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I Know That I Feel Their Pain


To some of you this may sound similar and "oddly" much like you.

I am of a Blackfoot heritage. My great grandfather saw me before anyone and told my aunt when she was younger that I would be the one to have these gifts and carry to my children.

For many years I have been having strange sensations. I do not see, I feel. I feel other's pain, their sadness and heartbreaks. I can walk into a place and cry because the feeling is overwhelming. I don't see what happened but I know that it happened there.

When my children were sick I could sit with them for a while and they would get up and play like nothing was ever wrong. I would then get sick to my stomach or I would get a fever. I didn't cure them but take some from them so they could be children and enjoy life.

My father passed away in April 2008 and I kept smelling a cologne that all the men in my family wore in their lives. My mother said she hated that scent and that daddy never wore it. I told her that he did before he married her 15 years ago. I firmly believe that he was not alone and no one there wore that cologne cause I kept asking who was wearing it. My husband finally said that he smelled it too.

Please someone write

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HerbalPsychic (7 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-09)
I am extremely empathic as well. This comes in handy at work. I work in an herb shop and sometimes it can take an hour for customers to get to the root of their problem. So if someone comes in and I feel pain in my right knee I'll know to ask them about their knees or whatever the problem is. It also helps to be in constant contact with your guides.:) They tell me a lot about our customers. It makes my job very easy.

For me it is very easy to differentiate between my own pains (of which I have very few, thank God) and those of others. The good part about that is that when I recognize that the pain belongs to someone else I can basically shoo it aside and release it. If I didn't I'd be a mess by the end of the day.

Being highly empathic is amazing. You connect to people easily, you know what they are going through, how they feel, and their past experiences. It makes any sort of counseling or healing work that much easier.

Don't be afraid of it. Just know that you can and must disconnect from people or else you will start to carry their issues with you and that can lead to other problems. I call it Empathic Overload.

Oh, and the smelling things is not unusual either. Just recently I was doing a reading for a friend and asked my guides to show me a happy time in her childhood. All of a sudden I smelled dust heavy in the air. She informed me that one of the few times she was ever happy in her troubled childhood was when she would dust the house for her mother.

Those who have crossed over use many techniques to get our attention. The next time you smell him don't forget to talk to him. He CAN hear you.

This is an amazing journey of discovery, go with it. You'll be glad you did.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-07)
dattoy - I read your post several times the past few days, trying to understand. Mostly, I'm glad you have a spouse who can comprehend. That is probably rare. It took me awhile anyway. I hope you recognize the other place and the person (here) who is able to understand you, and how grand the blending from both can be for you. That's my 2 (1) cents. I don't think that a very sensitive person can live with a person with no sensitivity at all. They don't have to be us, but they have to understand and have had odd experiences to accept it somewhat. I feel he has had them enough. I'm an optimist.
dattoy (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-04)
GlendaSC and Katie--Thank you "listening".I believe it was my Grandfathers. They all wore Old Spice but Daddy only did earlier when I was younger. I still remember the warm smell being crooked in his arms when he hugged me. But it wasn't him he had to many people to go see and Grandaddy probably told him to go ahead that he would wait for me. I am the oldest daughter and only blood child. I have younger brother and sister but they are 'blood' by marriage only. I don't know if I wanted to confirm or to just let people know that sometimes things can not be explained. I am not a vain person to think that "humans" are the only ones we share life with. I love that I have something that some don't,almost my world where I can be me and love who I am. I know when Daddy comes around and I know when my husbands Granny comes around. I think we are the resting stop when they get tired of trying to get through to others they love.
We have had to come to an aggrement on not sneaking up on me and turning out the lights-and we are happy with the arrangements. My husband will catch me talking to myself, turn around, and asks "which one today"?! I don't mind and I love that they come and give me some of the love they still have left to give.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-04)
Hi Katie - you are sensitive - look for the happy, fun, young, learning emotions. I don't think "psychics" have to deal in the morose. I've been pretty sensitive having fun.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-04)
Dattoy - I am so sorry you lost a parent. That is very tough... I've lost both of mine which is really tough. I'm now the oldest living "blood" female in my family which is weird. It's nice when spouses, or significant people, acknowledge truthfully and back-up things. I NEVER want made-up stuff, just truth. If you smelled this scent, and so did another person, it was there. Who is it and what does it mean, I have no clue. It was personal so it must have been a message, the other side. I once "reached" my dad after he passed, months later, but it was weird. We had a barrier between us which upset both of us. He has been around at times, when my mom was in the hospital sick, but I wasn't sick just sitting with her, and it was important that I didn't notice, so I read and pretended to not know. Once I almost dozed driving, felt a hand shake my shoulder, woke-up, and smelled his Old Spice. To me, it seems like the distance is closer than we realize between here and there, but tough to reach for some reason. I might be wrong...
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-04)
hi I feel emotions a lot but there spirits emotions of hurt, lonely and upset.

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