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Old House


I know I haven't published a story in along time, but I'm back, and I have a lot of things that happened to me, most of them took place in this house down the street, It is very old, and seems to be haunted. Recently, a new neighbor moved in and she is really old so. She was with this company for people who are too old to take care of themselves, and have people come see them during the day. My mom works for that company, and was helping take care of the old woman.

One day my mom brought me and Caroline (who I may remind you is my evil twin sister!). I guess she's not that bad and we do get along sometimes, but that's rarely. Caroline has always wished she had abilities like mine. When ever my abilities act up she always does something while I'm not looking, as I've told you all before. So when we were at the old woman's house, I felt weird, like a deep, sharp feeling that I really couldn't explain, It was like something was after me, following me through out the whole house, and when I asked Caroline is she felt it too, and she started yelling, and over-reacting.

When Caroline asked if I wanted to explore the house I said yes because I really did want to, and I didn't want the feeling to control me. But when we went upstairs to the 3rd floor, (which I didn't understand since no other houses on our street had been modeled to have a 3rd floor) the feeling got stranger. Caroline must have noticed the fact that I was in shock because she got upset and shoved me away. I still didn't know what the feeling was. We went through all the rooms except for one, because our mom called us before we could check it out, and my feelings seemed most powerful when we were closest to the door. I want to know if anyone knows what the feelings might be.

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mish (2 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-07)
Hi Haley,
I think YVE72 is right, what you felt was an entity. Powerful stuff!
Your sister sounds like she may want to be involved with your gift.
My brother and I used to play psychic games together. One game was that we would sit across from each other and hold hands. One of us would send a message or picture to the other. It was fun!
Try it with your sister. She may have abilities that are an extension to yours.
If you learn to combine your powers, you may be better able to protect yourselves from spirits invading your space.
Lots of love
YVE72 (5 stories) (212 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-05)
Hi haley... You were sensing an entity. Many people can sense their presence because of the feeling of being watched. If it gave you an overwhelming sense of dread, it may have been negative.

Don't be too hard on your sister. Twins have been known to share intense feelings. So even if she doesn't have the other abilities that you do, she may be able to feel your reaction to the spirit.

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