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A Good Or Bad Demon?


I have a couple of experiences to share. First off, I have been seeing this "demon" thing at my bedroom door almost every night for the past 4 years. He says he means no harm. Of course, I believe it though. He tells me, whenever I do bad in school, he says, "How are you going to fulfill your destiny with marks like those?" I asked him who he was (I say him, because he identified himself as a male). He said, "You will learn in due time." He keeps telling me about my destiny, if I do something wrong.

He got disappointed in me once and I remember almost nothing of that day. I just remember his face. A terrible face it was. Blue with red streaks and jet black eyes, no room for white or any other color of the spectrum. Pierced lips, nose all the way down, and eye brows. He even had the nerve to visit me at my lunch detention at school. He slammed my table that I was eating at and everyone looked at me, not at him, so I know no one else can see him. He got very angry, I couldn't breathe, eat, talk. It was horrible. He never did that to me before. Is there such thing as a "good" demon? A "guardian" demon as well? If so, is this one of them? Or am I his pawn in something that will unravel in the near future?

Another experience is that I noticed I was a sensitive, or an empath. I can sense someone's emotions once they walk through to my house. I don't like school because of that reason. Too much negative energy there. I can't handle it, and I always end up being so bummed out. My heart races, my head aches, my joints hurt. My stomach feels as though someone has tied my intestines into a giant knot. I called my friend once, and told her to hang on. She then stated, "What's wrong?" I simply told her, "Ow, my head hurts, and my stomach feels as though it is on fire. I'm starting to sweat, and pant heavily as well." She paused on the phone then replied, "Are you okay? Do you have a stomach virus like me? When did you start feeling this?" I told her once I got on the phone with her, "Once I got on the phone with you". Also, since I live in a stressful household, where yelling occurs, at family and friends, I tend to be in a not so perky attitude like I used to be.

Another experience was, I was trying to enhance my telekinesis, thinking I might be able to. But it never seemed to work for me, or so I thought. I would sit in a quiet room, and just concentrate on nothing but the spoon, picture it, feel it, and all that. But, after a half an hour or so, I just gave up and left the spoon there. I came back about an hour later, the spoon was bent, twisted and elongated. How did this happen? Could it have been that my energy was still with the spoon even after I left? I need to know how this occurred, and if I am a sensitive, what kind of other abilities is my kind intentionally supposed to have?

Last thing on my list to tell is my premonitions. Whether it be through a dream, or a very intensely painful stomach ache, I feel as though something is going to happen. For instance, the day of 9/11, my dad worked as a police officer and patrolled around there. Once he left, and I hugged him good bye for the day, I got a huge stomach ache. It hurt so much. I pictured it as a professional wrestler attacking you non stop in the stomach, and then finally setting off an explosive in my intestine. I tried to tell my dad, but he couldn't stay, he had to go. Later I find out while in my 3rd grade class, the twin towers had gone down, and my father was 1 of the 1st responders. Luckily, he is alive, but not well. The toxins totaled his immune system and all. Not only 9/11, but also minor things in my life, like me failing a test, would go to me passing it because of me learning it through my premonition.

So please, if you have something to say that will help me, please do as it will be much appreciated and help me out if you read this. I need to know what I am experiencing. So please help me out as best as all of you can do.

If age is of any matter, I am 14 turning 15 tomorrow. For me in about 4 minutes. October 7th. 10/7/08

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alexanderhades (1 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-13)
Your not wrong I share a body with a Arch demon how contracted my soul to save my life when I was a kid he's used my body as a home and I get to live in it he has never caused me harm but I do have bad luck a lot but yes there a a small group of demons called dida-omega demons or in they're term valdia that have no wish to harm people in fact the like humans
PsychicJR (8 stories) (541 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-18)
Thiers no good demond they are evil git away and do you find it funny you forgot bout this sight pray to god if he is or intends to do something evil to me or is evil banish him from me but the whole time I read this I did not think it was a demon it was something worse way worse I kept on think it is trying to pissess you
(This kept coming up in random almost 5x in a row evry other time so I think I need to tell you this)
hrk (guest)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
There is no such thing as a "good" demon. That's an oxymoron.
Kolynn (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-04-26)
A guide can come in many forms. I was accompanied by a demon until I was 18. Many times I would ignore it or just pass it off as an over active imagination. But he raised me and taught me things that have helped me become stronger not only as a person but as well as with my gifts as well. He was always gentle towards me. Even when he was angry his wisely chosen words were far harsher than actions. He kept me in line and helped me control the darkness that is inside me, kept me from doing bad and was a voice of immense reason when I had little or none.
We all deserve redemption for our mistakes. Just because it is called a demon does not mean it can't do good or redeem itself. Those worthy of forgiveness should not be cast aside because of fear or assumption.
Nothing is impossible, you have the ability to break through any limit set by reality. If you feel in danger then rid yourself of him. But it sounds like you know already weather you are or aren't.
pdp (1 stories) (13 posts)
13 years ago (2011-02-28)
I have not met a good demon, they are tricky, go with what you know to be right, and trust what is good.
AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2010-12-28)
happy late birthday. I hope your father gets better. Your experience are natural though very scary when it first happens. I'm new to the site so I'm just reading and commenting on various stories. I think eventually you will find a sense of purpose for what you are meant to do with your abilities. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Peace, love and light
marcusj0015 (2 stories) (81 posts)
13 years ago (2010-12-03)
i don't believe it is even POSSIBLE for there to be a "good demon"

In all essence demons are the most evil things in the world.

They cannot be good no matter what

It wasn't a demom
Priya (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-10-27)
Dear one

I just came across your story while I was surfing the net. I got concerned about what happened with you. Well, all I want to tell you is that please do not worry, just trust in God and yourself. No one... A demon or whatever can hurt you if you keep a positive attitude. Keeping in view the negative vibrations at your home, you really need to work at that. I don't know if you pray to god or not but I can tell you that nothing is better than that. Eat well and healthy food and please be sensitive towards yourself as well... Take care of yourself. If we find the strength within then we can withstand any storm. So, my dear please concentrate on praying to god. There is one very powerful and pure incantation or Mantra as we call it in the east is known to me, if you ever want to know about it then let me know. I don't know your religion or any spiritual method that you are following but remember one thing... Pure and Unconditional Love is very powerful... It can burn away all the unwanted things that troubles us. And such a love only god can give us...

Lots of good wishes and love:)
LadyLoake (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-16)
Feeling physical pain in response to something that is to happen in the near future is both awful and helpful.
This ability helps me in my healing work I feel intense pain randomly and never ignore it. I often feel slight discomforts however and uneasiness and they always mean something if I ignore them I end up regretting it soon enough.
Allow me to give you a tip... No one will ever take you seriously if you tell them they are in danger or that you are sick because of them. I never try and stop people from doing what they are doing instead I place a barrier around them to protect them from a distance. This however is not something you can do properly if you are not a strong caster. However if you concentrate on the person you feel needs protecting or healing several times a day just think of them and think be safe or be healthy or whatever you wish to help them with this should keep them out of harms way.
LadyLoake (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-16)
If you are sensitive to those around you then you already have your answer. You have been around this being enough to know whether or not you trust it. To ease your mind however you can try to test it there is always the chance something stronger than oneself is manipulating your feelings so that you are not wary of them.
If you trust your own senses you can try a dice toss sit for a while and concentrate on the being remember how you feel when he is around remember what he looks like how he talks what his energy feels like. Now concentrate on your question is he good or is he evil toss the dice while eyes are closed and fully concentrating on your question if it lands on an even number it is good an odd number it is evil or the other way it does not matter as long as the dice know which one you will consider which answer. This will only work however if you completely trust your self to get the correct answer.
If he has the ability to scare you it probably means he is stronger than you, however if he wants to guide you to your destiny it may imply you will one day become stronger than him. If you anger him by not putting forth your best effort it means he expects you to become great.
If he leaves you suddenly saying he will return in due time it probably means he is not very patient and will return when you are more mature or it could simply mean you no longer need him to watch over you and he trusts you to do well in his absence.
If you want to know why he is near you try asking him. If you want to know what he is ask that too. If he is unwilling to talk with you openly then you probably should not trust him. If he is harmless and only there to help you there is absolutely no reason he should conceal things from you.
There is no reason to fear him so long as he remains just a familiar being whom pushes you to do better. At the same time however it is unwise to willingly allow yourself to be influenced by a being you neither understand nor trust.
If you want to get rid of him then erect a barrier around yourself that does not allow him to get near you or to influence you in any way. Be sure to concentrate on it upon waking up and going to sleep every day.
Lyro (468 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-10)
Rain is right, other then being bound by soul contracts, they won't just lie to you. They aren't allowed to tell you everything, and lead you to your destiny, but they won't just force you to do it. I know, trust me.
Rain (4 stories) (191 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-10)
If he is truely a Guradian, he won't lie outright to you. There are spirits other than angels and demons. Not all of them are pretty.

But I will say this. Destiny and fate and luck all amount to the same thing because they deliver the same results.

Free will is true regardless.
There are things we are 'meant' to do. But only if we choose for ourselves to do them.

Make sure your destiny is what you want and not what your 'guardian' wants.

Even if he is a strong spirit, and even if he is bound to you in some way, you are stronger. Otherwise he wouldn't try to lead you to your 'destiny' he would force it.

I think a 'gut' feeling is best in this situation. Do you think he is evil? Whatever you think first is likely correct.
92W (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-10)
I will finish my post. The reason I asked this question is because a friend of mine said that he was picking up holiness and darkness from the same entity that was not human, and he referred to them as hybirds. And I think he may be on to something
92W (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-10)
All I'm, going to say is that Satan came to Eve and told her that she would gain knowledge from eating the fruit. Satan didn't lie. It always takes something good to lure one into a trap, even if the good thing is knowledge of the truth.

I am 36 year old, and I ma a dedicated Christian, who has tabbed in the studies of theology, and what some would call the unnatural things of this world. I don't practices magic or the occult. My only interest in such tings was form an academic and scholarly aspect.

I know of a case very similar to yours, even down to the description of the entity, and there was an exorcism performed on the house of the entity's dwelling, because it was reveled that the entity was demonic, and evil

I have heard of Hybrids. Demons that wish to repent, and once again be with God. But until they re-payed their dues they would be half way. So they would be beings of both holy and dark forces. Has anybody heard or experienced such beings
scaleblade (2 stories) (25 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-06)
I am going through pretty much the same situation as you except mine has never gotten violent and is very level-headed. And I am starting to think more and more that is is possible to have a darker guardian.

Mine has always helped me and has even helped others when I have asked. He has never asked anything of me- only that I stay out of trouble. He told me his name (which is demonic) which I thought was weird since everyone always says that makes them weak.

I don't know about a 'good' or 'bad' demon. That would be like trying to label a person as good or bad- almost impossible. I think everyone, even those on the other side, have their own personalities and conflicts and can't be labeled with a 'good' or 'evil' sticker on their forehead. I mean think about priests even. Not all of them are perfect but society labels them as 'good' regardless.

In the end its up to you. I think whatever is following you kind of has a funny temper and may say hes just 'doing his job' but ultimately wants you to do well (especially if he is hounding you about school 😜).

Good luck!
DontKnowWhy (1 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-01)
Thank you all for the generous comments. I have not been on in a while, certain events have led me to neglect the internet, and I have forgotten all about this site. I have found out his name, well, sorta. His name is the same as mine apparently: Bryan. He has left my side for a while, he said he had other events and people to attend to. I am not scared anymore of him, mainly because he is not around anymore. But he said he will be back and I quote "I'll be back in due time, when you are the age of 17, and your mind at 24" I'm not sure if he means by my physical age of 17, and my mental age of 24? Is he trying to trick me? So many questions left unanswered, and I fear there are only more questions to come.
DeaLetum (3 stories) (20 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-30)
I don't think demons exist. I think its more of a Shadow. A very strong Shadow. I'm very afraid for you. He can do a lot of damage to you. He can also get into your mind because your letting him. Please don't let him. You have a spirit guide. Its a man but he's very nice. Ask him for protection. He shouldn't be able to hurt you. Your spirit guide is like a guardian angel. Shadows or demons however you want to call them, he should not be allowed to hurt you if he was good. Please ask for protection when he isn't there. Or else he might try to lash out at you and I wouldn't want that to happen.
miss_OMEGA88 (15 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-30)
there is no such thing as a good demon! Get rid of him... Like what the others here say, Demons will act as if their your friend or whatever when really they are just using you for their own purpose. Get rid of him!

I am also sensitive to vibes/good and bad energies. So I know how you feel about being surround with so many people 😠
shortyj74 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-26)
Demons will act as if their your friend and peaceful guide. "Wolf in sheep clothing"
Pray and ask God to show the true identity of this being. When ever you have an encounter with him pray and ask God for guidance and protection and note His reaction. This being may be associated with the bad things that are happening in your life right now. Feeling negativity at home can effect anyone. When you are an empath negative emotions or energy may manifest outside your body.
Bella4511 (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-22)
It sounds as if he is using you for himself. I wouldn't trust him and he is watching you right now. Not to freak you out but he knew what we are writing and how you would react. He prepared himself and it is kind of susipous how he hasn't come back since you asked him. He sounds scared?
MoonFox597 (3 stories) (13 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-14)
Ok as for the demon it's probably a spirit yet to cross over, and maybe it really dose care about your destiny but I worry that the destiny it wants and what you want may cross and isn't the same thing if it is violent instead of caring. I have a spirit that shows up ever so often, it'll hold my hand and keep my house safe, tell me that it's ok to cry, keep me warm, make me know someone cares when I feel there isn't anyone there for me, he's a guy but I'm not sure if he's simply my guardian angel or something more..., I'm pretty sure my dog and see it, my cat most defiantly can because at first it was very skittish of my room but after a while he poked his head in sniffing around and now when he comes in my room I can't get him out, and he'll lay on my bed and I'll pick him up but the air around him is warm and he's purring.

Be very careful about that spirit, trust your gut feelings and don't try to enhance your abilities because they will grow as you do, if you force it then they can become a curse not a gift or they can disappear.
SpiderLace28 (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-24)
They manipulate your emotions & use your trust against you to get what they want. This whole shadow me thing - I wouldn't believe that for a second! It can be used as a form of 'psychic attack' to pretend you are the other person. They will do this to maintain a 'link or chord/s' with you I believe. To confuse you, & upset you, & control you to get what they want. I'm sure this is popular enough so a demon or other creature or projecting person may know about it & use it to their advantage. At least I know with telepathy, that is a method that can be used, pretending you're the other person. It can be hard because when you're new to telepathy & sometimes old, you can hear voices like they are your own in your head. So it can be like a bomb & can let them in like you've opened flood gates. Please be careful.
SpiderLace28 (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-24)
Oh, & if you're young enough to still be in school, then you may be in trouble. There are sickos out there who manipulate young people in any way they can to get what they want out of them. Young, trusting, happy, & unsuspecting... Gawd. The other day, I saw on TV how this girl was going to go stay the night at a friend's house. When she got there, the 'dad' turned out to be mixed up in a sex trafficking thing & the 'daughter' was really associated with him. They took off with her, drugged her, beat her, raped her, & almost killed her. If it weren't for her own family out searching when the law wouldn't, she would probably be dead. She spent a lot of time in the hospital. She was close to death when they found her in a vehicle parked at a convenience store they just happened to pull over at. They went & got her & drove off.
SpiderLace28 (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-24)
I wouldn't trust it. What happens when you really start to accuse him/it of being a demon & trying telling it to go away? It may only be happy right now because it's getting what it wants from you - trust & rapport. What happens when you die? What will it do to you? What if it is perched like a buzzard waiting to do something to you? Sorry, I'm not trying to freak you out. I just know deciet from my experience & I'm throwing that on the table so you can think about it. It really may've been the demon/thing that bent that spoon. Sometimes I wonder if my precognitive stuff is receptive telepathy from others - either doing so consciously or unconsciously. Telepathy can happen in dreams to so watch out. Sometimes I wonder if at least some of the people who get the precog dreams all the time, have somebody following them around giving them 'visions' & then they go & do/arrange something terrible, leaving the person to think they've had some kind of gift... Really, I may've seen a couple demons, I'm not sure, but I've heard that they are ALL bad & will eventually harm you. Sort of like keeping a crackhead around - they will eventually steal from you to go get a rock if you're not careful. I don't trust them either. And I tell others not to. I know somebody who did trust one with like $5 & they got screwed just like everyone else I've know throughout the years who's dealt with them has.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-20)
There is no such thing as Karma or a karmic circle! This is polluted brainwashing to the masses! (sory had to make up 60 characters otherwise I would have left it at the initial statement!)
isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-20)
Out of all so far the articles and "experience stories" I've read. Yours has caught my attention.
I'm sorry for the late notice. I hope you were able to resolve your issue.
But a spiritual-sister of mine had found this site. And I've just started reading it today.
I often don't like to give advice for it usually gets me into some trouble with others. I guess you could say I tend to be a little critical because of my own "experiences" and knowledge that I've gained.
But I must forewarn you that you should definitely take the "eyes of a demons colors" into consideration from Infinity because, their right. Maybe not all the time, but it gives you a good idea. And MegRock she's right about asking for his name. Names have power in karmic circle.
But I would advise you to ask if he's not a demon than what is he? Creatures tend to be a bit chatty if their not cautious. In my own experience that I had with demons in my life I find that demons take pride in others knowing that they are of that kind. While demon-creatures tend to be offended if he's not tricking you. Or if their just a creature-kin.
But I gotta say from my own experience its not good when they say something about "destiny in due time". Unless you are completely faithful to one side.
StrongStar (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-19)
I can say I share a similar experience with you mine calls himself Samael in fact just last night he appeared in my dreams. I do believe you can have a guardian angel that can be "bad" so to speak some people have dual angels as their guardians like myself. For example some have reported to have Ariel as their guardian which is a dual angel, My personal angel is Samael which in tradition is a dual angel he both good and bad. He was the Guardian angel of Esau in the Jewish religion. Although they will protect you they will also do it for their own benefit if you let them perused you off your path. I suggest when working with this angel you test him always, to make sure what he is saying is truthful and not misleading or out of selfish desire. If you need any more help feel free to contact me:)
lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-13)
there is definatley no good demon or guardian demon. A demon is a demon, an evil entity, from the pits of hell. Sorry getting a little carried away. I think he is using you, I'm not sure, but when you explained all of your empathic experiences it happened to me. I am empathic, only twords spirits and animals though, also I am a medium. Be careful, tell the demon to leave and never return to our realm. Cleanse the house and such.
Best of Luck
❤ Leah
bladeoflights (2 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-14)
There is no such thing as a good demon. It is just inherent in their nature to cause you harm. Even his constant presence near you weakens you. He feeds of your energy, your emotions, and though he may seem like a nice demon you yourself already sense that something is wrong. Their power to deceive can be simply mind blowing. This demonic entity is very negative, and has been at your side now for 4 years So, you see him, hear him, feel others emotions, and are over all gifted in many ways. You have a demon attached to you, and no demonic or negative energy attached to you is good.
You need to get rid of this demon, and I don't mean to sound like I'm not optamistic. You may need help though. You have to be resolute in your desire to want gone. You can say whatever you want to any entity, if you do not mean it, it will laugh. If you mean it, it will try to frightten you, and you cannot show fear.

Have you moved from one place to another and it moved with you? Just curious as to its attachment to you. Do you want this demonic entity in your life?
I would tell you to get rid of it now. It has been there too long as it is, and it in ways you do not recognize, it is hurting you. This will only get worse with time.
Most of us are born with guardians, but in your situation they have probably backed away by now.
You have the power to call them back into your life, but you still need to get rid of this entity.
So, to answer your question there is no such thing as a good demon. There are some that are very good at deceiving, and hell I was fooled for a two weeks in difficult case. We all were.
Is there any other activity in our home and does anyone else know about this entity or others. If you cannot find a way, email me...
The screen name fits the problem you face. I'm not one to offered to help on sites like these, but I get the same feeling the first reponder had.

Bladeoflights [at]

Love and light
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-12)
oh God, let me tell you something, there is no such thing as a good demon! Such a ting is evil, and it wuld have never hurt youif it was "good". Try to get rid of it. It will hurt you. I'm normally a ver easy-going and joking kind of person, but reading your story, and with the help of my empathy, I have suddenly become very angry an hostile. This thing means no good to you, and I can promise you, it WILL HARM YOU! Please, get rid of it!

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