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Coming To Terms With Being A Psychic Medium?


I'm an open-minded person to the extent that others often come to me for personal and metaphysical advice, though I'm not a psychic. People love to be around me. I'm often told I'm very sweet, yet I wonder what I said one day to make them look at me afraid; suddenly turning almost mean. I have anxiety disorders, but I'm not a Medium of any sort.

In elementary school, I got in trouble often for daydreaming out the window; my sight went weird when I'd see inside thought pictures, which was at first very difficult to control. I spent a lot of time in the hospital for surgery and folks said the "spacing out" was due to the drugs (or my teen-age Hippie siblings).

I'm smart, intuitive, and anxiety disorders have heightened my senses, but I'm not psychic. A distant friend of the family sat near me once at a funeral, and I'd remembered that I had a strange dream about her. Upon jokingly telling her about the dream she shocked me with her reaction. It seems that her own mother had recently died and I'd described her, though I'd never met her before, as well as the death scene! The rather conservative friend interpreted my dream as a loving message from her mother, and was nearly terrified; so was I. Alright, I'm finally ready for the truth.

A few nights ago my husband and myself were having a discussion about reincarnation. He was in the midst of a profound personal insight when I suddenly felt compelled to interrupt. I felt a very strong desire to share an odd random thought that had popped into my mind. I asked if he knew anyone named Tom, for some reason. At first he was understandably annoyed, and then his jaw dropped.

"Why?" he asked. I responded that it was almost like I heard it said inside my mind, like a memory of talking to one's self. He grew a little pale as he explained Tom was a nick-name for his friend who had died in childhood. Though I knew the story well, I'd never heard this pet name before; he explained that it was a bit too painful to have said before. He began to ask me questions, wondering why on earth I'd bring that up. So, I asked "myself" why. Soon, an entire conversation between the three of us began to flow; myself, my husband, and the dead guy in my head!

At this point even I thought I'd gone mad for sure. At several points my husband assured me that I was not only sharing details no one could know, but was even using words and inflections Tom would have chosen! I still haven't fully come to terms with this experience, hence my urge to share in writing.

Suddenly my eyes see more clearly that I didn't want to see at all before. I bet I'd have more friends if I learn when and what to say, and where the words are coming from.

Now what?

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strangebrew (1 stories) (3 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-05)
Thank you all so much for having taken the time to respond! I've learned a great deal over the years. Not too long after I'd written the above the stuff really hit the fan and we HAD to move. Dealing with spirits of the dead was one thing (not terribly hard once I simply acknowledged them) but there are things other than ghosts out there for sure! Some days it's all still too much but it's all better without being in that house filled with "doorways" and portholes! When things couldn't affect us "they" began to affect others around the house. Chaos and literal death decended upon us. So while trying to figure out my own issues there was an additional pile of paranormal poop to clean & heal. A work in progress I suppose.

It gets to be too much sometimes like a multi-lane highway. How can one person have so many different kinds of "gifts" yet not have the guidence to gain clarity!? I've learned enough to understand where certain energies come from & how they will likely effect me (solar flares, dangerous forthcoming situations) but when they stack on top of each other I'm picking them up as stress, which only compounds whatever normal daily stresses that may be present. I have learned a particular blocking method (pulling Light through the 3rd eye to the solar plexus chakras) that works for many things but finding valid methods has NOT been easy -- especially if you don't know the right terms to search. It's like I'm smart but really dumb too -- very frustrating. I suppose I needed a place to unload because things got to me today. But I NEED a place to say (or type) the crazy things I need to say.

So random dead people do and always have come to me. Most of the time it's simple to help them go where they need to & it can be done internally so that none of the living think I'm talking to myself. I've gotten over that & I think it really does help them move on. Occasionally there are still some that I can't tell are dead because they are so solid walking next to me. Well if any of the neighbors see me talking to them I just have to take a crazy hit-point & try to do better at verifying someone is physical before saying hello outload. I hear thoughts from people... But not all of the time & it can be awkward determining what to reply to & what to ignore. Sometimes a person walking past the house will send out a thought or feeling that I pick up on. We had some neighbors for a while who were very negative (dangerous really) & I could SMELL them before they'd even get home. Then too the world events of course effect us all. I am a walking human antenna! And it's not all non-pysical either because I'll often hear space weather effects & satalite transmissions. So if I'm spending all of my time reading methods to use these things & block when am I supposed to have a life? Some days it's simply too much to be feeling someone elses physical pain plus my own, sensing nearby life threatening danger, anxiety from earth energy & solar flares, the dead wanting my attention, a spirit or demon stuck to me trying to suck my energy, keep those blocks up, and then regular ol bills & housekeeping! I spent 20 minutes at a job once helping a customer that only about 3 other people could see & one of them wasn't the boss -- explain that to the unemployment office! Tell me a paranormal experience & I have one to match for just about every type of thing -- it's rediculous. I can't research on how to deal with me without knowing what me is... Psychic, medium, clairvoyant, cards or stones, angels & fairies -- head spins! I suppose that this is me telling the Universe "Ok, I'm listening. Now I really need some help, some direction here!"
Reagan (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-01-31)
I am also trying to understand my "gifts". At times I don't view it that way. People send messages to loved ones through me. I most often chicken out and don't pass it along, afraid of the reaction. I went all the way to Zambia to take a message this summer. After all that I could not bring myself to tell her. Her husband was sad I went home without telling her. I'm still upset I let him down.
My abilities don't stop there. I can see the true feelings of people I come in contact with in auras. I have seen events in dreams. The big one was New Orleans. I was dreaming about Katrina for two years before it happened. I was there as a rescue worker and found myself standing in the house from my dream. I could not stop crying.
I keep my gifts to myself and have no person I trust enough to tell, but it's too much to keep to myself.
lrkmedium101 (7 stories) (105 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-15)
Well it sounds like to me you are some type of psychic, I am a medium, but you really I don't knowreally, but you might be, it just doesn't relate to ALL the terms of mediumship. But you definetly have some sort of psychic ability inside of you.
Best of Luck
❤ Leah
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-04)
Live with it and use it in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable. If you prefer not to think of yourself as "psychic" or as a "medium" then don't. Every person has the ability to be intuitive, just not everyone understands it or uses it to it's full extent. It is a sense just like touch, sight, hearing, and taste, but since we live in a world that is physical, people have a hard time accepting that there is also a spiritual world and spiritual powers as well as the physical science. Consider it just another helpful tool.
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-03)
I was a big day dreamer in school too, especially in elementary school. The school even did weird tests with me to make sure I was They learned there was nothing wrong with me. I was just a day dreamer. My youngest and oldest is and was the same way. They also have spiritual experiences too. Not sure of the connection with it, but must be something.

You sound gifted. I hope you take the time to study and learn. Using protection is very important as well. I learned this much later in life and wish had learned it earlier on. The internet and library provides much information and of course coming here. You are not going mad. I think at the beginning most go through this process trying to understand what just happened. You are lucky enough to have someone close to you to see what you just Not all of us have that at the beginning.
DeborahAnna (18 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-02)
Yea,you are definity doing the medium thing, And by the way all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums.

I reccomend that since you have this gift you learn some things about it.Let's put it this way it will make your life a lot easier.
I remember the first time I realized I was talking to dead people I totally freaked out so I can understand where you are coming from.

It isn't like we say to ourselves when we are young "When I grow up I'm going to talk to dead people".

If I knew what was going to happen at the time I think I would have tried to avoid it all. But I guess it's good I didn't since having this gift means we are supposed to use it.

"Until whom much is given much is expected"

Good luck with this you have a lot of interesting experiences ahead of you.

Love & Light,
Deborah Anna

academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
15 years ago (2008-12-01)
I used to believe that I was merely highly intuitive, but I too can tune into spirits although (jealously) its taken me months of developing to finally understand and reach up to them!
It would seem that you are a natural channel and if they have chosen to use you and you are " green " about communication etc with spirit then initially you must learn about the protection/ closing off techniques required to shut down the channel after communication. Don't be alarmed it's easily googleable. Meanwhile have lots of interesting times, only remember - some things, some times... Are better left unsaid! You will know I think what these are!
If you wish to "see" who is saying these things, because at the mo you sound like you are using clairaudience, (just listening to them/ hearing them) try closing your eyes and search in the darkness... It/ he/ she may be central (third eye) or over to one side or the other, mine are nearly always slightly left of third eye but I can only see them (clairvoyance) at the moment when my eyes are shut! I need more practise!
Good luck! Lin x

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