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Haapsalu Castles Ghost


My name is Miranda and I'm from Finland and my bff named Roosa told me about a year ago that she had heard things that were not normal and later she told me and because I have known her for 5 years and because of her past she isn't exactly the one to joke around. She also told me that her mom had explained her that it went around in their family and after that we just did the same as always but in the end of 2012 we went to Estonia where my aunt has a house in haapsalu that is known of it's castle wheres a ghost of a nun who fell in love but was punished and stuff (because I don't know the words in the rest of this sentence). When it was the last day in haapsalu they were filming something so they were open so we went to the castle. The last thing we were going to do was to go to the clock tower. I felt as someone was waiting, some one who was kind and funny and made me smile, I also felt as I had a connection whit him but not like he was family but as he knew someone in my family. He lived at around year 900 and lost his family at sea and that's why he was in the castle because he didn't feel like he could start his life again after loosing his family and that was a pity because I think he was young, he liked to be in the clock tower since he saw the sea from there and he felt free. He didn't know and socialite whit many in the castle and was in the tower all the time and that's why he is trapped there. He called me but didn't come to me in the stairs and to me it seemed as if he couldn't go even down to the stairs from there. I wanted to go up but Roosa felt as if someone was pushing her down and saying that it was his place and I didn't want to go alone so we left. Already then I felt sorry for him and that I left, we had similar personalities so it was easy to...connect? Later that eve we went to get a pizza from the pizzeria and on the way I saw the clock tower, I looked in one of the windows and even if I didn't see anything but black I started to cry and felt as if he would hit be and he was so angry and all that nice felt so false now, I cried the rest of the way to the pizzeria but then I wiped them away. On the way back I felt him looking at me but I couldn't look back at him. After that I have cried many times. I think he was one of the Swedish fishers that moved to haapsalu.

The other days had been full of activity both home and in the castle and now I think I may have a sixth sense too, I actually didn't believe that I had before the day after new year and we saw a bright light in the stone wall that changed colors like blue,red,orange and such. I still feel bad bacause I didn't go up;.;

And I also wanted to ask how to train the sixth sense and to be more brave so I could help them


Sorry for my bad grammar ^^;

I hope someones out here and could help ^^

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RevSilverson (103 posts)
10 years ago (2013-02-13)
it takes a while to get comfortable working with spirits. At first it can appear scary until you realize they are there for a reason. Some of them have positive energy, some negative and some both. Just as we have rules in the physical world there are rules in the spirit world as well. This spirit was not angry with you- he is angry about the circumstances of his death and life for that matter. He feels cheated and is angry. He wants to talk but he is also being drawn to your fear. Spirits use our fear to strengthen their ability to communicate with the living. I sense he needs someone to hear his side of his story so he can cross over however I sense he doesn't want to cross over- he fears judgment. Since you don't have enough experience to cross him over into the Light just try and connect with him mentally, hear his story then pray for a spirit helper to come and take his spirit into the Light. There is no need for you to go to him in the tower- he knows you are there to help and sympathetic to his plight.

My experience is that once you open yourself up to the energy of the universe, more things will be revealed. Your psychic abilities will increase. Your fear will decline when you have studied and experienced enough psychic energy situations. Find a psychic shield you like and use it to protect yourself from harm. Every morning I wake up and envision a golden light pyramid form first at the top of my head then down to the floor. I make it glow brightly in my mind. This keeps me protected from any negative energy I might encounter from attaching itself to me and mine.

Love and Light... Always

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