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Premonition Of Car Accident And Suicide


It's kind of hard to think when you're hoping perfection comes your way. No one knows what's going to happen in their future, but I did. It all started 2 years ago when my cousin moved here in Florida. She sensed something like me. I sensed a connection between us as we grew older. This is what I mean by not knowing what is coming your way.

When I got to know her we started talking and one day she sensed that she was going to get run over. I told her to stay inside today. In the afternoon, a kid about 8 years old crossed the street waiting for the bus. It turns out his time was up. He had gotten run over by a truck and was struck and paralyzed. Luckily he survived.

Me on the other hand, I dreamed that two wonderful people were going to commit suicide because they were not happy. Two days later two couples made the mistake of taking off their clothes and throwing themselves in a lake filled with crocodiles near a grocery shop in Tallahasse. I was in shock and we both stared at each other, confused at what happened. It's like we have twin telepathy or something but the weirdest thing is that we are not sisters.

Life hands you clues, but it seems like people just ignore their chances that they get.

Commonly, I get this and it feels weird. How can I tell what people are thinking, and feeling? Having the ability to shock someone whenever I want and whenever I'm near people. It's like I have a superpower or something.

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Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-07)
It is possible you both have this ability because you and your cousin are related. It is common for psychic ability to be genetic. My father said I got the gift from him but I never witnessed his ability ever and I sensed it was more from his mother, and my mother had it also. This was confirmed by another psychic who told me that all the women in my family throughout the generations have had this gift.

Rather than to think of it as a "power" and allow your ego to get in the way, think of it as a gift which you can use to protect yourself and to help people.
Furallicah (29 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-05)
I know how you feel. I had a vision awhile back showing me getting t-boned by someone. So now I'm just waitting for it to happen. But your what most call or well at least I call a sensitive. You don't really see the future your just greatly connected to what makes things happen. I call it the "force" for lack of better words. Not ment to copy right lol. But I was like this before my powers started inhancing. But sometimes even now when I don't have a vision on it I can still feel it comming and generaly know what will happen with out seeing it. It can get a little confusing. Have you tried focusing on positive things? Because in the "force" negitive things stick out more then the positive.

Hope this helps. 😊

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