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Telekinesis And Spirit-sight


Maybe I'm just psychologically troubled. Due to feeling a dire need to seek a Therapist and figure out what's wrong with me, I believe I am. However, some of the following events were not experienced solely by myself. That is why I believe something is actually going on.

I've read various stories over the past few months on this very website. Many experiences found within these stories match up with some things I've experienced over the years. However, this is different. This is my story.

Over the course of this summer, various (psychic?) abilities have become clear to me. I've had dreams that came true throughout my entire life, glimpses of the future. They were not self-fulfilled because I was not the actor in the conversations I heard in my dreams.

Through various experiments, I realized that I could communicate with other people in their sleep from over 1 hour away. The only problem with this being "imaginary" is the fact I mentioned nothing to a specific girl about trying to do this and was sure to not lead any discussion toward it. A late night after the second test, she brought it up. To my shock, she got the message that I loved her. It echoed throughout her mind so loudly that she woke up in her sleep.

Something I haven't seen mentioned on this website is something I call Spirit-Sight. I won't go into detail, but I'll just say it led me to meeting another psychic because I just saw his outline through walls using this ability.

Apparently I can also move objects. I've moved a pen in a girl's hand from 1 hour away, not telling her I would do this. The pen shook differently from her hand and she threw it across her room. The only problem is, I only "imagined" the outline of a pen moving in my head. I didn't actually try to do this.

After a lot of studies, I've decided to begin understanding how both Psychic Abilities and Magick work. I'm Christian, however I believe a lot of lies have spread over the ages and the modern day Bible is very corrupt.

I guess I'm seeking guidance, or I just want to tell someone. Any advice?

On a side note, a few of my friends are starting to both worry and get angry with me for my changing views on Christianity. They claim what I'm experiencing is evil, but I just don't believe it is.

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PridefulOne (1 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-06)
I'll post something when I get back... But they were actually near the ground and moved really strangely. After I told my story to a friend he experienced the same thing a few days later and his girlfriend (who he hadn't told) saw them too.

Ever since I've "stayed off the radar" with the Psychic stuff, things have died down. However, I'm going to begin meditation again soon and I'm sure the same events will begin to happen all over again.
dejavu4 (20 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-05)
wow man were they up in the sky or were they on the ground? Someone else saw them too and pointed them out to you? Did you just look up and see them and you knew or what? Hehe lol yeah man post the story I want to hear it I saw something like that once before but they were lights for sure, not a figure or anything just lights.
PridefulOne (1 stories) (6 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-05)
Hey guys, thanks for the comments:D.

By sharing experiences I mean in real life. When I saw strange things, I declined to say anything so I wouldn't sound crazy. However, it was pointed out to me moments later while the events were still occurring.

An example is seeing these strange lights moving in strange patterns in the woods. Nothing human or insect about them. They seemed to disappear and reappear elsewhere always moving in a strange uneven arching motion back and forth.

Perhaps I'll make another post describing some of these events further...
dejavu4 (20 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-05)
if it happened to you though then its got to be your story:) because the specific details are definatley not mine nor have they ever been mine:) however some of the things you mentioned are similar to things I've been dealing with as well.
dejavu4 (20 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-05)
I'm not exactly sure what you meant, but I think what your getting at is how some of the stories that people have mentioned you have also experienced in your own life. Do you mean like not just being telepathic but acctually "sharing" the exact same experience? Because I do believe that's possible for sure, I have never experienced that myself but I have read some stories and I could swear it felt like I was there.
Perhaps I just had a vision of reading it and during the vision I thought I was there, but I'm not too sure because it seems like I felt some of the things too. Honestly my gut tells me that I'm spirtually a little bit of everywhere and everyone and you probably are too. So if that is the sort of thing your getting well then of that I can't say for sure whether it's one or the other but I would say that the people around you are probably picking up on you being sort there. Everyone seems to be connected by some spiritual energy but so few people seem to accept an awareness of it.
preacher247 (20 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-03)
what you are starting to expericene is not evil but it is the good side effects of developing physic ability's. When you start to develop your ability's you start to feel what is truth and what are lie's this is because your body is starting to re-alien its self with the source and by doing so you start to become unrelieved to the truth about are existence. Believe in your self and your feeling because they won't lie to you


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