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Shimmering Purple Crystals


Last night I attended my first ever all night vigil in what is described as the UKs most haunted building. There was a medium in attendance and we began with a tour, in the last room we viewed, I began seeing what I can only describe as shimmering purple crystals.

We were then sent out in small groups and I thought nothing of this until later when I was in the same room and experienced the same thing, but again did not say anything (the medium was not present at the time). Following this the whole group regathered in a particular room to see if we could experience any glass moving. I was sat on a small wall opposite the entrance to a long corridor where it is reputed a spirit lady is regularly seen.

During the glass moving exercise (which was very successful) I started to feel uneasy at being opposite this corridor but did not think much about it. A little while later I again started to see these purple crystals and when I turned to look down the corridor which was dimly lit the whole of the end of the corridor was filled with a shimmering purple mist.

To my knowledge nobody else saw any of this and it was not constant, just in certain areas.

Can anyone please tell me what this means, or was it just my eyes playing tricks in the dark?

Thank you.

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LeilaniMahal (1 stories) (15 posts)
9 years ago (2012-05-12)
wow that is so beautiful. I think it may have been creepier for you since you were in that old building. But I went through my phase where i'd walk into my living room and dinning room and would see the same exact thing! What I saw actually was a warm violet aura with glitter and shimmering until it faded and also neon blue aura with the same glitter shimmering effect... I wonder what this exactly means too! The feeling I got was good, I got the sense it was just spirit meaning no harm. I'm still learning! So I hope you don't feel crazy and I'm sure what ever it was knew that it can draw you the attention.
Anastasia (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-25)
I saw something similar on TV of a sitting in an old building in England. It was more like a fluid moving in the room -- what you saw MIGHT have been spirit lights, but can't be sure.

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