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Prediction Of Accidents


To say I had an awkward teenage life is an understatement. To complicate things, I began becoming aware of odd coincidences, bad feelings about car-rides, abandoned houses, calling people in the middle of the night to check on their safety, feeling the urge to complete odd rituals that I have had no experience with before, only to discover later that they actually exist. (Binding, sage cleansing, etc. I was brought up a strict catholic.)

Some of my friends thought I was psychic, others thought I was dangerous, and still others thought I was insane. I didn't really know what to think of it, so I chose to ignore and suppress it. This, of course, was a terrible idea. As a mature adult, I've become prone to feel sensations, smells, or sights of traumatic accidents either a week or a day before they occur. I imagine that this could simply be a coincidence, but after having the pattern repeated a number of times, I can no longer ignore it. For example, I recently was driving with my fiancé, who frequently experiences déjà vu, and while we were at a stop light, I felt the sensation of being thrown into the glass of the front window. We hadn't had an accident, we hadn't moved. I mentioned it to my fiancé, he looked at me quizzically, and we drove on to Lowe's. Not more than a day later, a friend of mine gets into a car accident, because the steering box in his Jeep went out. He was wearing his seatbelt, but his passenger was not and subsequently smashed into the windshield, garnering himself a few cuts and a concussion. It wasn't the first time I sensed a car accident coming (perhaps because of my fear of them.)

A year ago, I saw what I thought to be a death's head. I freaked out and told everyone I loved to be careful driving. A week later, while driving to Rutgers, a tractor-trailer rear-ended the dump-truck in front of him, causing said truck to veer into oncoming traffic, taking the car in front of me and itself into the ditch beside the road. The woman in the vehicle, unfortunately, expired. The same day, my friend pulled a woman out of a car that had been side-swiped in front of his auto repair shop. Two days later, I witnessed a second accident, in which a young couple were making a left turn and were also side-swiped. To say the least, it was very unnerving.

I should also mention that a majority of my friends tend to be of the same talent persuasion as I (albeit unintentionally, they are usually just as embarrassed/uncomfortable with it as I am), I may be potentially aware of bad spirits (energy?), and I usually know who's calling me. I haven't had the ritual urge in ages, though I am attracted to Celtic traditions. It feels a bit more natural to me than conventional Catholicism.

I'm not entirely sure what to do. Should I tell people when I have these feelings, or keep it to myself? I don't particularly like the idea of being considered a crazy person. I also want to know if I were to "focus" on this potential talent, if I would see more than just accidents. I'd like to see something nice for once, you know, bunnies or a rainbow. So am I completely bonkers?

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foresightCelley (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-10)
Feel blessed for the things you see are rather specific and local, so you can warn family and freinds.
I have this one dream that I had have several times in my life and it has never been good. I am standing in the middle of a vast prairie with barely any mountains in the distance. As I am standing there a group of tornadoes are arround me. (not close enough to hurt me, but close enough to worry about) Every time I have a dream like that something horrendous happens on a global scale within a month or less.
For example, I had that dream in early december 2001. Soon after, the tsunami that wiped out millions of lives have occured. I dread these dreams because I don't know what will happpen.
I've only had one dream that was extremely specific and it happened a little ove a year ago. I was at a christian singles retreat with friends from college. People started showing up, and one group was from the new england area. We chat, worship, play halo, and go to bed.
That night, I dreamt that my new friends van was flipped over on its top. I knew somehow that some of them were really hurt.
When I woke up, I went and told my girlfriend (who is now my fiance) about it and asked her what I should do. After talking, I asked them to be extremely careful on the way home. I hope they got home safely. I am very frank to my fiance about this due to the fact that she also has some "6thsense". She is able to feel spirits prescences (feel only, not see) and knows whether they're benign or maliscious, and they're gender as well. We also speak to my fiance's friend about this due tothe fact that she feels things as well. Not to the extent as my fiance, but does. She also knows a lot about her and those close to her past lives. I know it may sound like I am exaggerating but I kid you not.
I 'll say it once more; you are blessed.
trueckl (6 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-10)
First of all... I love the name! Very funny!

I know what you mean about feeling crazy. My husband thinks of all that I see and know as merely a coincidence provoked by tv, which is highly frustrating for me. The fortunate thing is that you and I and everyone else blessed with this ability, knows we are not crazy.

Also, I too have often wondered why it is that the visions aren't of cute and fuzzy things, some of them are meaningless... Or should I say, not life threatening. Such as the vision I had of dropping my ceramic slowcooker pot and having it shatter...ya, silly I know, but it came to pass two days later. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you choose to see it, the vast majority of them are more tragic. TJ explained it well in saying that we don't sense the cute things because they aren't life threatening. They aren't something that requires prevention. I believe our gift has been given to us for a reason, we have a purpose like anyone else. Firefighters and rescue workers see tragic things all of the time, their job is to rescue people and prevent tragedies, therefore they are going to regularly encounter things that are tragic... We have the same purpose, just in a different way.
Ragingdryerlint (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-06-05)
Thank you TJ. It's kind of a relief to explain what's been going on in my head for years. Too bad bunnies can't be life threatening. At least it would be cute. Thanks for the support!

ItsJustTJ (guest)
14 years ago (2009-06-05)
Well you are telling people lol, I don't think your crazy because lots of people can sense things before they happen I know a couple of them. As for the rainbow and the bunnies I don't think you sense think unless you need to, so good thing are usally not life threatening so you don't sense them. The knowing who calls you before they do is somthing I've heard a lot of people can do, I can do it to. Hope this helps 😊

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