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This Time I Listened To My Inner Voice


In one of my earlier stories I talked about how I felt like I shouldn't do something but I didn't listen to my instincts and got hit by a car. Lots of people commented and told me that I really need to start paying attention. I just thought I'd tell you that I did what they said, and I am extremely glad I took their advice!

I was in a bookstore down town reading when the little timer on my watch went off, meaning that it was time for me to head home if I wanted to get there in time for dinner. I put the book back on the shelf and walked out of the store. As soon as my shoe touched the sidewalk I stopped and just stood there for a few moments, clutching the door handle. All I knew was that I DID NOT want to walk home, to the point that I was considering calling my mom to ask for a ride, even though she was teaching a class and probably wouldn't be able to leave. I sat down on a bench and thought about it. The last time I had felt like this I had been hit by a car, but that could have probably been prevented if I had been a bit more cautious. Since I didn't have any other way to get home I decided that I would just have to be extremely careful. So, I headed for the nearest crosswalk. When WALK lit up instead of running across like I usually do I walked and looked around. It's a good thing I did, because a car came flying around the corner and cut right in front of me! It looked like it was going way over the speed limit, and it came so close that I could feel the rush of air as it went by. I leapt back and watched it zoom off down the road. The driver rolled down his window and flipped me off, then crashed into a fire hydrant. I was extremely shaken but unhurt, although if I had been running across the street like I normally do he would have hit me and not the hydrant. I'm really glad I listened to my instincts this time, although that's the second time I have predicted a car accident. Do you think there's something about me that makes me more likely to get hit than the average person, or is it just coincidence?

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seer_of_shadow (5 stories) (63 posts)
15 years ago (2009-06-22)
I don't think that it's something about you in particular that causes you to be almost hit by cars any more than anybody else. Still, I would follow your instincts. If you keep having almost accidents than it might just be that you attract negative energy but that's just a thought. Just see if it keeps happening and maybe do some research.

God Bless.

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