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Spirit Pulling Me Away


Something happened to me a few days ago and it got me really scared. I was laying in my bed asleep on my stomach when I felt something, a spirit or something coming up from all around me. I couldn't see or touch it but I could feel it's presence. It was something that I could describe as VERY powerful. When it entered my room I knew I had to respect it because I felt it was something old... Or should I say a lot more important than I am. I then said to myself, without any doubt that it could actually be god. But one thing I couldn't really understand is why I'd be so scared if it was actually god... And why would he waste his time coming to me to talk to me?

So basically that thing that I couldn't see was there... All around me. I couldn't touch it or see it, but felt very clearly his presence. Something so powerful that I will never forget that moment and the emotion I've had. So he began to talk to me and said: "It's time Dany, time to leave that earth sin" Then that so almighty force began to pull me. I couldn't do anything about it. I said to myself that I could ask god to help me out... But I felt like it was him at the first place, so why bother. If that's what he want I can't struggle because I owe him everything anyway and I would never want to disappoint him. But being scared I yelled anyway. I then woke up after yelling my lungs out. When I woke up I was half way in my bed and was holding tight the corners of my bed.

I tried to tell myself that it was just a dream but what I felt... It's just more than a dream. Everything was just too real. Another thing that I don't understand, I am a catholic but I do not practice at all. I just don't go to church and things like that because I disagree with the way they do things. So I'm more agnostic, but I know god exists and that he's my only creator. Everyday I don't do prayers, I don't think about him, just once in a while.

So why? What do you guys think? I've been scared not only because that spirit pulled me but because of what he said. If I were ready to leave earth? Am I going to die? Or is it just a bad spirit trying to scare me? Let's just say that if it was a bad spirit... It was something VERY powerful because as it entered the room I knew I couldn't argue with it. You just can't!

Oh and by the way, when that happened, my fiance was laying in our bed sleeping also, and I could see him sleeping but he was asleep and unaware of what happened. He didn't hear me yell but probably because he's got hearing problems and didn't had his hearing aid devices on.

P.S. Sorry if you have some difficulties to read. I'm not very good in english.

Thanks all

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-20)
If you live in sin, like sex out of marriage, or practice occult stuff like being a medium, contacting/chaneling spirits, ouija board, tarot cards etc, you open the door of your life and soul to demons! Close that door, and get closer to Jesus. Visit website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. God bless!
Mike (guest)
16 years ago (2007-09-25)
you're right -- it wasn't God. But there are evil things out there and our own Spirit knows what is evil.
As we develop and grow spiritually the evil will try and scare us away from God. It happens all the time.
Some people get frozen in a 1/2 sleep state, or odd physical things happen in the night to scare them.
Stick with God -- it can't harm you.
Mort_De_Peur (1 stories) (7 posts)
16 years ago (2007-09-20)
Thanks Magenta :D

Often when I'm in a relax state laying in my bed I'll experience those kind of experiences. This one has been the worse one. Once a spirit even asked me if I wanted him to heal someone' backpain by saying to me : "don't you want me to do something? Do you want me to help him?" then I get scared when the spirit attempted to talked to me and I yell and wake up!

I've been trying to try not to scream but each time I end up screaming. I'm trying to learn not to loose my cool during these experiences but for someone who's scared of those kind of things it's not easy.

Last week one of my friend even did the crystal ball on me. The crystal ball went all black inside. It went full of black spots and big chuncks of black spots. Then my other friend saw ugly black face in it while my hand was on it and she started to freak and left my house. I am really wondering... If I don't have a bad spirit within my house... I don't hear anything, or see anything except the feeling of being watched from time to time and those experiences I just mentionned.

If any of you have more information please go ahead. I need to know all I can about it. Thanks all

Magenta (guest)
16 years ago (2007-08-28)
I could relate to a very similar experience, a spirit pulled me out of my body several times during the last year, in a state between reality and dream.
Although, about being scared...
I can tell this, a spirit has a lot to fear of us... Humans have a lot of energetic power compared to spiritual beings - try to touch it with your hands... It will be jolted by your energy as if it would grab a high voltage wire.
That doesn't mean you should try this, (if your is has good intentions) it happened to me by accident.
Nevertheless it is not obvious (like you) to understant what is the reasons and the nature of this relationship.
Hope this could help.
Mort_De_Peur (1 stories) (7 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-22)
Syphor, what really scares me is the sheer power of that spirit. It was so incredibly strong and had a deep personnality. I could feel it, including his personnality. That old spirit, I couldn't argue with it... I knew it. All I was allowed to do was to listen.

Another experience : My fiance always had some backpain through his life since he had an accident. Once I had fallen asleep beside him in our bed and I began to lift (then levitate) from my bed (I guess in my dreams but did not felt like it because it was like in real life, real time.) I was seeing him, laying down, sleeping then suddently a gentle carring spirit came and talked to me. I couldn't see it. I wasn't allowed to. I tried to look but I just couldn't... I knew he was a spirit. I was comfortable with him and then once he saw I was listening to him. He asked me while we were both looking down to my fiance sleeping : "Can't you see he's got pain? Don't you want me to help him?" Then I panicked as he talked and yelled "NOOOOOOO!" then I came back to my body or whatever. It felt so ODD! It was the same state of my previous story of that spirit pulling me away.

Basicly I was OKAY until it started to talk to me. Syphor, I wish I knew how not to get scared. Each time I make a contact I panic and it shut off the experience. Each time it happens I'm saying to myself, it's going to be allright but each time I end up yelling when it's time to talk.

I'm trying hard to find a way not to get scared... Help me? I need more advise from you guys who had experiences like mines.

Thanks a lot all!
Syphor (2 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-22)
I don't believe it is sleep paralysis. I have had these visions. It puts you in an almost alternate reality. You seem as though you are a part of it, and yet no one notices you. It will play out as the spirit wills it to. They are designed to let you see what they cannot tell you. The spirit that allows you to see it shows it to you for one specific purpose, although it may not make sense to you now. Do not be afraid of it. I was for the longest time, partly becuase my mother was afraid of it. I learned in the few years I have been with my wife, it's a gift and should be embraced. She too is a medium. I could sense that since the first time we met. The more you embrace it and use it, the more you know and the less fear you have of it. It's perfectly normal to have it. Just like some people are born double-jointed, others are mediums or psychics or even both. 😁 Learn to control when it happens and you will be happier in your life.
Mort_De_Peur (1 stories) (7 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-21)
I've been experiencing a lot of things lately. It's been a year now. I see flying orbs around me sometimes (not while dreaming).

Another thing that really got me scared. A friend of mine died from a car crash. When I went to touch where she was burried, I got a huge flash. I saw my dead friend looking down, in a reflection stance. It lasted only a few seconds but It felt like a few minutes. Everyone around me was talking... No one was crying or anything. I then started to cry like a baby and everyone began to cry around me 😭

So I really just hope all of these experiences are from my imagination because it freak me out everytime. I always feel spirits around me, staring at me. I don't want to deal with this. I try not to think about it. But as time goes, the more often I experience weird things, and the more I get scared.

I've thought about going to see a priest. My mother had to see one when she was younger too because she was writting bad stuff as soon as she had a pencil and paper laying around her, then she'd wake up to see the things she had written.

Anyway, if anyone have some ideas to help me to stop being freaked out by all this. I really don't want these experiences. I just want to live a normal life. Not that my life isn't normal... But when it happens it ain't normal at all.


Daniel (1 stories) (7 posts)
16 years ago (2007-07-21)
I wonder if you have experienced "sleep paralysis". This state of mind can cause you to be fully or partially paralyzed and maybe accompanied with hallucinations that can involve all of the senses.

It can make you feel afraid and many people come out of it yelling.

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