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Premonition of an Accident


A few years ago, I was in bed about to drift off to sleep. I saw my sister's face and then a flash of road way. It was strange because I felt as though I was driving the car, but something told me that, no, my sister was. Then I saw a two tone brown full size conversion van as the car we were traveling in topped a hill. The van sat stopped in the road. Going normal speed limit range, I felt the panic of an accident about to happen. I opened my eyes and thought to myself, I have to call my sister and warn her to be careful.

A few days later, I needed to get something to her house. She wasn't going to be home, so I was to leave it on the porch. The drive is about one hour away. On my return home, I suddenly felt very relaxed. Then with a jolt I saw a two tone brown conversion van about to pull out in front of me. It was coming up an incline side road. The vision popped back into my mind.

Later that week, I called my sister and she told me she was glad I had called her and warned her of the van vision. On her journey, the same day I had went to her house, she topped a hill and there sat a full size van barely pulled all the way off the road. She was paying close attention to all inclines that day thanks to my premonition. Nothing happened to either of us, Thank goodness.

A dream or message from beyond, I don't know. I'm just glad we were both cautious that day.

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Heather (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-06)
This morning my dog was barking in kitchen I walked into the kitchen and there was frog on the floor. What does this mean.
VampireVoodoo (3 posts)
17 years ago (2007-08-25)
Wow you must have felt pretty happy with yourself, imagine if you had just pushed that vision aside as "just a dream" Always trust your instincts hey?! 😁
wolf (guest)
17 years ago (2007-04-28)
It was probably a message to warn you to be watching because something was going to happen.
psychic13 (3 stories) (29 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-25)
thats great that you warned your sister about the van. You probably saved her life.

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