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Strange Orbs


I know that many people argue that orbs are specs of dust on the camera lenses, but this really freaked me out! Me and two friends, one of them were only staying here for a few days... So me and my other friend decided to show her around... So we went to this historical site, it's sort of a park as well now. We thought it was a good opportunity to take some pictures. It was getting dark, so we turned on the flash and carried on taking more pictures.

The next day my friend that was only visiting came over to my house to see the pictures on my laptop. What was very strange was that we saw orbs on every picture. We laughed it off joking about ghosts there.

We agreed that later on we all meet back at my house because she was leaving the next day. We were talking and then we remembered all that stuff about orbs. So this other friend wanted to prove us wrong and said go on take a picture of me pointing at the ghost. She got up and started pointing around the room. We started laughing and I got up and we took a lot of photos messing around, like ghostbusters, lol. After when the laughter died down we decided to look at the pictures on my laptop.

What really made me freak out was that on every picture of mine there was a lot of orbs. Everywhere I pointed there was an orb right above my finger. Even in the random pictures of me looking away from the camera. I was shocked to see that in front of my face was an orb!? They turned out in my friends pictures too but not like this! Only around them.

They tried telling me not to worry that it's only dust, but I had this really odd gut feeling while looking at the pictures of me. I have heard of orbs in pictures but never of someone actually pointing them out. And I didn't even see them. I can't explain this... Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Flutterofwings (28 stories) (257 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-04)
It would be nice if you could post the pictures so we can see them. Nice story don't fret the orbs ususally never hurt anyone.
nature_gurl90210 (2 stories) (12 posts)
16 years ago (2008-09-04)
You don't have to be freaked out by this. The 'orbs' you are seeing in the pictures are not spirits or ghosts, they are disimbodies auras. In other words, they are balls of energy that come off your own body. This is why the orb's were appearing right above your fingers and around your body. Not many people can see auras and I'm thinking that you can't either. This is why you couldn't see the 'orbs' in the first place. Orbs are only found in cameras when there is the perfect amount of light. So trust me, there's nothing to fear. I know all about this, trust me

Lots of ❤

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