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The Angel In My Dreams 2


I remember going to sleep and waking up on a porch. It was all tan around me and there was a large man sitting on the failing of the porch. He and I were resolving a conflict between us. About a year later I moved to Arizona. My one friend KD was a large man. We got in a bad situation. And I went over there to resolve it exactly as I dreamed it. We talked and where in the same spots as my dream. We resolved our conflict and where friends again.

After that I had a dream that I was walking into a bathroom with black and white tile floor. I saw a woman lying on the ground with a needle in her arm. She was dead with vomit coming from her mouth. After I saw that a little girl came in to the room and asked me where mommy was at. I turned around and walked her into the other room. After that I was shopping with the little girl and I ran into the girl I mentioned before. She had a son. His name was Joseph or Jason something with a J. When I bumped into her we hit it off and before I knew it we were having diner and play dates with the kids. We hit it off and ended up being together. The girl that died was my friend K.K. I told her that I saw her daughter and I told her about the dream. Two weeks later she got pregnant. She also started to use all kinds of drugs. About 4 months into her pregnancy she killed her baby.

There are other dreams but I can not recall all of them. Also when I meet new people that I dreamed about as soon as I look at them like a flash I see everything in the dreams before my eyes and I can remember everything.

When people talk to me I can tell when there lying and I have a since of what they are feeling.

This has happened so many times in my life that I don't feel it is normal or ordinary. In fact all of my friends have not had anything like this happen to them at all.

Last time I took count, 43 people I have seen. 42 of them I have met. All but one left; this mystery blond girl. She comes into other dreams in different times in my life. And every time I see her it's love at first sight. We are together and happy. But I have not met her yet.

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Chels (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-11)
Wow that must be so weird, especially seeing as you usually end up meeting these people from your dreams. I really hope some day you find your angel... 😊
Jeff_The_Gypsy (1 stories) (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-10)
this is part 1

Am in no regards a simple minded person. In fact I believe that I am quite intelligent. However there are some things that happen to me that logic can not explain.

For instance since I turned 13 years old, I have had several dreams of people and events before they happened.

The first time I saw this was the first time I started to truly believe that I am more unique than I thought I was.

I can remember laying down and going to sleep. As soon as I closed my eyes, I can remember opening them up right away and it was a bright sunny day outside. The sun was shining in through my window and it blinded me for a second. After my eyes focused I continued to look out the window. While I was looking a person walked by really fast and I could not catch who it was at first.

I heard a woman's voice in the other room calling my name and telling me that someone was there to visit me. I assume it was my mother. It sounded a lot like her's. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen where I heard the voice and no one was there. Confused I walked outside and started to walk down the road. I can remember the sun on my face and the grass all around me. The road I was walking down went on forever. After a little while of walking there was a store coming up. I was thirsty so I went in to get a drink.

As soon as I entered the store there I saw a girl standing there with her left side to me. I remember seeing her blond hair down to about half way down her back. And the green shirt she was wearing along with the shorts. After I Looked at her for a few seconds all I could feel was happiness and content in my heart. It was like every second of happiness and every moment of bliss was with her.

As soon as I was going to walk up to her, a man came from her right and walked up to her and kissed her. All I could feel in my heart was hate and betrayal. I turned around and ran away. While I was running away I can remember right before I left a girl calling my name. While I was running I can remember the sun setting while thoughts of a ruined life swirled in my head. And I was running and running. After the sun set it got very cold. I lost all feeling in my arms and legs, but I can remember not giving up and running even thought my body was numb.

I passed out on the side of the road. Right before I passed out I could feel someone trying to talk to me, but it was static and mumbled. I woke up in a hospital with an I.V in my arm. As I looked around the room I saw her sitting in the chair next to my bed. She was sitting down with her legs crossed and her hand over her mouth. She was looking out the window. As I looked around she noticed I was awake. I remember her saying my name and I looked over at her. Her hands where at her sides and I saw tears running down her face. She got up and walked over to my bed and lended over. I could remember feeling her tears fall onto my face. I looked into her green eyes and words came out of her mouth.

She told me she was sorry and asked me to forgive her. I nodded my head yes, and she started to kiss me. Her lips were so warm and inviting. While she was kissing me a nurse walked in and said its time to leave je---. I woke up while her name was being said.

When I woke up I was laying in bed like in the hospital and I could still feel her lips on mine. I could also feel her tears on my face. When I got up I could feel the needle in my arm from the I.V. It took me a couple of minutes to shake the feelings that lingered. After I got up and started to walk around. The only thing I could think of was that girl. Even today; eight years later I can still see her face in my head. And I can remember her voice and that kiss.

In the past eight years since I had this dream I have never meet this girl. But I still have dreams about her almost every day.
Chels (2 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2008-09-10)
Hello Jeff the Gypsy! Just out of curiosity the title of your story says part 2 and I was wondering where part one is...

Also I am intrigued by your angel in your dreams... I would love to hear more about her.

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