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My name is Riley, I'm fifteen and utterly annoyed at the moment. Only problem is, I'm not the one annoyed. Personally I'm happy-go-lucky with a touch of unvalued sarcasm and dyslexia. But because of a cold kicking in I'm picking up on everything and everyone around me.

I'm not usually empathic to this point unless I'm sick. One of my friends does this, I see things seconds before they happen and go into a paranoia episode that annoys my family to know end, which kind of explains the current situation I'm in.

A few days ago I went on an all out anti-electrical rampage through the house. Unplugging everything that had been plugged in at around eleven at night, the night before my exams.

I almost went down and turned off the main circuit breaker. But my mom threatened to tie me to a chair if I started that so late at night. The next day we find out the plane went down because of electrical problems, which I hope was just a huge coincidence, mostly because the last two nights I've been going at the engine of the car. And growing up in a family owned auto garage, I know what I'm doing.

So I made my mom back the car into the driveway. And she's annoyed that I seem to think the car is going to blow up.

So while the paranoia is wearing off. And no one is longer mad at me.

I'm sick and picking up on everything people are feeling. And my brother had his girlfriends over...Yuck.

But I have to give my best friends credit. It's a pain knowing what other people are feeling. She usually laughs because I'm the one that can make a whole room nervous just by taking a few deep breaths.

Anybody have and tips? I tend to get sick a lot in warm weather so I suffer through the summer. And in all honestly I can't stand my brother and his hormones any longer. It's driving me farther off the deep end than I could have sworn wasn't possible.

I could really use the help.


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vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-14)
Ostara8; I cannot do so, for my sisters may get angry at me.: (BUT visit this link, and you can find that one of the blogs (which are public) is called "Shielding" click on it and I have it written there.

ostara8 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-12)
vali, could you please write it on here too? The shielding you use that works? I need it too! Any suggestions are good ones!
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-12)

This is Vali, the most empathic empath of the group. As I read your story, I laughed. Oh wow, isn't empathy pretty suckish at times? I used to HATE it when my sisters or friends got boyfriends or girlfriends... Because that meant romantic emotions... And that meant ME feeling those romantic emotions. This can be helped by shielding. We write blogs on these type of things in our myspace (visit our profile for our url) or, if you personally would like me to teach you how to shield, email us at VendettaSiblings [at] This time, I'll answer you myself in less than a day.

Still smiling, Vali.
ostara8 (124 posts)
12 years ago (2009-06-11)
i'm an empath too, I know how hard it is! Most of the time I am stressed out to the max, and anxious. I HATE that part of it. All I could suggest to you I'm surrounding yourself with a wall of mirrors, or perhaps even a black curatin...? The mirrors, if imagined facing outward, to reflect others emotions etc back to them and away from you, should work for you, and while you are sick, you do not need any extra energy disturbing you. Sometimes I use black, to really repel energy. And I have heard of people who are telekinetic wearing metal closed cirular bracelets to withold their energy... It just may be worth a try, especially if others are becomming annoyed at you... It contains your energy to stop your energy affecting other people and things.

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