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I have quite a few experiences so I'll list them. Lost - When I lived in Gloster at the age of five going on six, I had a problem controlling my emotions, I'm a very sensitive person and, sure enough, so was my mother. Though she had me when she was in her twenties and had obviously grown a lot emotionally herself. We have this bond. She was cleaning a house, a government one, as a job. I had gone to the park to play for a while as I had become bored. I played until dawn and I returned to the same street where the house was, though there was various houses. They all looked the same. I was only little and I didn't understand, but I was lost. Sure enough panic settled in and I was scared. I walked up and down the street examining the houses. Looking for clues as to which house I was supposed to go inside to find my mum. Sure enough sooner of later I remembered and ran inside, "Mum! I couldn't find you!" she was suprised too as she had told me she had seen me lost. In her head. I felt that someone was watching me out on that street too. Then she told me that she sometimes sees things, and her mother did before her.

Five Seconds - When I was in school at the age of seven going eight, I still had problems controlling my emotions. I was finding it hard, as I moved a lot due to my dad being in the RAF, and I had just moved, leaving my dad in Gloster... he and my mum divorced. So I was sensitive, with no father. I was day dreaming whilst on the toilet in a cubicle. I thought Laura, my friend, was going to walk in and say "Liss, what loo are you in?" and sure enough five seconds later she did! I was stunned. I told her what had happened and so was she.

I can't remember my others right now... so anyway, there you go.

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PHEONIX949 (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-02-27)
dude lol everything I say comes true & I am very sensitive & also sometimes I can feel other peoples emotions do you thing we have the same power?
I am only 14 years old...

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