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Psychic Occurrences Since I Was Young


I feel like each year of my life reveals something new, something different. I am not sure if I am psychic and I would hate to do the usual in search of answers type of writing so I'll just relay some of my stories and you all be the judge.

When I was about two or three years old I had a dream in which I was walking into my parent's bedroom to discover a bluish figure with fangs and wire rim glasses. Several years later a show called Eureka's Castle came on. The show had several puppets that interacted in a castle back drop. One of the characters was named Bately. He was blue with fangs and wire rim glasses and was the exact mirror of the image I had seen in my dream so many years ago.

When I turned 19 I started having these weird feelings. For example, I was studying in my dorm room when I had a strange urge to go outside so I went. I ended up walking into a group of people who were coming to surprise me for my birthday. That same year I kept having these strange feelings. One time I wanted to find a friend of my mine, yet instead of checking their room I had an urge to go to the post office. As I entered the post office and turned the corner there stood my friend who literally ran into me. Every time I felt bad that year something bad would happen such as a building on campus burning down or a friend falling down the steps. Each time the event happened, write after it had finished, the feeling went away.

Fast forward a couple of years to now. I am 24 years old and lately as the year has progressed since my turning 24 I have had some different feelings. For instance, if I focus enough I can actually locate people. I tested this out more recently while in a department store. As my mom and sister moved around the store I used the feeling to find them. I've done the same with lost objects and other people. I've even been able to predict what will happen next in certain games. For example, my school had a on campus gambling night. No money was used but it was a fun event with tacky prizes that went to helping out an organization on campus. I ended up playing roulette. I was able to feel out where the ball would land almost every time. If not the exact location then the general area.

There are other things that have occurred as well. I'll discuss them later if people are interested. The main thing is that these feelings are not a hundred percent. Sometimes I can feel everyone within a large distance I feel like, while other times this feeling feels buried. So any thoughts would be welcome. Its not your usual thing I feel like. I shouldn't be able to feel out where cops will be on the interstate or where people are at any given moments. I also have a thing with numbers I am not sure if that is psychic but if it occurs enough to notice then its something right?

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Loralia253 (1 stories) (21 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-06)
Well if any thing you have a very strong intuition. You are most likely psychic. The hardest and first step is accepting it. Good luck

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