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Unloading Psychic Past Off My Chest


I've been thinking about all of my experiences, all of these things that have happened to me. I'm reluctant to call myself anything and I'm reluctant to tell anyone about my stories. I just want to know what others think without being looked at like I'm crazy.

My story begins when I was about 6 or younger. My family had moved into this apartment, where I began talking to myself exclusively in what was to become my room. The room was always an abnormal temperature. My parents assumed I had an imaginary friend for a while, but they felt it was too odd for me to exclusively talk toward the window. I called him Jimmy and he was always outside my window. My father once thought someone was outside, maybe trying to in but there was no one. This continued for a very long time until one night I came out of my room shaking, crying, pale with fear saying "i don't want to talk to jimmy anymore, he makes scary faces at me!" after that I spent a lot of time sleeping with my parents, sleeping on the couch. One night my mom decided to put me in my own room when I was asleep. Half an hour or so later I was screaming. My mother tried to open my door but it was as if something was holding it closed, then suddenly let go. When she opened the door I was picking things off of my PJ's that weren't there. Apparently I was seeing bugs everywhere, crawling all over me and the wall, even though the lights were off. So we moved shortly after that. I have no recollection of this, BUT I HAVE VIVID MEMORIES OF LIVING THERE. I remember the Christmas we had there, I remember the mornings we spent, I remember how the house looked. I have a blank in my memory of these horrid events.

My second experience was not like the last. I fell asleep on the couch one night, I began to dream of our living room viewing from the hall way. It was morning and I knew I was on the couch. I see my mom walking toward the couch to wake me, her hair was a mess and she was in a white T-shirt with navy blue shorts. It was as if I was outside of my body watching myself. Before I knew it I woke up and exactly what was going on in my dream had happened. She looked exactly how she did in the dream, leaning over me the exact way.

Another time, I think I was about 7, I was on a road trip with my mom and grandma. I was sitting in the back seat with my sister and they were playing 20 questions. The game was lasting forever and my mom was starting to get a bit bored. I hardly paid attention to their game, in the midst of day dreaming I suddenly had an unfamiliar name pop up in my head. I couldn't get this name out of my head, it was a mans name. Because he kept popping up in my head I decided to throw it out in the game of 20 questions, even though it was just the adults playing. I believe they were discussing politics. I said the man's name and my grandma was utterly shocked, exclaiming "THATS IT." I had no idea who this was, I don't even remember it because it was a bit obscure of a name.

When I was 8 I lived in this house that I now know for a fact was haunted. Many things happened in this house. It was the first time I predicted the future. I dreamed about two things id see on tv, back to back, the next morning. Its a bit trivial but it shocked me. It was just the first thing that was on and then I turned the channel and the next prediction came true.

In the same house I was feeling as if I was being watched, I was being followed by strange noises. I was sitting on the floor of my room and I suddenly heard sniffing inches away from my face, all around me. I got up and ran. Other times I would hear sneezing and something moving around in my mothers walk in closet when no one was upstairs. I would see knobs turn on their own.

I found out recently my mother would see a little boy sitting on her legs at night or a man standing over her. The walk in closet had a computer in it, the computer would light up on its own. You would have to move the mouse in order for it to do that.

Ive always had extreme migraines on almost a daily basis. I have an acute sense of smell, of hearing. To let you know how acute my senses are, I was cleaning with my mom and I suddenly had this overwhelming smell of blood. Alarmed, I asked her if she was bleeding and she pointed at a very small cut on her thumb. I always feel watched or a presents, sometimes its so tangible I can almost see the outlines of whatever it is. I have heard voices, I have been held down by unseen attackers. My sense of deja vu is above and beyond normal. When I experience it, it goes on for minutes and I get so confused because I KNOW I have done this but I have no memory of it and it would be impossible for these events to repeat themselves. I mouth the words to everything said in this period of time. Its like in a movie when someone travels back in time and mouths the words everyone's saying around them, recapping what just happened a moment ago.

These kinds of things are common in my family, but in very random ways. My sister effects appliances. If she's around a television, computer, or a stereo for too long she makes it buzz or ring forever. The ringing and buzzing gives me headaches. My dad has had precognitive dreams. He dreamed of his death, being hit by a car in a Von's parking lot. He saw people crowding over him as he bleed out onto the street. He found himself in the same situation and jumped out of the way from a car in time. The driver wasn't even paying attention. He was so close to being hit, people came up to him to see if he was okay. My mother is like a beacon for ghosts. She's been visited countless times. I'm not sure what kind of abnormal ability this is (I assure you, this is a VERY paranormal ability) but my sister, my mother and I have an incredible influence on others emotions. We all do this in different ways. The things we can do that's much alike is know peoples buttons before we even know them, and what it will take to cut them very deep or uplift them to euphoria. My sister has the ability to make you feel extremely uncomfortable just being around her, even if her appearance is completely relaxed. She could be reading a book and suddenly you get this overwhelming negative or positive feeling. Its sort of hard to explain, even people that don't know her feel it.

I'm a little different, I can make people act crazy. I have turned nice teachers into physically abusive and domineering beings, just by being in the room for too long. I have made people loose they're jobs. I guess the main point is we have the ability to influence others behavior, but it usually isn't anything we can control.

So help me, explain to me what this all means. The precognitions, my sisters effect on electronics, our influence on others emotions, my headaches, my heightened senses.

Break it down. Explain to me what's going on. The technical terms. Please help.


I apologize if I didn't explain myself so well, but everything I'm bringing up has happened on more than several occasions and is too apparent to NOT bring up. Countless other occasions and many other details are not on this email.


I've pretty much proven my precognitive abilities with many tests, but its really undeveloped. I get things right about 50 to 40% of the time, always. Usually because I look too far into the future, revealing answers to the very next problem on tests. It's like I have the answers but the answers are one problem ahead or right on target.

How can I focus better? How can I target something better? How to I perfect this in general.

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bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-23)
about the knowing answers to questions ahead on psychic tests, that is how it is for me. I tried doing those tests a few times and I would always predict the question after the one I am already on. Its weird and it always frustrates me because they are the reasons I am not sure anymore. They arent accurate for that. But I feel other people's emotions. I don't think I can influence them.

But those are very interesting stories. I always have nightmares where I am trying to get bugs off me or bugs are coming out of my skin. I wake up afterward all shaken up and my heart would be beating fast.
TantricMelody (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-15)
I am SO glad to find another who experiences what I do. I also find that anyone who spends time around me changes. It's inevitable and sometimes I actually feel like just NOT interacting with other people because of it. I feel responsible for pushing them into a another level of spiritual and emotional experiences.
Thank you for posting this.
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-03-04)
your father and mother have psychic abilities so their children will as well possibly even stronger abilities. Your seeing the jimmy spirit (clairvoyance) may have followed your mother as she saw a little boy at her feet in another house. There are earthbound spirits (ghosts) who have unfinished business and will not crossover until their business is completed. They will attach themselves to people with psychic energy hoping they will "listen" to them so they will be released from the physical world. Your sister exhibits electrokinesis which means she interacts with the energies generated by electrical devices.
The sleep episode is possibly a form of sleep paralysis with an out of body experience. I have read where some people astral project while sleeping causing them to experience out of body experiences right before they reenter their bodies during waking.
Telepathy is perhaps evident here- knowing the name for that game and some empathic abilites as well. Influencing the minds of others is called psychokinesis and unless you are purposely wanting someone to lose their job or turn into something they usually aren't, I wouldn't take on the blame for what happens to them. However if this is a purposeful or even subconsciously purposeful activity I would advise you to stop it immediately. A lot of people have psychic shields up that repel negative energy and it will return to you in a more concentrated form.
You are a creation of the Divine Spirit and have been given free will by It. Seek out the positive in all things and remain selfless in your life.

Love and Light
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-03)

That weird ability of changing people's emotions? Yes, that is a type of empathy. Empathy is the ability to feel others emotions, but if you search and study it a bit, you can see that it has a lot of extra things to it. You seem to come from a very paranormal family. So do I. I get a rather weird vibe and smell and taste from your story and you and your family [I am a clairilient, which means I can taste and smell people psychically] The headaches? I think you and I are both used to those.

The first thing I advice you to do is to realize that there are other people that do the same as you and that there are some that are even more gifted than you. Most normals wouldn't really think I'm sane if I went up to them and said "you taste like a sour lemon. What is making you feel so negative?" yet in here I can do that and feel completely average and at home. So you are a future-seer, an astral traveler, an emotional manipulating empath, and a medium. Very nice, if you're young, these are a nice variety.

Yours seem more focused of the dark side... The mind and its influences. Mine are focused on the lighter side... The world of emotions and nature. [these are just how I see them] Yes, you and your sister and mother are different... But not alone. Welcome to one of the places were you are encouraged to BE different. Welcome to your new haven on the internet.:)

-Love and understanding, Val [3rd Vendetta]

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