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Black Shadows And Possession


I have always had the feeling of being watched and something being around me or the sense of spirits around but I never much paid attention because I've been too scared. I was told I'm a sensitive and have the gift of a third eye by my grandfather said he closed it when I was a child and still living in the Philippines. I'm hoping I could get some answers from some experiences I've had here in Australia.

In 2007, one Saturday night, I was watching tv and sitting at our dinner table at home and my boyfriend was falling asleep on the lounge and we had just finally got our little one to bed. After a little while of watching this show on tv and being really into watching it, I started to blank out and kind of daydream. When I looked up at my boyfriend he all of a sudden woke up and stared at me and all of a sudden I felt as if the person I was looking at was not him.

His facial features started to change and when I asked him what was wrong he just gave me this glare that sent chills through out my whole body and once I realized what was happening, I said to my boyfriend - who ever you are, you have no right to be taking over his body. Get out and leave him and this house alone NOW! But my boyfriend kept looking at me with that scary icy glare so I started to pray for his protection and for whoever or what ever it was inside him to leave him and this house and our family alone. Once I finished the praying, he just laid back down and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened. Was he was just possessed and I was able to pick up on it and sense it was something or someone negative?!

A few weeks later, again on a Saturday night, he was falling asleep on the lounge again and I was sitting at the dinner table watching my usual tv shows, when all of a sudden I started to feel sad. That sadness then turned into so tears and I wouldn't stop for about 15 minutes. I kept sitting where I was and half of me was trying to think, "Why on earth am I crying and what for!?" The other half of me was just feeling so much pain that to this day I still can not describe. The closest thing I can get to it was the pain of loosing a loved one or seeing a loved one go through too much in life and you can't do anything to help.

My boyfriend then got up and looked at me and laughed because I was crying over nothing and went to bed. After 10 minutes of him leaving the room I was still in tears and I followed him to get him to sit back in the lounge room with me until I calmed down. So he did, all annoyed, but once he sat on the lounge and I sat back at the dinner table, he looked at me and his face went funny and he says to me " Woah, when I just looked at you, I thought I just saw my grandma right beside you." Once he said that I stopped crying and I just looked at him and I asked. "Your grandma was here?" I asked him when she used to live with them growing up where about did she happen to sit at the dinner table. To my shock she sat where I sit now at the dinner table.

Once I had told my boyfriend's mother what I experienced she was shocked because her best friend experienced the same thing one time. So I was just thinking did I channel my best friends grandmother? Please leave me some advice and comments on how to deal with these situations and also protect my family and the household from bad negative entities, which I have also sensed around the house and have seen the black shadows around.

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Summer_rose (3 stories) (28 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-21)
if they aren't causing any problems, you don't need a professional's help, but you should still burn sage to get rid of anything negative about what you've feeling. It's okay that they're there, but the energy should be cleansed of anything negative.
Furallicah (29 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-26)
I may not be as helpful as YVE72 but might I add that doing a white sage cleansing won't work in all cases. It will help though keeping things undercontrol for an amount of time. If you want to have the negative beings and shadows gone get a profesional's help. O and if there not causing any harm I personaly would just leave them alone. Hope this little infomation helps some.

Good luck. 😊
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
15 years ago (2008-10-23)
Hi aznbubigirl... The 1st incident with your boyfriend was his Out-of-body experience. Many people do this in the sleep. You were "sensitive" enough to witness it. What's interesting is that HE may be in the beginning stages of development. This is a common symptom of uncontrolled psychic energy release.

The 2nd incident with you crying is called empathy, where you are able to feel the emotions & pain of the living & of the dead.

If your boyfriend was able to see his grandmother, he might have psychic abilities. Keep an eye on further development with him.

If you want to remove any negative entities from a house, do a white sage cleansing ceremony.

Hope this helps. Peace & blessings. 😊

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