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I've had a couple of strange things happen to me, and often when my boyfriend is with me, I'm not always entirely sure what they mean, but would really like to tell you about them, and maybe get an opinion.

The first experience I ever had with spirits (at least that is what I assume it was) was when I was living in a small bungalow. I was with my boyfriend and we were talking about spirits and other things along those lines. We had just started doing research on it, because both of us ever since we were little would see and hear odd things that we just couldn't explain. Suddenly one of my books that was sitting on the coffee table just fell straight to the floor, and it had been sitting in the very center. It didn't scare me so much as it made me curios. The house went cold, and I heard footsteps outside on the walkway, but when I opened the front door no one was there. My boyfriend and I wondered whether it was a sign to either keep researching, or to stop looking into it.

A couple of days later my bedroom closet door slid open on its own, this did scare me, not so much that something or someone was moving the door, it was just a feeling that suddenly appeared, complete parallelizing fear!

I was in deep meditation a few months after, and that was when I met my spirit guide. He said his name was Gagg. He showed me a forest and all the trees were surrounded by a strange white glow. I asked him what it was and he told me that everything had an energy and therefore everything could be manipulated. I still don't really understand what he meant.

My boyfriend and I started seeing this dark shadow a lot, I am fairly certain it was shaped like a very tall man, it had a hood, and usually we saw it only in the corner of our eyes, now my boyfriend has started to see the shadow when he is looking strait on, and he sees the shadow about five to six times a day or night.

My boyfriend gets strange dreams that often come true, and every now and then I'll have these feelings that something is going to happen. I once knew that my Mum's friend had died before anyone told us about it.

I want to know more about it all, and I want to be able to understand what is going on, and maybe even communicate with the spirits I sometimes hear or see.

I also wanted to know if anyone else has been doing something normal (driving, brushing your hair, working, etc.), and then suddenly had the temperature drop, and had this feeling of fear or really any strange feeling just appear... Its often followed with the smell of incense. Does anyone else get any of these experiences?

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bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-19)
i get those experiences too where I'm just on the computer at night, everyone else is either asleep or upstairs and I feel like something is watching me. I get really cold and I almost always end up looking in the kitchen. Sometimes I see something like a shadow, sometimes I don't. A couple of times I even had that feeling and I saw a shadow of a cat and I always ended up thinking about my cat that died in our house. I am thinking that cat is the one that died but the other times I feel something, I don't know what it is. Its usually a bad feeling for me at the pit of my stomach. Sometimes after I feel like something is in the room with me, I will either hear a voice or a thumping upstairs or somewhere in my house. That is one of the reasons I decided to look up info on ghosts and psychics and mediums. My family doesn't believe me about any of this, not even that I am psychic, which I am. I nver met my spirit guide yet though. Probably because I am still new at this.

I sometimes find that if I start thinking about ghosts and spirits and angels I will feel the change in temperature, see or hear things, have that feeling in my stomach or end up feeling what the spirit feels.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-18)
Zara, It is not uncommon for our helpers to push a book off the shelf", pointing out a written book inorder to help us learn!

I've had an open vision when asking about spiritual activity to see the spirit manifest and then disinegrate, to hear the phone ring. My thought was, "I will get a visitor", to learn and guess what I did.

There are so many spirits who can use help. We are spirit and energy encased in a physical body which gives us access to this physical plane. The forest you were shown is composed of energy.

When we meditate we use the earth energy which is grounding, sky which is cleansing, Gold is referred to sometimes as subtle energy. We as humans can manipulating these energies plus expland ourself energetically, plus connect to higher planes.

The sudden drop of temperature is a spirit presence of a deceased person. It can feel ice cold, they are trying to get a message through. Seeing spirits at the peripheral vision is normal. I've smelled perfume but usually when meditating or talking about angels, some people say it is angels,saints. I think to each person it is different. Blessings

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