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The Blue Angel


I had a nightmare of a military jet fighter plane accident. In my dream I was driving a car down a two lane highway lined on both sides by pine trees. Moving from left to right I saw two planes flying close together. At that moment I saw the lead plane nose down. Someone in my car said "Is that supposed to happen?"

They continued on a slight downward course until it was out of sight, over the top of the pine trees. I heard and felt a violent terrifying explosion followed by a fireball. Then I felt something hit the upper side of my head. The people in the car started screaming "get out of here!"

Then fire and debris started raining down and I could see people running for safety. The body of the pilot fell in front of me. His arms and legs had been severed. He looked black as coal and his face seemed to stare at me with a look of horror.

Lastly, I saw a beautiful blond woman in a white dress, in her mid 30's laying on right her side and pushed up her torso with one hand. She was covered in flames but not being consumed by them. The flames swirled around her and she looked confused.

I woke up and went to my PC to search for jet plane crashes but was unable to find anything remotely close to my dream. I told several people at work and family members. I even sent my story to a web site that specializes in dream interpretation.

Seven days later, I logged on my PC and saw the headlines of a Blue Angel jet crash. The details were exactly like my dream. I looked at the news photos and even saw a two lane road like the one in my dream strewn with debris. The big shock came when I saw a photo of the deceased pilot. He was the pilot in my dream!

At the air show, in North Carolina, there were 7 or 9 Blue Angels doing acrobatics. The swooped down and all but one pulled up. The one that didn't pull up continued straight and slowly nosed down. Another pilot followed him until the plane crashed in a home.

I always wonder what I should have done. Could I have prevented this accident? Who should I have told?

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hollinor (3 stories) (127 posts)
15 years ago (2007-12-31)
I too had a dream about a jet crash. There are two types of dreams I have, regular dreams and the ones that are predicting something or giving me insight on a person or situation. Anyway, this was not just a regular dream. I saw a very strange looking military plane, one that I had never seen before. I knew immediately that this was supposed to be a top secret test of this new type of aircraft. Well anyway, something went horribly wrong. They were testing this plane out in the middle of the ocean off of an aircraft carrier. The plane tried to take off and it end up flipping over somehow, I think in part to the strange shape, and it crashed into the ocean. I could see the pilots trapped inside and I knew they weren't going to get out alive. I also knew that their family would never know the truth of what happened to them and I felt this immense sadness.
Abby (99 posts)
15 years ago (2007-07-15)
Dear Daniel,

In my opinion, psychic, precognitive and all kinds of information flows in and out of the 3D physical realm and outside the radar of human society's acceptance of only five human senses. All humans have access to the sixth sense, but many have chosen to filter out what they wish not to believe in based on the humans' society, majority belief system. Others have chosen to just immerse themselves in the 3D physical life and have chosen not to see past their material world.

What you have picked up on your own inner psychic or precognitive (but words and labels) radar is a part of the flow of this type of communication. In my opinion, there is no earth time as humans know it, but all possibilities, pasts, presents and futures exist as one. What you have experienced is a preview of a tragic human event. The reason tragic events make a lasting impression is because many humans are bred by human societies to recognize the negative, traumatic energies which make more of a lasting energy impression than a more beautiful, serene, positive event.

What can you do as an individual, as you have done, until all human beings recognize that they are all capable of psychic and precognitive senses, that for now is about all you can do. You can choose to share with those who believe you and have had same or similar experiences. Yet, I am sorry to say, that until more positive human energy comes together as one, minus big egos, personal agendas and personal gains set aside, there will be no stopping such events.

It is also in my opinion that these events are meant to be played out for reasons that human beings are not meant to know or those few who do know, understand why.

You must recognize that as human beings we all must die sometime, and that we are not physically immortal. If all possibilities are to be played out, then there have also played out other possibilities where the event did not end in tragedy and no lives were lost. I am not saying this out of cruelty, but I am instead looking at it as a whole and as the greater picture.

If there are so many tragedies like this, perhaps human beings will then come together to do something about it. One voice joined together with many can change things. Unfortunately, humans, including myself sometimes are slow to react or rock the boat, because they are afraid and are comfortable in their comfort zone. If you look at human history it usually takes many tragedies before a human or humans start to do something about it. A good example, though small and on a day to day level is the need for a stop sign. Unfortunately, just a few people are chosen to decide what the exact number is for the amount of accidents and people's lives that are to be lost before a stop sign is put up. I do not know about you, but I do not wish to be the victim of an accident or a fatality when it could of been prevented by a stop sign. Nor do I want my family, friends or anyone else to be in the same type of situation. I think one is too many, but "the powers that be" think there is a certain number or they will lose their seat on a human governing board or whatever their criteria is. Well, whatever it is, it is plainly sad when such things can be prevented. So, until a majority of humans get tired, outraged or angry and stop being zombies and sheeple, the rest of us can only live and voice our beliefs when possible, and like a burr in one's side or gum on one's shoe continue to try to irritatingly awaken the rest of humankind to what I sense as stupidity out of fear.

I would like to suggest you keep journals, perhaps written and/or recorded on tape or video. Whatever is comfortable for you. Tell your friends and family, and if you feel the need find those like yourself. You may also want to contact such sites that wish your information, but know that there are those who wish to help and those who wish to hinder the spread of such information in order to keep the real truth from the public. I have yet to see any great advancement from the side that wishes to help. So, all I can say is to do research for yourself, keep your own journals, trust your dreams and trust in yourself.--Blessings, Abby

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