'hook up' or whatever you call it.
I think it's a great gift; to be able to help people with their loves life, it makes them happy 😁
You have a great gift; embrace it and you can help others!
WednesdayGirl (guest)
12 years ago (2009-02-24)
That is a great gift. I am good at "playing cupid" for others... But not for my own self. So... You are a step ahead of love... When you can successfully pick your own mate.

God Bless,
Jamie ❤
corey (1 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-16)
wow that's a unique gift you could help other people if you can push your igft that far
TaylorHatesLove (11 stories) (93 posts)
12 years ago (2009-02-16)
girly, I know quite well how you feel. I'm not a love psychic (though that does sound cool), but I have familiar experiences like that. There could be times when I'm just by myself and I could be thinking deeply about a past crush, and then I'd see/hear them from nowhere, and I'd also have a sense of what they're doing. If you think about someone you have deep feelings for, you'll feel connected to them in ways you can't explain. It's happened to me few times, but you surely have something special. Go with it, and you'll learn. ❤
RevJSanDizzle (2 stories) (7 posts)
13 years ago (2008-09-23)
Find my lover for me! I kid. I kid. This is an awesome gift. When you find your true love it will be spectacular. I just know it. ❤
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
13 years ago (2008-08-26)
girly - if you are sensitive, you will say more than once, "Funny how that was right..." Or, "I was right about that, odd..." If you're stubborn like me, it might take twenty or thirty more years to admit there's something to it. Others might tell you over and over and still you can explain it away. Or, you might just say, well I'm sensitive. That's fine and live life knowing it. No biggie.

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