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An Ominous Message


Though I have had many personally notable paranormal experiences in my lifetime, one of the most intriguing, and possibly ominous, actually occurred relatively recently, a few years ago now in the early days of 2007, while I was recovering from an operation in a local hospital. I had been with my then lover for around six months, and had already began to help her unravel the tangled web of magical mumbo jumbo which she had gotten herself into before we had met, the relatively routine abscess operation and subsequent two day stay in Newham General hospital allowing me some time to think, and considering the new two pence piece sized hole nestling painfully in my right armpit after it's removal, the motivation to do precious little else.

I will openly admit that I had been under full anesthetic during the operation itself, and had this experience come to pass within twelve hours or so of my regaining consciousness then I would have probably dismissed it as a simple, if unnerving, side effect of the drugs which the anesthesiologist had pumped into my bloodstream, though the truth of the matter is that I had already slept the aesthetic off that morning, and had tried to sleep later the afternoon, for no other reason than to alleviate the boredom which is prevalent in such places, to no avail. I was alert, awake and very much of sound body and mind when the below incident occurred, which no doubt explains why I remember it so vividly.

I was all alone in a side room off the main ward, sitting on the end of my bed looking listlessly out of the window over the roof of the hospital as the clouds rolled over, the prospect of another night spent in the building dampening my already deflated spirits far more than the slowly building rain ever could. Yet even as I sat there I was suddenly overtaken with such a compulsion to sleep that I indeed thought that the anesthesia had kicked in again, and laying down on my side facing the window I passed into a deep and fitful slumber.

And then, even though I realized that I was still dreaming, I seemed to be awake, my already drab surroundings colorless but largely unchanged, my self preservation instinct screaming that I needed to force myself into motion and roll onto my other side, away from the window and towards the door of my room, where I knew something was waiting.

The entity in question appeared, at first, to be a young girl of no older than ten or eleven, wearing an old fashioned pastel blue party dress, the kind with puffy sleeves and a long, ankle length pleated skirt, and long blonde hair tied into ringlets that fell heavily to her shoulders. Yet her face was a blur of motion, indistinct and unknowable, not a blank but rendered to appear so by the all too quick vibration of her features, and her words, when she eventually did speak to me, were deep and forceful way beyond her seemingly tender years.

"[BLANK] are coming. Yours and [BLANK]'s brains are your weapon's. Use them."

The whole time the entity was speaking the images associated with her voice continued to change. The most notable example of this was the outward appearance of the girl herself, for as I watched her dress evaporated and her flesh dissolved, to be replaced by an odd, clear blue gelatinous substance, her face still hidden from my perception by the undulating movements of the ooze which made up her now bloated and hairless frame.

Then she turned and faded from view, to be replaced by an extreme close up of a human brain, the whole mood of the experience suddenly darkening as a blood red filter was placed across my vision, leaving me to stare in confused and paralyzed silence as a gnarled and rusty pair of tongs began to lift little clear plastic bags full of oddly inconsequential items and place them into draws which appeared for a second or two in the surface of the brain tissue itself, before closing again.

When I eventually drifted awake again I was still exhausted, numb with shock and sweating profusely. I rose unsteadily to my feet and headed to the door of my room, intending to go down to the canteen for a can of cola and a chocolate bar to help steady my nerves. Yet my door was locked, the orderly explaining that the old lady in the room next to me had passed away earlier that afternoon, while I had been asleep, and that I would have to stay where I was until they removed the body.

An odd coincidence considering what I had experienced a mere few metres away, and made all the stranger by the fact that I had not been awoken by the understandable commotion caused by the nursing staff's many and varied attempts to revive her.

As for what the entity said, the [BLANK] portions above are not there for dramatic emphasis or to protect the identity of some notable third party, but simply because I could not make out what they were, either at the time or indeed at any point after. And no, I am neither conceited nor deluded enough to believe myself the pawn in some universal prophesy, or even all that important in the grand scheme of things, though the somewhat urgent tone of the message has got me thinking, and has, along with some of the other events which I have described elsewhere on this website, helped to shape my extremely mistrusting view of the paranormal.

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academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-10)
Morning Vulpes Vulpes,
Thanks for that! I've had to post it on here as a story as it was too long to re post in answer column. I guess it will be up in a day or so.

I called it "Psychic Protection Advice Needed" When it appears, I would appreciate what you make of it! 😊Linx
VulpesVulpes (guest)
13 years ago (2009-02-10)
Hey academylin, looks like we have a meeting of the minds going on here eh?

Yeah, I'll give it a look. I'm always willing to help out someone who takes all this as seriously as I do. Throw me the link and I'll see what I can do.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-09)
Wow Vulpes Vulpes, (we sure can write between us huh!?) thanks for the feedback!
Glad the info was of some use to you.

I was wondering,... As you are deep in the depths of studying psychic self defence at present, you don't fancy having a read through an experience I can't quite tie together at the moment, do you, just for someone elses take on things?

I think this falls way into your field, and would appreciate any heads up on an explanation or advice?

Thanks, Linx
VulpesVulpes (guest)
13 years ago (2009-02-09)
Hey academylin. This is going to be one heck of a long reply, so I hope your proud of yourself. My fingertips are killing me!

Y'know, I'd never noticed that I still refer to all this simply as the paranormal before. I guess it's a leftover from my days as an armchair sceptic, the last bastion of my refusal to believe. We both know that I accept that it is the world of spirit which is constantly invading my own, as you said, my comments elsewhere on this website prove that, but old habits are hard to break.

However, in the interest of finding a comfortable middle ground I will refer to the whole subject as the occult from now on, a title which I find more than comfortable and which still allows me a little room to manoeuvre as far as my level of mistrusting scepticism goes. Your admonishment was well placed, in this instance at least, and I thank you for it.

Anyway, back to the rest of your reply. OBE's are one of the few occult subjects which I have never really looked into. Odd now that I think about it though, considering the notable spiritual experiences which I have undergone whilst seemingly asleep, some of which I have already posted here on P&ME, and others which I will no doubt post in the future. I guess it stems from my inability to astral project, despite years conscious trying, and therefore my switching the focus of my research to on the spiritual side of the physical world as opposed to the other way around. If I'm stuck here, I'd better specialise in what happens here eh?

But you do raise some very intriguing points, especially the vibrational nature of the soul during the transitional stages of an OBE, as this supports my own findings. It had never crossed my mind that it might be my own movement rendering the facial features of the entities which I was encountering unintelligible, as opposed to a deliberate action on their part to somehow shield their identity from me. As I said, intriguing, and something I might actively look into when my current body of studies into psychic self defence conclude.

I'm starting to think that the image of the brain I witnessed has as many interpretations as interpreters, and each view of that particular part of my possible OBE has it's probable aspects. While I reserve judgement myself regarding said images, I must admit that my own thinking on their meaning was strikingly similar to yours, and that some form of communication may well have been made between myself and the old lady next door. Of course, that does raise the obvious question of how the spirit of someone I never knew in life, whilst only in the realm of death for a few minutes, would have the knowledge of my personal situation and life path to be able to deliver said message in the first place before being taken back to the loop, though it is a possibility I suppose.

As for my ex, and the mumbo jumbo she stirred up, let me see if I can condense this down into a few lines. She had her reasons for getting into magick so young, which it is not really fair that I go into here as they are somewhat personal, but ever since she had attracted negative entities like a magnet.

She had a lost soul/thought form who she had grown up with in the house, much like an imaginary friend, attack her in the shower whilst I was back in london, and make her pass out completely, leaving her to wake up in a pool of her own blood on the bathroom floor. It also tripped me down the stairs in the same house a week or so afterwards, and I took great pleasure in dealing with it when the time came.

There was also something nasty inhabiting the woods at the centre of her village, a creature we nicknamed the revenant, a nasty, at times downright terrifying invisible entity which stank to high heaven of rotting flesh and faeces, and that seemed attracted to her especially, no doubt due to the fact that she had set up an altar of sorts in the woods nearby and had used it to practice her magickal religion in secret, away from prying eyes. Then there were the shadow people sightings in the area, and the english civil war hauntings associated with the surrounding woods as well. Oh, and a red deer that also manifested itself as either a red hare or headless carthorse, the red hare version of it's manifestation something which I had been lucky enough to witness personally.

I was only with her for a year, and in that time I experienced much which has since burned away the last of my hard won scepticism. I guess that was the reason for our meeting, so we could both grow spiritually, even if I am sure that we would have achieved so much more if we could have stopped arguing about the occult long enough to remember that we were supposed to love each other as well.
Aphrodite (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-06)
Is something coming? It could be!
I have friends who believe something is on its way and we must be prepared.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-06)
And... I'm quite interestd in the "mumbo jumbo" your then partner had "stirred up within the place " too, if for no other reason than I used the exact same (unusual, you have to admit..."mumbo jumbo") in an email today to someone with regards,... Well, something extraordinarily similar!

Go on, please tell!
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-06)
My apologies, it wasn't you who asked for my explanation on re incarnation (or not) it was Albator...

I'm still currently re thinking it! Lol! 😊
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-06)
Hi Vulpes Vulpes,
I am so glad I sat up and went through these stories tonight, as this one is fab!

Briefly, beginning at the bottom, will you stop please being so mistrustful of what you insist on calling, "the paranormal" I believe, and judging by your very insightful answers on here, so do you, it IS Spirit.

Slight admonishment over, forgive me.

What a well written story!

Just the mention of wanting to "roll over" whilst in your still anesthetised state or not suggests a classic principle for exiting your body! There are wide and varied works available to read regarding the OBE and a common similarity in all of these, is the "roll out" method.
I believe the vision you encountered WAS the old lady (bless her heart and soul) who passed in the next room. New spirits appear to roam temporarily within this same realm which is accessible to us during minor OBE travels, this apparently is until their guides come to get then to take them to places yonder. But I think, YES it was she.

My intuition also tells me (and I'm speaking from that all familiar gut instinct here) that because of her colour, she wanted you to remember this and speak of it. Now whether that was because by speaking about it, it would clear many questioned theories up for you, (or at this particular time),,,,, for me... As you said, synchronicities are a wonderful thing"!

The fact that her features were indistinguishable due to her vibrating features also has underlying evidence of OBE to it. During the transitional period of entering OBE YOUR body vibrates, if you were brand new to this particular state, this would manifest itself in whatever you were perceiving visually or subconsciously visually.

The manner of her dress is also indicative of an old lady who had passed and returned to her more splendid times. Don't you think!

Maybe the blanks were academylin... Oooh ego, get down! Lol!

And the frame stayed blue until it turned nasty or red...
Blue/ violet is the connection between ourselves and the infinity above us, because you said blue though specifically, and not dark blue (violet) I still think this is because you need to speak about the experience until you can UNDERSTAND it yourself, thus putting a closure to the alarm you perhaps felt/feel.

When it turned red, mixed in with the goo and gore, which I think would just be subliminal messages from your brain regarding the operation you had just endured, I also feel it meant that not only were the ladies memories and energies being filed within that symbol which was a brain, but also you're experience of the whole thing was consequently filed away within yours...

Hmm, deep... But whaddayathink?
By the way, I'm glad you didn't give me your email address for my explanation of re incarnation... Because I'm re thinking it AGAIN!

Did you ever SPEAK of this event before... I think you were meant to, even if it was only to raise your pragmatic approach and somewhat negative view of what you still call, the "paranormal"

Drop me your mail for the link to a plethora of info on OBE... Hey, if you got THAT far! (smile)
😊 😊 😊
VulpesVulpes (guest)
13 years ago (2009-02-05)
Thanks for the input everyone.

Albator, the obvious date discrepancy was not lost on me either, even if we take into account the supposed fact that non-living entities operate outside the confines of time and space and therefore might well pop up to deliver a message or a warning long before, or indeed after, a given event. The message itself seemed ominous and urgent, yet nothing actually seemed to come to pass within a few months or so, to my knowledge anyway. Apart from a handful of paranormal encounters with some of the things that my then lover had stupidly stirred up in her local area before she met me, nothing that has yet happened seemed to fit the bill. Perhaps it was just a wrong number, a message meant for someone else in the hospital, or even just a lost soul playing with me for kicks in my weakened and drained state.

The reason why I am relatively sure that the anaesthesia is not responsible is that I have had a lot of operations for various reasons over the years, and I tend to sleep off such drugs within twelve hours or so before returning to my normal day to day life, as I have a fast metabolism. That's why I mentioned the twelve hour thing, y'see. And I don't tend to experience all that much anxiety regarding such procedures any more either, just numbing inevitability. But there is always a chance that either of these could be responsible, which is why I opened this one up for debate. I used to be highly sceptical myself, so I do still tend to look for the most rational answer in a given situation. That said, I also trust my instincts, and this still ranks up there as one of the more mystical feeling events of my life so far.

Oh, and I too agree that it probably had nothing to do with the current trend of 'beware the future' dreams which are plaguing the psychic community at the moment, it did indeed seem to be an intensely personal message, meant for me and my associate, whoever that might be. And while I accept that the death of the old lady next door was most likely a coincidence, I tend not to believe in coincidence but synchronicity, and have long puzzled over the possible connection between the two events.
77liljohn77 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-05)
From the looks of what this thing said, it seems that something is coming and we, as phychics, must be prepared for it. I agree
Albator (2 stories) (46 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-05)
The weird thing is this happened in 2007... I would have thought that if an entity wanted to warn you about something that was 'coming', which seems to me to be the case, this thing would have come by now, no? The little girl also seemed to be talking about just you and someone else when mentioning your brains, as opposed to all the psychics, at least that's my interpretation. As for what happens next with the vision of the brain, it would be interesting to have that part analyzed by an expert. But I also think it is important to keep in mind that when we have undergone full anesthesia, and I know you mentioned you don't think this may have an incidence here, it's a fact people react differently and don't evacuate the drugs in the same way, just as it's possible that an operation, with all it's related anxiety and medication, can lead to vivid and weird nightmares. But I'm getting the sense you felt the sudden drowsiness was caused by the entity who wanted to address you, this of course is something only you can figure out.
Finally, I don't have the impression the dream had anything to do with the old lady dying next door, but that's just an impression.
Shadowdancer91 (2 stories) (15 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-05)
From the looks of what this thing said, it seems that something is coming and we, as phychics, must be prepared for it.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-05)
sorry I had mistaken if you are not a doctor I guess you are a patient too. Maybe the entity to you wants to say something about her.
epoy1984 (14 stories) (644 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-05)
Well I think VulpexVulpex the girl you saw in the hospital you are working today was a patient in the past that died painfully there fighting and enduring her sickness. I guess cause you are a doctor she thinks that you are her doctor when she was still alive. It is only my opinion😁

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