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My Grandad's Message


My mum, me and my Nan went to Brussels, Belgium for xmas shopping in year 2006. While we were sitting outside a restaurant, my mum told us of a dream she had. 2 years ago my granddad (my mum's dad) had died of bowel cancer and she said she had this dream a couple of months after his death but didn't tell anyone as she would upset herself and us.

In her dream she was standing on a train station platform watching people get on and off the train. Suddenly, she heard my granddad's voice say "all right Love". Now, my granddad never called my mum by her name, he always called her Love. When she turned she saw my granddad standing there. He then told her "I'm all right but I have to go help these people now".

My Granddad was always helping people when he was alive, it was never spectacular, but he helped none the less. With that, my mum woke up crying. She was sure that it had definitely been my granddad's voice etc.

A few weeks after my mum told the rest of my family. My aunt (My mum's sister) went to see a medium who contacted my granddad, I am skeptic when it comes to some mediums but this one picked up on things that she could not of known! Like how my granddad always wore gray trousers, white socks and black shoes! ALWAYS! And the medium told my aunt he said "Clean that bird shiat off that bathroom window" Now when my granddad would travel to see my aunt, he would always clean her windows. Plus he spoke like that too!

Now whether you believe my story, I don't care because it gives me comfort to know that maybe he's just fine where he is.

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Ana (guest)
14 years ago (2007-06-24)
i do believe it! And your granddad is fine in another world... This are the ways dead can communicate with us, through the dreams.

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