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My Strange Visons


My name is Maegan and I came to this web sit so I could get some help with my story.

I don't know if I am a psychic as this is truly the first time the visions and such have been this clear that I decided to look into it. I was hoping somebody could help.

Ever since June 3rd, I have been getting "visits" from a little girl. I know that she is dead. One, because I can't see her literally standing there, and because she shows me things of her past and how she got where she was.

I have had occasions where I saw visions of the dead before, but I always told myself I was making them up, or trying to be dramatic, and somehow managed to avoid them. But this recent account I have taken a huge notice in.

The little girl came to my mind after I suddenly felt a random feeling of deep sadness, which came from nowhere since I'm normally a very upbeat social person. I got goose bumps, which I don't know if that's normal, and I was seeing jumbled up bits of the story the girl was eventually trying to tell me. I got these visions in a series of them, one following right after the other but on different parts of the story, none of them starting where the last left off. Normally, I got two or three visions of the girl and her past life before they stopped for the day.

I learned eventually from what the girl was showing and telling me that she wanted me to resolve something for her. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me so I looked up the information that I was sure to find a true answer to (she gave me an address) and every bit of the info was true that I could find.

She recently gave me a new request in another one of my random outbreaks, and before I get too scared by this, I'd like to get some thoughts by people who know what this is or have experienced something like this.

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Dan (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-19)
help her she must be very lonely and was lokk for someon with a same persaltiay help her ❤
shannon13 (1 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-17)
The girl ovb really wants to get a important message across, open your mind to her and trust her TOO, you don't have to be scrared, fear draws them away, makes them more resless, if you want to help her, you must put your trust in her, as much as she should trust you.

If yuu need more help its:

JonoGIRL1995 [at], xx
shannonbabess (2 stories) (7 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-17)
I Think the little girl has come foward to you As She Trust You, Belive In Your Self, Dont Be Scard Has I Now You Will Defentily Have A Sprirtual Gide. Your Spritual Gide Will Stop Things If You Are In Danger.
The Little Girl May Also Need Help Passing (Grounded) This Means She HAs UnFinished Bussines On Our Plan Of Life, She May Want You To Help Her Understand How And Why She Died. I Think That By Resolving Her Stories She Will Be Able To Pass Over To The Other Side.
The Next Time You Get A Vision Try To Call Out In Your Minds Eye, Conect To The Girl And She Wll Tell You Her Stories. HELP HER UNDERSTAND

If You Need Help Email Me [at] x ❤

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