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How Can I Control My Thoughts?


About a couple months back I started to become aware that I had some sort of "thing" I have no clue what, or where it came from. I was in my English class and I just blanked out. I saw all these different pictures coming to my head, my hands turned ice cold. The picture's were the things that scared me the most. It was just random things that happened to me, and people I knew, things I wouldn't have seen personally. Thankfully there was a lecture going on and no one noticed. But it's been happening a lot lately.

The images in my head haven't been coming and going for a long amount of time. I'm just wondering how to control my thoughts when I need them to. The only time they willingly come is when I actually don't need them to at that moment in time.

The other thing that I've noticed is that I can read peoples energies. I've been working on trying to pull energy from people but it's taking me a little bit. It started when the images came. When someone walks into a room I can already tell what the emotion is on them. I can't seem to see everyone, but a lot of random people I can read like a book. If anyone has any thoughts how to control that please let me know. My life is a very confusing one enough and I can't figure out away how to explain any of this to my parents.

Can anyone help?

Please I really need to figure out what's happening, what I am, or how to control it.

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De-Mo (1 stories) (25 posts)
8 years ago (2012-10-31)
Another emotion reader. Well the best you can do is to accept these gifts and know what message the visions bring. Sometimes they have a meaning like my precog dreams.
AlphaMale (77 posts)
12 years ago (2009-04-15)
Check your mental condition first. Do you have problems in school, in lovelife, or with your parents?Anything? You should check what is going on with your life first. It also have something to do with your diet. I suggest you read psychology books to better understand what is happening in your mind. I experienced the same thing but not in images form but I can hear unwanted sounds.
Try doing the deep relaxation exercise. It is the same with meditation but doesn't require any position to do. It can be done with your most comfortable position.
trh32 (4 stories) (21 posts)
12 years ago (2009-04-14)
Im also looking to enhance them almost so I can use them more frequently.

But thanks for responding
bubbaoh10 (5 stories) (19 posts)
12 years ago (2009-04-14)
Meditating can help you gain a greater control.
Just find a quiet area and sit "Indian" style
With your palms face up on your knees.
I find meditating works better when my back is straight... So do it against a wall or something...

And since it sounds like your empathic, just think to yourself: "not my feelings, not my feelings" and they may go away
Sorry, but that's all the advice I have...

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