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Hereditary Gifts?


I guess my awareness that I was more sensitive to spirits came to light when I was about 5. I was having a tea party and talking to someone, when my mom asked who I was talking to I told her my Grandma Ollie and told my mom what she looked like.

She was stunned- her mom, my grandma Ollie, had passed away the year before I was born and my mom had dealt badly with her death and refused to talk about her. My mom took out a picture of her and I got very excited exclaiming that was my tea party guest.

When my grandpa passed away two years ago I was devastated. I was going to university 1,200 miles from home and was very much alone. It so happened that my mom, my aunt and I were going to all meet in Calgary and has a girl's weekend and the evening he passed away I was packing to leave the next morning. As I was packing my lights all went off- just in my room, nowhere else in the house. The breaker wasn't switched and when I asked whoever was playing around to knock it off I needed to finish packing the lights went back on. At the same time I had a large vase filled with rocks and topped with a very heavy glass table top next to my bed and when the lights returned the table part which I could hardly lift on my own it was so heavy looked as if it had been placed on the ground next to the vase. Keeping in mind I hadn't heard a sound while the lights were off aside from my own grumbling I was a touch confused. Everything that had been on top of the table was neatly put on the floor on the opposite side of where the top was. Three hours later I found out my grandpa had passed away roughly the same time.

I have found that if I am getting frustrated about not being able to find something and am busy that just asking for whoever is playing to leave me alone for a little while but feel free to come back later always results in the prompt return of my belongings.

I am curious about it being hereditary because my great grandma was what many called a 'healer'. My mom said she had the uncanny ability to fix many ailments quickly. She believed strongly in ghosts and spirits and frequently was seen talking to no one. When my mom told her one day that she was scared of ghosts my great grandmother told her that "Spirits won't come to you if you don't believe, so if you don't want them around adamantly deny their existence"

My mom hasn't physically seen any spirits they come to her more through dreams. She was telling me today about how she had seen my Grandma and Grandpa from my dads side (her in-laws) as clear as day just a few days ago. My paternal grandfather had passed away two weeks ago and my paternal grandmother over 7 years ago but she said it was as if she could reach out and touch them and they seemed happy.

I have always thought my gifts were very intriguing and the fact that it seems to, in my opinion, be passed on through the generations makes me even more interested in developing further. Its great to read more stories like mine.

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12 years ago (2009-06-18)
I had some strange things happen after my grandfather passed as well. I can relate to you. I heard him call my name. I knew it was him because I have met 3 people in my life who say my name that certain way. Lights flickering, foot steps and he appeared beside my bed that night. My mother said he wanted me to go to his wake. I was young and scared for it being the first death in my family. After I went and said prayers for him, it stopped.

I have only been certain in the last 3 months that I was gifted, but I have been my whole life now that I think back to all the strange things that have happened. And I mean ALOT of stange thing. I have many stories.

The best I can offer is try different things until you find what is really comfortable and what works... That will open many doors for you.

I wish you well!


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