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Purple Blue Visions Before Bed That Come True


For sometime now whenever I get in a state of relaxation usually right before bed I have these visions very detailed 3 dimensional and most times they are moving. At times they are of people I know others I don't or just places or events. The night before NEMO hit the East coast I was laying in bed and had a vision of someone driving into the back of a pick-up truck. I shot right out of bed and the first thing that popped into my head was the thought "they didn't die". Just so happens the next day my friend slid on the ice in her car and drove into the back of a pick-up truck totaled her car and came out with not even a scratch! These visions are getting more accurate every time, oh man I can't even talk about when I dream haha. Does anyone else share this? What does this mean and how can I start to control and or use this to warn people. My visions have been so accurate that my friends no longer think I'm nuts haha. However sometimes these visions are very over powering when I am trying to sleep it's like being forced to watch TV not very fun at times. Does anyone have any knowledge of any of this and or advice. Also I would love to here similar stories!

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joni437 (27 posts)
8 years ago (2014-08-07)

Nice ability to see that... You are linked with them obviously and you care for them so you get to see what they see... Its good to have that so we can spring to action to be there for them or to ask spirit to help where we cannot.

But sad too that the vision doesn't have a tv guide like program that says what you want to watch or not to watch... So for you and your frustration... I ask spirit to help you, give the gal a break... Give her a pop up guide so she can choose what she wants to see and heck give her the names with it, just saying, its a nice request.

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