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Recognition Of The Unexplained


I am new to this so please forgive me if I ask silly questions it is just me trying to find out more about this subject. To start off I am from a family that believes very much in spirits and sees them quite frequently, my great grandfather was 100% Cherokee and for lack of a better term, my great grandmother was a witch (from what I am told she wasn't evil, you just didn't want to cross her).

I have always known there is something different about me and things in life are not so random that I would have things like door handles shaking violently in my hand, open the door and nothing is there or something as simple as picking up my phone and whomever I was thinking off calling. I have not seen any spirits with my naked eye but I know they are there, when I was stationed in Okinawa, my bed would bob up and down while I was laying on it trying to sleep.

I was wondering if there would be anything I could try to heighten my perception of these things although they scare me beyond belief. Anything from being able to see the spirits I think that are there to some how harnessing what ever gives me this ability to know things before they happen. I apologize if this is broken up or difficult to read but any help would be appreciated.

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