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I woke up in the early hours on morning Monday, the 1st of June, with my heart racing and I felt dizzy. I'd had a dream that I was walking up to the edge of a cliff, and I looked down. I was aware of a lot of wind blowing and when I looked down, it was beautiful and scenic but I realized it was a massive drop! The wind blew me back and I collapsed on the ground feeling relieved I hadn't fallen.

When I woke, I had the words "CLIFF EDGE" In my head. I felt ill, and light headed, told my husband and he said "Well I know you and your dreams, so let's watch the news over the next few days." Well, that night, sure enough, on the news, 3 bodies had been found 400 feet down the cliff, by cliff edge! I burst into tears when I knew a child was involved.

Before I read the full story, Id had a saddened feeling so I wasn't surprised when the police said it was thought that the couple couldn't cope with the grief of their 5 year old son dying from an illness. I just had to share this story, as my hubby thinks it's strange and I'd love to know why I had this dream- I don't know the family! It's not the first psychic dream I've had, but I'm now writing them all down.

Thank you for reading it. Debbie.

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dejones (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2009-06-04)
Hi ostara8, thankyou for your feedback. You've helped me to understand what's going on. I do feel that my guide is called Michael, for some reason. I keep hearing his voice in my head, and he's come through to me through a medium at a spiritual evening recently, which has comfimed it to me. I'm going to have strong faith in all my psychic premonitions from now on, didn't mention my other dreams to any one else before other than my hubby because I thought people might think I'm mad! Can't wait for my next dream now! Thanks again. Debbie
ostara8 (124 posts)
11 years ago (2009-06-03)
also, perhaps because you are both sensiteve, your spirits were drawn to the energy, the tragedy, experienced by those involved. I would imagine also that there is something you are both individually missing that is meaningful to you both. Only time tells sometimes in these situations.
Good luck:)
ostara8 (124 posts)
11 years ago (2009-06-03)
neochii, I would love to hear what you have to say! Would you post?
Dejones, I would say that for you, your path, you are being led right now to believe in your abilites, faith when you are right, hence the confirmations you are getting, so that you can better learn to usr your skills later on. Universe has a plan for you, if you chose to take it...
dejones (2 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2009-06-02)
Hi Neochii! Thank you for contacting me. How strange that we've both experienced this? What was so vivid about my dream were the words CLIFF EDGE. In fact when I woke up on Monday morning I told all my family to remember those two words specifically, as I was sure that they meant something significant.
I was on the computer the same evening when suddenly my husband shouted from the lounge, "Deb! Come quickly!" I ran in and there on the telly was the BBC 10'o'clock news clip about the tragic suicides, with the camera zooming in on a wooden signpost saying 'CLIFF EDGE' with a danger warning sign on it!
I felt the blood drain from my face. I'd seen the news item on the internet that morning but this was very significant because of the sign post. I'd love to know about your experience, and why do you think it might be that we two in particular had this dream? Debbie
Neochii (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-06-02)
Please, contact me soon
I had a similar dream about four nights ago and I've just logged on to share it and it seems we have both shared the same experience... It's very odd.

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